Are Immigrants Solely Responsible For Jobs Being Lost To Canada-Born Workers part 7

Knife in back

For Conservatives, cheap foreign labour trumps Canadian youth: Tim Harper | Toronto Star.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Tim Harper follows. Actually, the title of this article so nicely sums up the story and the point I’m making about it that I will include it also:

For Conservatives, cheap foreign labour trumps Canadian youth

Canada’s youth unemployment remains stubbornly high.

It is nearly double the national rate, at 13.6 per cent, even as 33,000 more young Canadians aged 15-24 found work in March.

It is sitting at about its historic level over four decades, under Liberal and Conservative governments. It has never dipped below 10 per cent during that time.

The difference now is that the current Conservative government appears to be enablers of youth unemployment, allowing programs that import young foreign workers to spiral out of control at the expense of young Canadians…

Months after shutting down the jobs centres, Kenney, then the immigration minister, made a high-profile trip to Ireland that gave publicity to an obscure program known as International Experience Canada (IEC)…

But the IEC program, once meant to be reciprocal — foreign workers from 32 countries can enjoy our country while Canadian youth gain international experience — has tilted badly…

Cape Breton Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner told the Commons this week that, under the program, there were 753 Polish workers in this country and four Canadians in Poland. There are more than 300 Croatian workers here, but there are two Canadians working in Croatia.

The uncritical view of this sorry situation would be that ‘yes’, foreigners (who may or may not become immigrants) are taking jobs from Canadians. The critical view of this situation would be that it’s ‘our’ rightwing government that in fact is taking jobs from Canadians by implementing these boss-friendly policies.

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