Do No Harm – To Big Pharma Or Corporatocracy

Money Is A Drug

Drugging America’s Veterans: Painkiller Abuse Spreads as VA Becomes Vets’ "Drug Dealer of Choice" | Democracy Now!.

You didn’t hear the words “Big Pharma” on this segment of Democracy Now, but to suppose that big pharma plays no role here is to exercise great ignorance.

Primum non nocere

Corporatocracy: It’s about power and riches and glory. And it’s about the few who are willing to break rules – written and unwritten – in order to ‘win’. It’s about ‘riches for the strongest’, a game in which there has to be losers, always. Those who embrace that paradigm, or operating principle, ‘must’ believe in inequality. You can’t embrace such a paradigm otherwise. As Jesus said, You cannot slave for God ‘and’ for Riches. There is no argument that can be made that ‘riches for the strongest’ is natural and acceptable. One can choose to go against one’s God-given conscience, to become a manslayer and an exploiter and a thief for example, for we were indeed given free moral agency. But there will be consequences for such a choice. Corporatists put profits – in a money system in which money means life – ahead of human rights, human life and the concerns about right and wrong. For now.

An excerpt from the provided transcript for the April 4th segment of Democracy Now titled “Drugging America’s Veterans: Painkiller Abuse Spreads As VA Becomes Vets’ “Drug Dealer Of Choice”” follows:

This week, The Center for Investigative Reporting won a prestigious Peabody Award for his report that exposes how the Department of Veterans Affairs has become the drug dealer of choice for many veterans who are now addicted to prescription painkillers, which were prescribed to treat a myriad of mental health and other physical injuries. According to the investigation, VA prescriptions for four opiates — hydrocodone, oxycodone, methadone and morphine — have surged by 270 percent in the past 12 years.

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