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I find it interesting the way no one else in the rooming house I live in got fingered but me. But we all download. Of course we don’t all yap about politics and yap at power and complain about corporatocracy and tax evaders and anti-people free trade deals. And we don’t all post comments in all kinds of entertainment sites about Hollywood/ Pentagon. Who among us does? I do. Hmmm.

A small sampling of some recent online comments I’ve tossed into various discussions about Hollywood/ Pentagon’s offerings. Think what you will. But if this is more than a coincidence, then we have here another example of the bogus war on terror that is the excuse for surveillance of everyone all the time. The surveillance, accumulating evidence shows, is ‘usually’ for wrong reasons, including boredom and the fact that those operating this machinery, at all levels, just enjoy using and showing off their freedom and power. It helps them to believe that they are winners.


‘Batman vs. Superman’ Warner Bros. Taps Chris Terrio to Revise Script

An excerpt from Tasha Meares’s above linked-to article follows:

===== =
On the heels of the news that Warner Bros. is eyeing actor Joaquin Phoenix for a role as the villain in the upcoming, and currently untitled, Batman vs. Superman film, the studio hits us with even more big news. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has brought on screenwriter Chris Terrio to revise the script.

When being considered for a position, it always helps if you are in good with one of the film’s stars. It just so happens that this is the case for Terrio. He has a good relationship with Ben Affleck, who has a pretty important role in the film. I mean, his character’s name is in the title after all.

Chris Terrio write the screenplay for the film Argo, of which Affleck both directed and starred in.
= =====

My comment was: “I’m waiting for James Clapper to come onboard.”

Also on the same site, which is part of a huge network of sites by the way, there’s “Rogue Will Not Be In ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’,” also penned by Tasha Meares.

Bryan Singer, who gave us the other Superman travesty, Superman Returns, and some really bad Wolverine movies, said that Anna Paquin’s character, Rogue, had to be cut from the upcoming Days Of Future Past movie because “It’s a really good sequence and it will probably end up on the DVD so people can see it. But like many things in the editing process, it was an embarrassment of riches and it was just one of the things that had to go. Unfortunately, it was the one and only sequence Anna Paquin was in, the Rogue character was in.”

I suppose. Anyway, My comment in response to that was: “Keep Rogue and lose Singer. They would both deserve those particular outcomes.”


On the Inside Pulse website, there’s an article by Scott Sawitz titled “Monday Morning Critic – Superman and The Top Five Problems With A Man Of Steel Sequel – The Grey on DVD.”

I just didn’t agree with much that Scott said at all. I couldn’t be bothered quoting him much and there’s no real need to. Here’s my comment:

Whatever. They, who just never get fired no matter how much crap they sell us for too much (while calling us pirates), could simply make good movies if they wanted. I will qualify that. Since Hollywood is actually Hollywood/ Pentagon, movie-makers would have to reclaim their independence or else eschew all the assistance the military gives them in making flicks with military special effects in them first. But then it would be up to them. If they make crap movies, that’s because they choose to. There’s no mystery here.

As for Superman, He’s ridiculous. He was ridiculous from the start. Hollywood/Petagon has shown no hesitation to tweak original stories in order to own them and entertain (although most of the time it seems their idea of entertain is ‘annoy’), so Why do they tweak everything in the Superman story that doesn’t need tweaking and nothing that does? He flies, as all superhumans do in fantasy stories, like a missile. Doing ballet. I seem to be the only one who finds that distressing.

Actually, At this point, I’d like to see a new Superman who isn’t Superman, but who is all that an impressive, ‘I want to be him’, Superman should be. He’s not a dork. He’s principled (saves the people, not the White House). He’s thoughtful and has interesting things to say. He doesn’t have to be perfect, but he can’t be a fascist. Then you’ve got me.

“Terrifying ‘Hellraiser: Origins’ Pitch Reimagines Horror Franchise,” is the title of Kevin Melrose’s article for Comic Book Resources.

My comment was: “Before there was life, there was hell-? Bad idea. Zero imagination is in evidence in presenting it. There are good ideas, but they won’t come from ignorant people. I can come up with better stuff than this. I was a Bible student. There is material.” I see that I have agreement on that too.

Antenna Free.TV

Mike Moody wrote an article for Antenna Free TV titled “‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Writers Penning New ‘Terminator’ TV Series.” In it he said the following:

“Adding weight to the theory that every Hollywood executive’s new directive is simply “copy Marvel,” the companies behind the Terminator franchise have announced a new Terminator TV series, which will be done in conjunction with the next Terminator movie, slated for release in 2015…

“There are a few reasons not to dismiss this news outright…”

My snide response was: “Sarah Connors was draggy, but not all bad. Then it got great and that’s when – Wait for it! – it got the axe. What is that? If you accidentally produce something entertaining and cool, you can’t let it run or you risk conditioning your audience to expect it? That then forces writers etc to work at a higher standard for their huge paycheques? What?”


Germain Lussier’s article for the Film website is titled “‘X-Men Apocalypse’ Coming Summer 2016.” In it he notes that “Briefly: Details are scarce but director Bryan Singer just announced that a new X-Men movie, called X-Men: Apocalypse, will be out in 2016.” To which I responded, briefly, with: “Crap directors, producers and writers keep churning out crap products. And I’ll keep pointing it out.”

A bunch of writers, apparently, speaking for everyone whether we want it or not, contributed to a lame article titled “5 Good TV Shows We Want To See Less Of.” I wasn’t the only one not impressed. There are so many of these sites, serving more as content farms than a place intended for fantasy fans to hang, get info and discuss things. Check out ZergNet for example. It’s so full of nothing, it’ll boggle your mind. I simply stated the obvious here, which was that “I’m tired of… filler.”

And there are many more sites like this, which it’s easy enough to unearth since a lot of them are intertwined, where I’ve posted comments like the above. Many times I’ve referred to “Hollywood/ Pentagon,” and Why not? Neither entity is decent. But in this crappy world in which I’m too poor to have a lot of freedom, my fun – which millions can’t imagine, so I’m grateful – is precious to me. And, like it or not, it comes from Hollywood, a bastion of rightwing thinking all around. Ben Affleck is an example. Both he and his actress wife, Jennifer Garner, are big fans of their country’s instruments of force and repression. (See for example, Tom Hayden’s Salon article titled “When the CIA infiltrated Hollywood.”) So to find that that the military and the CIA have their hooks deeply into my entertainment irks me. If I was a fan of the military and the various security and intelligence organizations of the United States then I might not care. But I’m a caring, principled person and so I do care, whether capitalists like it or not. Imperial armies are marauding and stealing (vulnerable and weak) countries for their resources, sent there by their parasitic masters. Those armies are spilling oceans of blood and causing widespread, ongoing terror, not so that we can all benefit but for the betterment of the 1% only. But you don’t lift people up and save them by terrorizing and killing them. And the killers are trained to hate them, which you can see from video shot by those trying to get the truth out about this evil. Check out for example, the doc titled “Lifting The Veil,” by Scott Noble, which can be found on the Metanoia website, linked to in my sticky.

I suspect that the altogether too free, tax evading (I have no doubt) MPAA targetted me, enlisting the services of a completely sympathetic company in the form of Rogers to unsettle me. I can’t download stuff anymore at home on my landlord’s Rogers service, causing, potentially, everyone else in the house to resent me for it, should it become known that I was the cause of my landlord’s blanket ban on downloading ‘illegal’ material, which almost everyone online everywhere does – if they’re normal. I have my own Wind service, but it’s crappy. Once you hit their low cap of 10 Gigs, they strangle the pipe. It’s barely useable for anything, let alone downloading files.

The only files I downloaded were a few shows I watch for my own entertainment. Sometimes I’d download a movie. Most of what is being cranked out is crap and doesn’t interest me. I’m just not a big downloader. I’m busy blogging too. I don’t own a television set. It’s not worth the cost and I have NEVER had a raise with the security company I work for (since April of 2006, but I have seniority going back to 1999), something that I have no doubt neither the coddled Rogers nor coddled MPAA care a bit about. They are thieves since it’s companies like their’s that have captured the governments the working class chafes under, which I’m certainly doing. Governments gift bosses in myriad ways. One way is by deliberately preventing job creation, which in turn disciplines labor. Without security for the working class in the form of regulation that would force bosses to pull their weight and not abuse and exploit their workforce, workers who want to leave their jobs for better ones can’t do so for they don’t exist. And so on.

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