“Treatment of Canadian journalist in Egypt jail takes turn for worse”

Treatment of Canadian journalist in Egypt jail takes turn for worse | Toronto Star.

Mohamed Fahmy

Mohamed Fahmy

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The family of an Egyptian-Canadian journalist imprisoned in Cairo says the way the man is being treated by local authorities has suddenly taken a turn for the worse.

Mohamed Fahmy’s family says the 40-year-old was supposed to be taken to hospital to have a shoulder injury attended to on Sunday following a request by Canadian officials.

But Fahmy’s brother says that hospital trip did not happen, and instead Fahmy’s blanket, a jacket and even his watch were taken from him as he continues to languish in a cold, insect-ridden cell.

Sherif Fahmy says the family is shocked at the sudden change.

He also says the local prosecutor’s office has extended his brother’s detention for another 15 days as the journalist continues to be interrogated on allegations of broadcasting false news.

As long as Egypt has ‘stability’ eh Stephen?

Mohamed Fahmy

These reports happen in major media, but one wonders, when you are confronted with zero opportunity to comment, just how enthusiastic the papers’ owners and top managers are about reporting them. Way to go Toronto Star. As my rightwing friend would say, for his own reasons and motivations, Star spelled backwards is rats.

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