If you haven’t informed yourself about the Israeli Nazis’ slaughter of Gazans, then you should start with Democracy Now’s Friday, July 18, 2014 show.

See Democracy Now's July 18 coverage of Israel's attack on Gaza (http://www.democracynow.org/)

See Democracy Now’s July 18 coverage of Israel’s attack on Gaza (http://www.democracynow.org/)

Please, please, please; Inform yourselves about what the Nazi Benjamin Netanyahu is doing to Gazans. He and his killer soldiers are slaughtering Gazans who have no place to run and no real capacity to defend themselves and fight back. The rocket-firing lunatics there don’t count. The Gazans are probably afraid, for various reasons, to speak up to Hamas who they voted for. It’s hard to admit you made a mistake for one thing. Then again, It’s not like just any mistake. What options do the Gazans possess? (Hell, Canadians don’t have political options.) Who in Gaza is stepping up to protect the defenceless Gazans? The Hamas fighters are Gazans. They are also family members of non fighters. No doubt some of them are scary people. And I would be surprised if some weren’t criminal and even taking money from foreign powers, but I don’t know of any reports to that effect other than one mention of it by a source I don’t consider trustworthy. They are still an essentially powerless small group.

If a murderer took shelter in Obama’s neighborhood, Would it be perfectly okay to bomb it?, perhaps after giving the Obamas a warning to get out within 5 minutes, before launching? And please harbor no illusions dear reader. The creepy warnings to hapless Gazans – phone calls to households where the caller knows residents by name – and leafletting do not mean that every time the Israelis attack, the Gazans get a warning.

The nonsense and very powerful pro Israel rhetoric – bemoaned by NBC’s stellar reporter in the region, Aymar Mohyeldin, who NBC no longer trusts to shut up about what he sees, for which reason they’ve pulled him from Gaza – hammers on a few points again and again, which rightwing media all over the planet picks up and amplifies. One talking point concerns the way Hamas fighters hide among the population. Think about that. Do the Gazans, who, rightly or wrongly, have one tiny ‘force’ of fighters, want that force to stand alone in a field somewhere in the incredibly small area of Gaza, where the vicious, lawless Israeli Nazis can take them out in one go? I’m sure that non fighting Gazans would also like to not get taken out as Israelis hunt and kill Hamas fighters. But talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place?!

In fact, It would be hard for anyone in Gaza to find someplace to be alone. Not quite two million Gazans are squeezed into a strip some 139 square miles in size, with one border being the Mediterranean Sea. Why is Benjamin Netanyahu’s army (naval, air – which is where the most rabid anti-Arab sentiment will be found – and ground) slaughtering Gazans? They simply hate them. And it’s convenient to do so. They also simply want their territory and the resources that lie below the waters offshore, which need to ‘belong’ to Israel for the optics to be right. Which they can never be.

From “Gaza In Crisis – Reflections On Israel’s War Against The Palestinians,” by Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé, the following:

There were occasional reports of the Israeli navy firing on fishing boats, but these conceal what appears to be a systematic campaign in recent years to drive the fishing industry toward the shore – thereby destroying it, because the vast pollution caused by Israel`s destruction of power stations and sewage facilities makes fishing impossible near shore. Citing recent incidents, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights in Gaza, which has been a highly reliable source, “strongly condemn[ed] the continuous escalation of the IOF [Israeli Occupation Forces] offensive against the Palestinian civilians, including fishermen.” International human rights observers report regular attacks on fishing vessels in Gazan territorial waters. Accompanying Palestinian fishers, they report having “witnessed countless acts of Israeli aggression against them whilst in Gazan territorial waters, despite a six-month cease-fire [in the 2008-2009 attack] agreement holding at the time,” and now again after the January cease-fire. “Gaza’s 40,000 fishermen have been deprived of their livelihood” by Israel naval attacks, Gideon Levy reported from the bedside of a nineteen-year-old Gaza fisherman, severely wounded by Israeli gunboats who attacked his boat without warning near the Gaza shore on October 5, a month before the cease-fire was broken by Israel’s invasion of Gaza, events to which we return. “Every few days the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) publishes reports from its voluteers in Gaza about attacks on fishermen. Sometimes the naval boats ram the wretched craft, sometimes sailors use the high-pressure water hoses on the fishermen, hurtling them into the sea, and sometimes they open lethal fire on them,” Levy reported.

The international observers report that attacks on fishing boats began after the discovery of quite promising natural gas fields by the BG Group in 2000, in Gaza’s territorial waters. The regular attacks gradually drove fishing boats toward shore, not by official order but by threat and violence. Oil industry journals and the Israeli business press report that Israel’s state-owned Israel Electric Corp. is negotiating “for as much as 1.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas from the Marine field located off the Mediterranean coast of the Palestinian controlled Gaza Strip.” It is hard to suppress the thought that the Gaza invasion may be related to the project of stealing these valuable resources from Palestine, which cannot take part in the negotiations.

The July 18 Democracy Now episode reveals some interesting tidbits, such as Diane Sawyer’s incredible, vile propaganda about destruction caused by Hamas rockets to an Israeli neighborhood. Except that it wasn’t an Israeli neighborhood. It was a Palestinian neighborhood. But how many yokels who saw that in their five minutes of quality news and information consumption will carry on with their corporatocracy-inspired hate-on for the Palestinians, telling those who will listen about how good it is that America and Israel take steps to wipe out terrorism? There was a retraction by Sawyer later, but that’s only good for those who saw the propaganda and then came back and saw the retraction. Another tidbit I ‘liked’ was about the way the Israelis drop leaflets on the southern region of Gaza telling residents to flee or be killed, while also dropping leaflets on the northern and western regions in this small area telling them the same thing. So, How much of Gaza is to be bombed? And how is avoiding bombs in one neighborhood going to save you and your loved ones when every other region that you might flee to, except the Mediterranean, is being bombed? Do the Israeli ruling class and their religious associates and rightwing supporters elsewhere hate Gazans or what?

Now, How could NBC make such a mistake as Diane made? I think Glenn explains it best. But, but… If it’s possible that this was an innocent mistake, it still serves to remind people how the establishment works. You can imagine that Diane made a mistake and admitted it and there’s nothing to see here. Or you can reflect on the fact that Diane’s goof did damage and you can ponder that such goofs are in fact a tactic that accomplishes harmful propaganda in the manner I have explained above.

A Palestinian woman gestures as she stands amidst destruction following an Israeli military strike in Gaza City on July 08, 2014 (AFP Photo / Mahmud Hams)

A Palestinian woman gestures as she stands amidst destruction following an Israeli military strike in Gaza City on July 08, 2014 (AFP Photo / Mahmud Hams)

photo by Mahmud Hams

photo by Mahmud Hams

God doesn’t automatically disapprove if we hate someone or some group. It depends on why we feel that way. I hate Benjamin Netanyahu and his killers. Even so, I also believe in law and order. Benjamin and all his corporatist friends need justice. The problem is, This is their world. Justice is distorted and will likely see the victim as the criminal. Even so, With God, it’s never ‘anything goes in love and war’. His love is agape love. It’s love based on principle. Other qualities are present in God’s love, but he’s in perfect balance and 100% rational. Now, We don’t have to be like him, even if he designed us to reflect his qualities of justice, mercy, love and reason. That is because he also gave us free moral agency, which means that we can choose to abuse that freedom. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be consequences should we choose to do so. He’s the creator. The rules are his.

Benjamin and his powerful and perverted friend, Obama, and all of that Crowd, have chosen to walk on the wide and spacious road to destruction which Jesus spoke of in chapter 7 of the Christian Bible. That road is wide and spacious because those who like it are the same people who have decided to reject God and replace him – with themselves. And God, as the real God warned Adam and Eve to not do, decides for himself what is good and bad. In other words, God has complete freedom. He has a wide and spacious road, rather than a narrow or restricted road such as that walked on by those who embrace law and order, not cynically, the way governments often do, but out of a genuine, sane desire to live in a peaceful world. The fact is, The real God is one and the rules are his and you can enter the path of darkness and imagine that at the end of all your lawbreaking, that you will perversely refer to as ‘law and order’ or ‘a war on terror’, you’ll find life (by taking it from others), but that doesn’t mean that you actually will. And that is why the Bible calls that road “the road to destruction” and not the road to life.

It looks like Nazis are slaughtering their prisoners. In one way they are. But for sure, They are slaughtering themselves. The best thing they can do is not think about that. The best thing that they can do is to carry on believing that the good life awaits them once the slaughter is over, that there is no God, that they are God. And good luck with that fools! Does God and his people need you and your murderous assault on the liveable earth and anyone who can’t fight back? God’s plans, including project earth, will not be thwarted and he will “bring to ruin those ruining the earth,” just “as in the days of Noah.” (Revelation 11:18 and Matthew 24:38,39) I don’t know how it will look, but I believe it will happen. I certainly don’t believe in psychopaths like Netanyahu and Obama.

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