Give Harper And Kenney Sewing Kits And Jobs In Bangaladesh

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Kenney, Harper not fit to run a burger joint: Mallick | Toronto Star.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Heather Mallick follows:

Canadians, desperate for work for themselves and their children, have proof that the Conservative government has no interest in well-paid jobs for Canadians, only in imported low-wage temps too terrified to be disobedient because a boss’s merest word can send them and their distant families back into penury.

My online, disappeared, response to the above linked-to article follows:

Mallick’s rant is fine. But had she focussed on the one subject of immigrants, jobs and the seasonal worker program, she could have really shone a light on the subject. Carol Goar penned a fine rant of her own about abuse of guest workers, in which we learn that Conservatives REDUCED the time employers had to advertize jobs to Canadians (, but then staunchly supports job killing ‘free trade’ deals ( Thomas Walkom links Harper’s campaign to lower wages for all Canadians with the seasonal worker program ( Who doesn’t expect Canadians to speak Mandarin? Right? So it’s no problem when that’s a job requirement, Right? ( And then there’s the issue of how immigrants are treated when they get to work here, as Min Sook [Lee’s] doc helps us to appreciate ( See also “Abuse and exploitation inherent to Canada’s foreign worker program.” ( Can neoliberals suck and blow at the same time? (

Heather also mentions (again) the judge (Lori Douglas) who scandalized those (like Heather, it seems) who have a certain moral code. She did that by being found to engage in porn production. I am interested in knowing exactly how that impacts her job. If it can, then perhaps she shouldn't be a judge. Not that judges are people working in an unsullied profession (these days). Otherwise, I personally am not scandalized. Heather doesn't seem bothered by the possibility that readers may conclude that her peeve stems from her offended moral code and not some other consideration, since she doesn't explicate. So be it.

Incidentally, The Star's deciders seem to like the company they partner with in providing readers with the opportunity to comment on articles in it's daily. That company is Viafoura. Either my post was disappeared by the Star's gatekeeper(s) or Viafoura stinks.


*edit – This post was published April 26, 2014. I can’t tell whether that’s am or pm and I don’t remember. Today is April 27, and it’s now about 8:50am, Sunday. I can log into the Toronto Star, but I can’t participate as a commenter. I can read articles (on one laptop) and leave comments, but, for now, they just become doa. And when I check the ‘comments I’ve made’ area, I see a message saying ‘You have not posted any comment yet’, which isn’t quite accurate, but certainly is amusing. That should say ‘You have not posted any comment yet because we have decided that you haven’t. When we say you have a voice, then you’ll have one’. Everyone wants to play God. God has taken note. This field appeared empty some time ago. Then one day it was populated with the comments I have made over time. Now it’s again empty. Either the software in the machine is buggy or the software in the machine’s operators is buggy, which it would be if they’ve foolishly modded themselves.

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