The Voice Of The People Will Be Silenced By The Roar Of The Wild Beast

Operation Condor

Operation Condor

John Baird defends Conservatives’ response to Egypt convicting journalists | Toronto Star.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Canadian Press follows:

But while senior politicians in Britain, the United States, and Australia directly called on Egypt’s new government to pardon the journalists, the federal Conservatives were criticized for offering a more muted response to the verdict…

Baird called Fahmy’s case complex, noting that while he remains a dual citizen, he left Canada 11 years ago.

“When you’re a citizen of Egypt you’re subject to Egyptian law when you’re there, not Canadian law,” said Baird…

On CFRA, Baird noted the harsh words from other Western capitals had not secured the journalists’ release.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi, an army general at the time of the crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood supporters and Fahmy’s arrest, ruled out pardoning the journalists on Tuesday.

The Associated Press reported el-Sissi said he refused to interfere with the guilty verdict, in order to protect the independence of the Egyptian judicial system.

“If we desire (strong) state institutions we must respect court rulings and not comment on them even if others don’t understand these rulings,” el-Sissi said.

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

Baird is an absolute babbling monster. The corporatocracy is having a ball. The war on the people is going swimmingly. The Julian Assanges are being marched into various kinds of jails one by one, terrorizing those who are still free and causing them to think twice when considering reporting on the state and it’s terrorism. This is operation Condor on a global scale. –

Operation Condor

John Baird and his puke boss don’t want to cross the Americans. The so-called strong words from the Americans and other Western powers reveal what the American-led corporatocracy thinks of reporters – when you include the body language. By body language I don’t mean non verbal communication. I mean the totality of verbal and non verbal communication. So we must look at not just a selection of words and statements but all of the words and statements (and non verbal communication) that can reasonably be said to bear on a matter, so that Kerry’s happy message to the Egyptian government a day before about the US being happy to restore millions of dollars in military aid to Egypt has to be seen as also being the Obama administration’s view of el-Sisi’s attack on reporters. As they say, Actions speak louder than words, when those words would otherwise suggest different actions. And I note that the imperial agenda known as The New York Times is back at it (after a brief flirtation with morality), with David Kirkpatrick writing that “The verdict has set off an international backlash against the Egyptian government’s crackdown on news media freedom and political dissent. But it has also put the White House in the awkward position of appearing to once again ally itself with an authoritarian leader just three years after President Obama backed the popular uprising against President Hosni Mubarak.” Except that Obama was solidly behind Mubarak. Only at the very last second, when it appeared certain that the democracy protesters were going to prevail and Mubarak would go, did Obama suddenly mouth support for the protesters. Awkward isn’t a problem when you have no shame. Neither Obama nor Kirkpatrick possess any, evidently.

Kerry’s reaction to the Egyptian verdict – not the ruling class that would not allow an independent court any more than it would allow an independent press – in which he called it “chilling” and “draconian” is certainly jarring, considering that that’s exactly what his behavior is, as he and his boss proceed to empower the undemocratic, inhuman Egyptian state. What uncle Sam, and the neoliberal corporatocracy states who the US leads, want to do is crush the people who are always, and increasingly, getting in the way of elites and threatening their power and privilege. Who knows why Baird and the Canadian government can’t use harsher language when talking about what el-Sisi’s court has done? But it doesn’t mean anything. The Canadian public is not important, in a positive sense, to the Canadian ruling class. Public opinion in general doesn’t interest Stephen Harper. Ruling classes (including the US) everywhere are getting crazier (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the tar sands) as the capitalist class, including the military-industrial complex, is getting crazier, making the people crazier. The crazy, trouble-making American ruling class is important, in a positive sense, to Canadian gangster leaders. One, American leaders are vicious, so you don’t want to piss them off. Two, Stephen Harper just wants to make powerful, important people happy. That’s what moves him.

Sarah Lazare, writing for Common Dreams dot org, wrote: “The aggressive prosecution of the defendants, who were charged with spreading “false news” and cast as “terrorists” for allegedly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, is widely viewed as part of the Egyptian government’s crackdown on free press and political dissent across the country. The military-backed interim government, headed by al-Sisi, killed thousands of people, disappeared hundreds, and detained over 16,000—including numerous journalists and political activists who played key roles in the 2011 overthrow of former President Hosni Mubarak.” See “Egypt Rebuffs Global Call to Free Al Jazeera Journalists”

Fascism: What you get when the political and capitalist classes join forces and secure for themselves complete political control of a state and call it democracy. They tell the people, who they cut out of decision-making, that they are part of the decision-making, that they have democracy and that the evidence for that fact lies in the fact of the existence of an electoral system and the freedom that people have to vote.

Never mind that the electoral system is corrupt, with money deciding outcomes. There’s no free electoral marketplace. There are no people’s parties and few people’s champions. As for freedom to vote, It’s not there if it isn’t there for everyone, which it isn’t. And I’m not talking about places like Honduras or Thailand. The voter suppression tactics of the Republicans are effective and have been embraced by the Conservative Party here in Canada. Time will tell whether the other rightwing Parties are as willing to con the people.

Indeed. We have democracy. Therefore we don’t need to search for it. We haven’t had it taken from us. Therefore we don’t need to find those who stole it and fight them in order to restore it. Everything’s okay. Be happy. Watch soccer.

From the March 7, 2013 episode of Democracy Now, the following quote from Juan González:

An historic trial that began Tuesday in Argentina is set to reveal new details about how six Latin American countries coordinated with each other in the 1970s and 1980s to eliminate political dissidents. The campaign, known as Operation Condor, involved military dictatorships in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. They worked together to track down, kidnap and kill people they labeled as terrorists: leftist activists, labor organizers, students, priests, journalists, guerrilla fighters and their families.

The campaign was launched by the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, and evidence shows the CIA and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger were complicit from its outset. At least 25 military generals are facing charges, and more than 500 witnesses are expected to testify during the trial. Last August, an Argentine federal judge issued a formal request to the Obama administration’s Justice Department to make Kissinger himself available for questioning. The Obama administration did not respond.

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