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New Photos of the NSA and Other Top Intelligence Agencies Revealed for First Time – The InterceptThe Intercept.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article/ video by Trevor Paglen follows:

Over the past eight months, classified documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have exposed scores of secret government surveillance programs. Yet there is little visual material among the blizzard of code names, PowerPoint slides, court rulings and spreadsheets that have emerged from the National Security Agency’s files.

The scarcity of images is not surprising. A surveillance apparatus doesn’t really “look” like anything…

My intention is to expand the visual vocabulary we use to “see” the U.S. intelligence community.

Trevor Paglen w The Intercept

Noam Chomsky makes the point that when governments mouth ‘national security’ when talking about some new measure or other, they are in fact talking about their effort to protect the police state from the people, rather than protecting the people from some threat, as they would have us believe and should we be willing to fool ourselves. People can be physical or spiritual. They can use their God-given reason and respect their God-given conscience (internal rule book), or they can embrace the Darwinian game of ‘riches for the strongest’, in which ‘how’ you survive doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you ‘do’ survive. Principles are, in that approach, not followed because of a belief in the rule of law, for individuals and for nations, but as a means of manipulation. Get everyone together to agree on the rules, strategically break them and you will find yourself ahead of, or on top of, and in control of, everyone else. Those – self-modded individuals who lack human characteristics – who get a kick out of surviving by taking the means of survival from others, namely exploiters, are loveless, dark souls. And they won’t be found in God’s book of life.

Vision is of two kinds. The one is egotistical and turned inward and concerned solely with the viewer’s own, immediate, personal well being. (Trevor points out that while the buildings of the security organizations he talks about here are connected to the society around them, we don’t have the same sense of ownership of them as we do of other embedded institutions, such as the library. We can reach out and touch, or influence, the library and vice versa. And in a transparent manner.) The other sort of vision is one that is turned outward, in love and intelligently – in recognition of the fact that mankind is an interdependent proposition – toward others. The egotistical viewer does not think and behave that way. When you choose darkness, you make that choice as a being of light, which isn’t to say that that light is as bright as it can be. We are all, at this time, imperfect. But as you walk further down the path of darkness, your light fades. Your love fades. Those who walk the narrow road that leads to life find it restrictive, but reasonably so.

Those (like neoliberals, aka corporatists, aka fascists) who reject rules, or restrictions, might view that more narrow, rule-laden road in a negative light, as cramped and unpleasant. They would certainly do so if they can’t summon the humility to see their own error, for taking that negative view is convenient for such ones. The rejecter of boundaries and agreements (Romans 1:28-32), who embraces a very tempting freedom to be his or her own God, deciding for himself what is right and wrong (the way Eve did originally), simply doesn’t care. He who accepts, with humility, that he is made, and not his own maker, and loves his fellow man the way God instructs us to, for which reason he recognizes boundaries and honors agreements, simply cares. That’s because that’s how humans were designed. We can modify ourselves – for we possess free moral agency – but if we choose not to, then we will retain our possession of God’s quality of love.

Caring is knowing. When you put your head up and look around, in order to see what’s there and, especially in our dark world, in order to know what dangers are out there and therefore how to avoid them so that you can protect yourself and your family and friends, then you automatically know. Learning, however it is done, leads to knowing. Looking at the world around you brings information, intelligence, into your mind. And so, Caring is knowing. And knowing means caring.

The murderous Obama thinks he’s God. He’s free for now, by God’s grant of that freedom (for a limited time), to do the most terrible things, as though he were God. For now, People have to be allowed to do pretty much whatever they want, so that they can pretty much believe whatever they want. Indeed, As God’s word notes, he permits an “operation of error” (“deluding influence” in the tweaked version of the New World Translation of The Holy Scriptures) to be performed by those who are inclined to sin in order to survive precisely because this will both allow the transgressor to reveal himself and so that he can be judged (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12). God doesn’t do thought crimes the way his enemies do. As well, When our first human parents joined an angel in rebellion against God, that rebellion caused questions to be asked that the God of light wasn’t going to lyingly cover up. The basic question is: Is God’s way of love good? Or is there an equal, possibly superior, way? Is ‘riches for the strongest’ better than ‘love your neighbor as yourself’? As with any issue, it takes time and examination for it to be settled. Until then, God isn’t going to directly interfere with Satan’s rule of this world (John 14:30). The issue, or lesson, of universal sovereignty has been fairly settled and time is almost up for the likes of the murderous Barack Obama.

If God wasn’t a God of love, and if he allowed true rebels to mod themselves and cause destruction, change their minds, cause destruction again, change their minds again, forever, That would be hell. When the issue is settled, it will be settled once and for all. Individuals will always be free to rebel, after the settling of the Issue, but, unlike now, they won’t be free to ruin it for others when they do. They’ll just be allowed to die.

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