Only My Thoughts On ‘Disappeared’ Posts Disappeared

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How to put Canada back together again | Toronto Star.

The article, by Michael Valpy, is one to which I attached a number of comments, most of which were accepted. I found it amusing, and annoying, that the following comment got disappeared. Others brought up the subject. Their thoughts about it were accepted – although How would you know how many were not? – whereas mine was not.

disappearing posts mentioned Star

And I sort of thought my comment might disappear, for which reason I copied it first to my clipboard. Here it is:

I try to think carefully about my comments. Not to please the gatekeepers here. But so that when my comment is disappeared, which prompts me (often) to post it to my own blog, I won’t look like an idiot. Those reading my disappeared posts, in a category called ‘Disappeared’, using the tag ‘censored’, will get a good idea about the gatekeepers employed by the organization they’re running around very freely in. I recommend it. Watch the gatekeepers. Shine a bright light on them. If enough of us did that, perhaps we could discipline them a bit, for the better. Perhaps.

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