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Yves Engler

Yves Engler

Canada's naked self-interest in foreign policy |

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Should the primary purpose of Canadian foreign policy be the promotion of corporate interests?

Canada’s business class certainly seems to think so. And with little political or ideological opposition to this naked self-interest, Harper’s Conservatives seem only too happy to put the full weight of government behind the promotion of private profits.

Recently, the Conservatives announced that “economic diplomacy” will be “the driving force behind the Government of Canada’s activities through its international diplomatic network.” According to their Global Markets Action Plan (GMAP), “All diplomatic assets of the Government of Canada will be marshalled on behalf of the private sector to increase success in doing business abroad.”…

n response to GMAP, Postmedia ran a debate between John Manley, head of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and a member of the advisory panel that helped draw up the Conservatives’ plan, and former foreign minister and leading proponent of the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, Lloyd Axworthy. While Manley lauded the Conservatives’ move, Axworthy criticized it as “bad trade policy. The best way to enlarge your trade prospects and to develop a willingness for agreements and to improve economic exchange is to have a number of contacts to show other countries that you are a willing and co-operative player on matters of security, on matters of human rights, and on matters of development.”

Axworthy did not express principled criticism of the Conservatives’ move; he simply said that “trade prospects” — a euphemism for corporate interests — are best advanced through a multifaceted foreign-policy. Widely lauded by the liberal intelligentsia, Axworthy reflects the critical end of the dominant discussion, which largely takes its cues from the corporate class. And Canada’s business class is more internationally focused than any other G8 country.

Lloyd Axworthy

Lloyd Axworthy

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

Yves report is very interesting. That’s a euphimism for very interesting. Speaking of dependencies, this rabble rouser would be doing no rabble rousing without the dedication, hard work and penetrating analyses of activists like Yves Engler. I won’t always agree with what they say, but I can say with certainty I’d be saying little of substance without being able to tap the resource that their articles and books comprise.

“Despite this historic precedent, in the 21st century it should be controversial for a government to openly state that economic considerations drive international policy.”

We know more about what capitalists are thinking, and calculating, from what marketers and their media tools tell us. Sometimes they’re talking to each other, but it’s public enough for us to listen in. I’m thinking of that slimy Captivate tv I have in the elevators at work. Their tagline should be ‘Even governments are captured’. A blurb I saw yesterday had to do with polling (and who knows about the details) showing the trend toward [Christmas] celebrants’ ditching the connection to religion and viewing Christmas as simply a holiday and a time to relax with family. I’m very curious about that. And, no, People can’t ditch the connection between Christmas and religion, even if that connection casts a bad light on Christmas. God doesn’t approve and never did. As for capitalists, they approve and would no doubt be alarmed if they found that the connection between Christmas and religion was hurting profits. On the other hand, they would be excited if they found that by giving celebrants an easy way to feel good about something bad, by being ‘honest’ about it, their businesses could increase sales.

Maybe Harper, and those voters who he depends on for support and legitimacy, just feel better about coming clean about their love of dirty energy and politics. Or maybe it’s just something that he and his advisors think will sell. If it makes it easier for a more relaxed prime minister and political class to do dirty energy’s dirty work, then let’s make it so.

John Manley

John Manley

The corporatists just want more freedom and money. And inequality, since they are also macho and enjoy taking the means of survival from others – since having modded themselves, which they were free to do but which will have consequences. They also fear God. That’s why they keep calling, loudly, for him to bring it. They will slaughter until they are stopped. The people can’t stop them for the fascists have far more power than the people. Only God can stop them – if he’s there. And that’s the pathology at work here. If he’s not there – If he’s there, then this atrocity would bring him out! – then the fascists can breathe a sigh of relief. (Unfortunately for us, for now, there is the question, When will the fascists be convinced?) The fascists say, in effect, to me: “Your ‘real’ God won’t expose and execute the false god that our crowd comprises. Looks like you’re in trouble.”

I am. For now.

“He who is touching you is touching my eyeball.” (Zechariah 2:8b)

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