The Canadian Cats

Peter MacKay and David Orchard, who Peter betrayed for gain

Peter MacKay and David Orchard, who Peter betrayed for gain

CSIS still the cat in the birdcage |

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Matthew Behrens follows:

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A few years ago, Canada’s bird lovers came in for some well-deserved looks of bemusement when many wondered why their cute little budgies and canaries kept disappearing every time a cat was placed inside their birdcages. After all, it was argued, cats were subject to significant and robust oversight mechanisms such as the Feline Activities Review Committee, to ensure the birds would be safe from purring predators.

That refusal to recognize the nature of the beast also infects the ongoing discussions within the “national security industrial-academic-media complex” about what to do with the fact that Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), along with its next-door neighbor, the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), continue invading the privacy rights of people at home and abroad and violating the law (not to mention committing perjury in front of Federal Court judges and aiding and abetting acts of torture).
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My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

Matthew’s report is scary and infuriating.

So much for our law and order government and it’s proclaimed desire to protect citizens from shadowy threats out there. The shadowy threats out there are other fascist governments, some less constrained than ours, who also view the people as the enemy, conveniently. Our government feeds the hated people to them and vice versa. Matthew is absolutely right to add an unjust society in which inequality and poverty are entrenched and deep, by design, to his proposal for reviewing our security orgs’ criminality. The political class and it’s judicial and other enablers are on board the neoliberal project that so fervently embraces the ‘riches for the strongest’ paradigm in which exploitation and repression feature prominently. The 1% has chosen to surive by taking the means of surival from others, which it grows more capable of doing daily as it’s instruments of repression get meaner and more militarily muscular in anticipation of the louder squawking of the people who the 1% keeps abusing. None of this is necessary. The 1% didn’t have to decide to do society building and problem solving in the loveless way it has, with a view to excluding most of society from that care. God has taken note.

“Canada Politics: Deception and Betrayal in the Conservative Party”

A blurb/excerpt from the above page at the above link (linking to a podcast) follows. (Note: I don’t agree with Marjaleena’s boosting of our Senate at all):

The current Conservative Party has been racked with accusations of scandal and corruption. At least three Canadian Senators, hand-picked by the Prime Minister, are having their housing and living expenses reviewed, two Conservative Members of Parliament are being taken to task for improper accounting of their election expenses, and a court case recently determined that “there was an orchestrated effort to suppress votes during the 2011 election campaign by a person with access to the CIMS database” which is “maintained and controlled by the CPC (Conservative Party of Canada)”.

And notoriously, one of the Prime Minister’s staffers cut Senator Mike Duffy a personal cheque for $90,000 to make up for the funds the Senator owed.

This is astonishing behaviour for a political party which rose to power in 2006 promising accountability and integrity in office.

But David Orchard and his supporters questioned the ethics of the party a long time ago. Orchard contested the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party back in 2003. Orchard relied on the support of grass-roots people, myself among them, who were opposed to government policies on free trade, environmental neglect, and Canadian support for imperial wars abroad.

It was through Orchard’s support that Peter Mackay became leader of the party. Mackay then betrayed the condition of Orchard’s support by orchestrating a merger with the right-wing US-Republican style Canadian Alliance Party, which was then led by Stephen Harper.

The Honourable Peter Gordon MacKay / Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada – Central Nova (Nova Scotia)

The Black Lodge from Twin Peaks

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