CBC On Board With The Project To Rehabilitate Nazism

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Sasa Petricic: Israeli attitudes on Gaza seem firmly behind Netanyahu – World – CBC News.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

This fight would be the ultimate battle with Hamas, he implied.

“There is no more just war than this one that our sons are fighting,” he said. Israel is under attack. The rockets fired by the Palestinian militant group Hamas daily have to be silenced. The “terror tunnels” blown up, he said.

For many in the Israeli press, it’s not enough.

Deaths on the other side, in Gaza, are not a big consideration in the media or social media here. The fact that several dozen civilians died the previous day, or that the overall toll among Palestinians has surpassed 1,100 — a total overwhelmingly civilian, according to the UN — is not in the headlines. It is mentioned in passing, and dismissed as “entirely the fault of Hamas,” according to Netanyahu, because the militant group chooses to put its rocket launchers amid the population and it has neglected to build shelters against Israeli missiles for its people…

Some other Israelis do disagree. But in today’s Israel, they express that at their own risk…

Several left-wing activists have been beaten up severely, ending up in hospital. After a round of duelling demos in Tel Aviv this past weekend, where extreme right-wing youths shouted down and then attacked those opposed to the war in Gaza, one outspoken demonstrator, Elizabeth Turkov, tweeted, “Numerous protests were held in Tel Aviv against the war for the past three weeks. ALL of them ended with racists attacking us.”

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The only terror tunnel I worry about is the one where Benjamin Netanyahu’s poisonous, racist, imperialist words pour out. Then again, in a world – under corporatocracy – where journalism, and journalists, are under attack everywhere, and state propaganda, as Jeremy Scahill stated recently on Democracy Now, is all that corporatocracy leaders will allow to be safely in the public realm, Netanyahu’s incitement to murder will be called a righteous call to arms in the defense of the nation against terrorists and their terror tunnels. The Israeli leader’s mouth, like his state’s torture and murders of Palestinians, just won’t stop. There is no fear on the part of the warmonger that he may be called to justice, for in this upside down world, where the lawless and cruel rule, and they say what truth, and everything, is, justice can be injustice and terrorism can be holiness.

CBC article by Sasa Petricic about Israeli pub support for atrocities

and then…

CBC Sasa Petricic content disabled

To repeat, my disappeared online comment (“Content disabled”), in larger text:

=== == =
We know what the corporatocracy is, wants and does. Israel has been bought and paid for by the US, the corporatocracy’s Godfather. Therefore, In return for being a very important strategic asset, Israel can have… Palestine. And it’s resources, including the gas they’ve found off shore in Gaza (http://bit.ly/1rYm1gN). When you’re going to do evil things, you’re not going to do them in a principled way. You will deceive and lie to any who you need to support you. You’ll lie to yourself as well. It’s frightening to see the rehabilitation of Nazism globally. If you’re actually a Nazi regime and you actually (conveniently) treat the people like the enemy, it only makes sense to make it easier to do imperialism by indoctrinating the people against abhorrence toward Nazism and fascism. Get all of that accusation and defense stuff out of the way. “You’re Nazis!” “No we’re not!” Protesters, human beings, who object – Ukraine, Israel, Greece – can now expect to be met by indoctrinated neighbors who proudly sport the Nazi label and symbols and proudly terrorize those who champion human rights (http://bit.ly/1lFXB5X).
= == ===

To be clear, I have no issue with Sasa’s article. But the people who run the ‘captured’ CBC can care about democracy, when we are looking and when we are not, or not.

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