There And Here And In Most Places part 2

Stephen Harper and Narendra Modi

Stephen Harper and Narendra Modi

‘Worst of All Worlds’ as Neoliberal BJP Wins India Elections in Landslide | Common Dreams.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Jon Queally follows:

In national elections in India, the rightwing Hindu nationalist party, called the Bharatiya Janata Party (or BJP), has won a landslide victory for the country’s parliament and their leader, businessman Narendra Modi from Gujurat, is now set to become the nation’s next Prime Minister…

Writing in the Guardian on Friday, Indian author and writer Pankaj Mishra argues that with Modi at the helm, India is facing “its most sinister period since independence.” Providing context for both Modi’s rise within the BJP and the rightwing fanaticism of the party now set to control India, Mishra writes:

Modi is a lifelong member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a paramilitary Hindu nationalist organisation inspired by the fascist movements of Europe, whose founder’s belief that Nazi Germany had manifested “race pride at its highest” by purging the Jews is by no means unexceptional among the votaries of Hindutva, or “Hinduness”. In 1948, a former member of the RSS murdered Gandhi for being too soft on Muslims. The outfit, traditionally dominated by upper-caste Hindus, has led many vicious assaults on minorities. A notorious executioner of dozens of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 crowed that he had slashed open with his sword the womb of a heavily pregnant woman and extracted her foetus. Modi himself described the relief camps housing tens of thousands of displaced Muslims as “child-breeding centres”.

Such rhetoric has helped Modi sweep one election after another in Gujarat. A senior American diplomat described him, in cables disclosed by WikiLeaks, as an “insular, distrustful person” who “reigns by fear and intimidation”; his neo-Hindu devotees on Facebook and Twitter continue to render the air mephitic with hate and malice, populating the paranoid world of both have-nots and haves with fresh enemies – “terrorists”, “jihadis”, “Pakistani agents”, “pseudo-secularists”, “sickulars”, “socialists” and “commies”. Modi’s own electoral strategy as prime ministerial candidate, however, has been more polished, despite his appeals, both dog-whistled and overt, to Hindu solidarity against menacing aliens and outsiders, such as the Italian-born leader of the Congress party, Sonia Gandhi, Bangladeshi “infiltrators” and those who eat the holy cow.


My online response to the above linked-t0 article follows:

I’m just waiting for Stephen Harper to heap praise on India’s newly elected prime minister. After all, Fascist crap sticks together. Epoch Times reports: “Harper to attend victims of communism memorial fundraiser.” (

The last thing ‘leaders’ like these want is educated, thoughtful citizenry who might think about the undemocratic electoral system that they use to stay in power and perpetuate the corporatocracy which they’ve pledged allegiance to and depend on for their own security and prosperity (which in turn is based upon exploitation of the people). Talk about a Dragon’s Den!

“Toronto-based Tribute to Liberty (TTL), the charity spearheading the project, will host the dinner, while Robert Herjavec of the TV show “Dragon’s Den” and the “Shark Tank” will MC the evening,” writes Pam McLennon.

I have never seen the show. But a quick Google revealed that Herjavec has left it.

The way Stephen Harper and Narendra Modi operate, mirroring the capitalists who they partner with, is to create hot buttons. (Politicians don’t politically/socially innovate, create and problem solve and today’s capitalists don’t take risks and invest beyond what it takes to set up their scams and they all lie and break rules to succeed.) There’s not going to be any actual problem solving, whatever the promises were that brought sucker voters around to supporting their rise to self-serving power. The fascists love the “commie” button. Like stupidity, It just never goes out of fashion. People just can’t grasp that the most ardent socialists are capitalists (of the neoliberal variety). They totally depend on the nanny state to bail them out, not just when times are rough but also when they’ve flagrantly broken laws. Banksters force taxpayers to reward them for their criminality while they spit on them, withholding credit and helping to impair the economy. While they ferret money away in tax havens and aid and abet criminals who want to do the same. (

I rather enjoyed this Huffington Post article by Ward Anderson: “Why Did Dragon’s Den Go From Transfixing To Train Wreck?” Here’s an excerpt:

We used to see interesting deals and great inventions. Now it’s a ton of rejection, smug insults, and millionaires who apparently are only there to say “no” to the most obvious of failed pitches. Every once in a while a Dragon actually makes a deal, only to pat himself on the back for a low-risk investment in a surefire hit. Snore.

But those deals apparently aren’t interesting. Most of the handshake bargains being doled out on the show now seem quickly edited together, as if we’re watching it on fast-forward. Meanwhile the camera lingers whenever someone is due for a good tongue lashing for their terrible idea and having wasted everyone’s time. Dragons used to simply say “I’m out”, with a polite but short explanation for the rejection. Now the wisecracks are tossed around, the inventions are mocked and laughed at, and people are routinely belittled for investing their life savings in a definite failure.

Insult, meet injury. Repeat.

Part of this is the fault of viewers. TV watchers crave drama and catfights and controversy. People apparently don’t really want to watch millionaires haggle with each other over a clever invention as much as they want to watch a fool be chastised for his silly idea.

Fascism is so easy to do, unfortunately. You can't pass a law making people care or curing them of stupidity. Until this system of things is destroyed, we will have to live with the serious negative consequences of the people not caring and not knowing. Being victims of predators doesn't automatically make you righteous. Deep darkness is upon us.

The world is always crumbling and there are lots of saviors ready to dispense with the old (more or less democratic) ways that didn't work and lead us to safety and prosperity. People don't notice how now they are being led and not involved in the decision-making any more than they notice that the bogeymen used to scare them into desperately seeking saviors are just that. They don't notice that the intentions of the saviors is to exploit and abuse in accordance with the paradigm of 'riches for the strongest' just as they don't notice that that paradigm, that game in which there 'has to be' losers, is problematic.

Part of the reason exploiters exploit with so much gusto is that you don't exploit brothers and sisters and neighbors. You don't exploit your fellow human beings. But you do exploit the dangerous other. Also, The exploiters know what's going on. There's a great deal of contempt felt by them, no doubt, for the people who would welcome their abuse. "If you want our abuse then perhaps you deserve it!"

I'd love to visit the Memorial to Victims of Communism that Tribute To Liberty, Jason Kenney and Stephen Harper are promoting and quietly leave a copy of Noam Chomsky and Andre Vltchek's book titled "On Western Terrorism" on a table somewhere and then take a picture of it, hopefully just when someone has picked it up to examine it.

While Stephen Harper is rushing to assist aggressor NATO with planes and personnel and talking trash about Putin invading Ukraine and terrorists who oppose the new government which his ally and boss, the U.S., has supported and helped lift up to his present post, his mouthpiece Kenney vomits out "For too long the victims of this kind of oppression and totalitarianism have gone unrecognized, have been forgotten about." Terror is terror, as Ramzy Baroud wisely reminds us (in his piece titled "Navigating Syria: the impossible, indispensable mission" – It can't be him who Kenney is suggesting needs reminding. And I would guess that most of Baroud's progressive readership similarly feels that terrorism is always unsupportable. But the line no doubt went down well with the dupes who Harper's hot buttons were made for.

And dupes they are, as Robert Parry and Stephen Cohen make clear from their careful, detailed reportage on the goings on in Ukraine right now. Just one example would be the Odessa incident in which anti-putsch protesters who were chased into buildings were then burned alive in them by pro-putsch thugs (who Yats – aka Arseniy Yatsenyuk – et al depend on quite a bit since regular Ukrainians are reluctant to murder each other). Western media calls the murderers, who joked about the burned victims, calling them Colorados (a black and red bug, the same colors used by the eastern Ukraine ethnic Russians), victims and the victims terrorists. (

Stephen F. Cohen’s articles in The Nation

Stephen belongs to the Council on Foreign Relations, according to Wikipedia. I have a problem with that. (And Wikipedia’s entry for Stephen notes that he’s married to The Nation magazine’s editor, Katrina vanden Heuvel. It refers to The Nation as a progressive magazine. It’s not progressive in my view. It ‘can be’. And many of my favorite authors have, and do, write for The Nation. But its editorial position is not progressive in my view.) I have been seeing a lot of him recently on Democracy Now, which I have a high regard for. And I’ve listened carefully to what he’s said. I’m not informed enough to assess fairly all that he conveys, but he’s not the only one with information about Ukraine who I read or listen to. And he clearly knows much about Ukraine and Russia. Here’s a Third World Traveler article by Daniel Taylor about the Council on Foreign Relations: “Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Unveils Global Governance Agenda”

There’s lots more on the CFR on the Third World Traveler website.

Robert Parry, of Consortium News

“Why Did Dragon’s Den Go From Transfixing To Train Wreck?” by Ward Anderson

part 1

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