Canada Post is in danger from the politics espoused by this author whose own media outlet, CBC, is similarly in danger.

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*edit, October 24, 2017 – A while ago, some time after publishing this post, CBC banned me. I’m sooo evil.

*edit, July 13, 2014 – A very relevant development has occurred in relation to this story. Apparently, Stephen Harper, a brain dead ideologue, has set a plan in motion to ‘prevent’ Canada Post from succeeding. See Mike Palecek’s Rabble article titled “The Smoking Gun… Harper’s Plan To Privatize Canada Post.”

Canada Post cuts: Turnaround plan or beginning of the end? – Canada – CBC News.

A an excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

===== == =
On Wednesday, Canada Post announced a series of changes: cutting staff; increasing technological efficiency; more franchised post offices; a new pricing system. None will be easy, but the one change that could make or break the mail service, which traces its history back 250 years, may be the end of home delivery in cities.

Canada Post to phase out urban home mail delivery
Canada Post changes mean 8,000 fewer jobs
Canada Post: Mail volume, costs, and other quick facts

Certainly in a business sense, the Canadian mail service has set itself a formidable task. Wholesale reinventions do not always work, especially when a company is losing money and carrying a staggering pension debt.

In its Wednesday announcement, Canada Post says it “will continue to bring the cost of labour in line with its competitors through attrition and collective bargaining over time.” But without deep pockets, dealing with its powerful union may not be as easy as it makes out.

Getting rid of up to 8,000 employees will be expensive and disruptive.

The Canadian move echoes a similar transformation under way at Britain’s Royal Mail, but without the cash infusion obtained by the British service’s share issue when it became a publicly traded company earlier this year.

If the managers of Canada Post can be blamed for the hole they are in, it is only because they were unable to get ahead of that classic giant-killer of venerable companies: disruptive technological innovation.
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My online response to the above linked-to article follows. This business of allowing ‘very’ limited comment is bogus. There’s no good reason for it. Most commenters don’t write long comments. Mine are relatively long. CBC wants to dominate the discourse and limit it to CBC offerings that we read and hear and watch. It teaches, dictatorially. We are free to learn, passively. Interaction will, accordingly, be circumscribed. We can peep and if we are willing to fool ourselves into thinking that we have a say in matters affecting us (with this peeping, like voting), then all the better – from CBC’s, and the wider (1%) establishment’s viewpoint. I present below the entire, not long really, comment which CBC doesn’t accept. It did accept an edited, for length, version:

This may or may not have to do with competence. But you get that everywhere. We are into the neoliberal era. When the push is on by corporations and their political partners (the people have almost ‘no’ political representation) to privatize everything, the question is How well is Canada Post (like all else publicly funded) resisting privatization and the efforts of privatizers, including saboteurs within the system?

When the players have good intentions, their competence or lack of is of no concern to me, within limits. I will trust them. As a taxpayer and a citizen, which clearly doesn’t impress corporatists inside and outside of government, I can only express my desire to keep publicly funded programs and services publicly funded. You don’t need to ditch capitalism and the safety net (broadly speaking). That was the Liberal position – in Liberal rhetoric. It still is, because the lie is always useful. Of course we now see that hewing to a philosophy and belonging to a group that espouses it doesn’t prevent members thereof from committing intellectual and moral suicide, as Chris Hedges explains. So many have. That’s just a fact.

The people are now on their own and at the mercy of fascists and fascism. You can bow and hope that that keeps you safe. Or just die in the street like a dog. They don’t care.

I want Canada Post to be properly funded (it’s called investment) and, of course, properly run. Most importantly, I want it to be run by people who believe in it and/or have principles.

But the rot, I fear, is extensive. I took screen shots showing how epost isn’t working properly. The fields that populate automatically with info you have in your account don’t populate accurately. I repeatedly directed them (ticket number 172489) to screenshots showing my 1. account info and 2. the field for my postal code (when adding a biller) with a different postal code in it, which I uploaded to the (recently degraded) Box cloud service. They found every excuse under the sun to not respond to that specifically. They would have been better off ignoring me.

WHO were the ones signing off on this dismal customer service?

Canada Post dying

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