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The Nazis, beloved by Western nations, especially their ruling classes, until Hitler went out of control (like Saddam Hussein and other former ‘strong man’ leaders) and attacked certain wrong parties, sent millions of Jews, and many others (including Jehovah’s Witnesses) to the gas chambers. But it’s important to remember that there was that flip in the marketing. (Marketing is about ‘selling’, not ‘the truth’.) It happens all the time. One day you’re an ally, a great friend and a good guy to uncle Sam, and the next day you’re evil incarnate, which happens when you make the mistake of disobeying the Godfather, the US ruling class (which, remember, has political and corporate components). So where in fact do Western nations stand on Nazism? They stand in support of it, since Nazism, at its core, is about corporate rule and capitalist expansion. Noam Chomsky talks about it in his book, “Deterring Democracy,” and Naomi Klein’s piece for Rolling Stone magazine, titled “China’s All-Seeing Eye,” illustrates Western priorities and principles nicely. (When she wrote her prescient article, we had not yet been regaled with the information made available by Edward Snowden and others.) Western corporations helped the evil communist China regime to build its security/surveillance network, Golden Shield, in preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. As Klein points out, the Western capitalists were eager to do the same in the US where citizens who actually believe in democracy pose a thorny problem for corporatist leaders who feel that the best form of capitalism is the one they are observing in China, where the state sits, unapologetically, on its people and they – the citizens who the state hasn’t convinced that repression ‘is’ democracy – know enough not to get out of line and clamor for democracy.

“China today, epitomized by Shenzhen’s transition from mud to megacity in 30 years, represents a new way to organize society. Sometimes called “market Stalinism,” it is a potent hybrid of the most powerful political tools of authoritarian communism — central planning, merciless repression, constant surveillance — harnessed to advance the goals of global capitalism…

“The security cameras are just one part of a much broader high-tech surveillance and censorship program known in China as “Golden Shield.” The end goal is to use the latest people-tracking technology — thoughtfully supplied by American giants like IBM, Honeywell and General Electric — to create an airtight consumer cocoon: a place where Visa cards, Adidas sneakers, China Mobile cellphones, McDonald’s Happy Meals, Tsingtao beer and UPS delivery (to name just a few of the official sponsors of the Beijing Olympics) can be enjoyed under the unblinking eye of the state, without the threat of democracy breaking out. With political unrest on the rise across China, the government hopes to use the surveillance shield to identify and counteract dissent before it explodes into a mass movement like the one that grabbed the world’s attention at Tiananmen Square.” – Naomi Klein

Noam Chomsky:

“A 1937 State Department report concluded that “Fascism is becoming the soul of Italy,” having “brought order out of chaos, discipline out of license, and solvency out of bankruptcy,” the reporter continued. Furthermore, like Germany under Hitler, Italy was standing in the way of Russian influence in Spain during the Civil War. Washington had adopted a form of “neutrality” that amounted to a tilt toward Spanish Fascism against the liberal democratic republic, while joining in the uniform hostility of the West and Stalin to the popular libertarian revolution.

“In the major academic study of the topic, David Schmitz points out that the model developed for Italy, with “moderate” Fascists holding the middle ground between the dreaded left- and right-wing extremists, was applied to Nazism as well. Here, Hitler was chosen as the representative of the moderates who promised “social order, anti-Bolshevik laws, and protection for foreign capital,” Schmitz observes. The American chargé d’affaires in Berlin wrote to Washington in 1933 that the hope for Germany lay in “the more moderate section of the [Nazi] party, headed by Hitler himself… which appeal[s] to all civilized and reasonable people,” and seems to have “the upper hand” over the violent fringe. In 1937, the State Department saw fascism as compatible with US economic interests. A report of the European Division explained its rise as the natural reaction of “the rich and middle classes, in self-defense” when the “dissatisfied masses, with the example of the Russian revolution before them, swing to the left.” Fascism therefore “must succeed or the masses, this time reinforced by the disillusioned middle classes, will again turn to the left.” Not until European Fascism attacked US interests directly did it become an avowed enemy. The reaction to Japanese Fascism was much the same.

“Though the Axis powers became enemies during World War II, the general framework of thinking never really changed.”

As for defeated Germany in World War II…

“The United States was determined to prevent expropriation of Nazi industrialists and firmly opposed to allowing worker-based organizations to exercise managerial authority. Such developments would pose a serious threat of democracy in one sense of the term, while violating it in the approved sense. The US authorities therefore turned to sympathetic right-wing socialists, as in Japan, while using such means as control of CARE packages, food and other supplies to overcome the opposition of rank-and-file workers. It was finally necessary to “wall-off” the Western zone by partition, to veto the major union constitutions, forcefully to terminate social experiments, vetoing state [Laender] legislation, co-determination efforts, and so on. Major Nazi war criminals were recruited for US intelligence and anti-resistance activities, Klaus Barbie being perhaps the best known. A still worse Nazi gangster, Franz Six, was pressed into service after his sentence as a war criminal was commuted by US High Commissioner John J. McCloy. He was put to work for Reinhard Gehlen, with special responsibility for developing a “secret army” under US auspices, along with former Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht specialists, to assist military forces established by Hitler in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union in operations that continued into the 1950s. Gehlen himself had headed Nazi military intelligence on the Eastern front, and was reinstated as head of the espionage and counterespionage of the new West German state, under close CIA supervision.

“Meanwhile, as in Japan, the burden of reconstruction was placed upon German workers, in part by fiscal measures that wiped out the savings of the poor and union treasuries. “So thoroughgoing was the U.S. assault on German labor that even the AFL [American Federation of Labor] complained,” [Carolyn] Eisenberg comments, though the AFL had helped to lay the basis for these consequences by its anti-union activities. Union activists were purged and strikes were blocked by force. By 1949, the State Department expressed its pleasure that “industrial peace had been attained,” with a now docile and tractable labor force and an end to the vision of a unified popular movement that might challenge the authority of owners and managers. As Tom Bower describes the outcome in study of the rehabilitation of Nazi war criminals, “Four years after the war, those responsible for the day-to-day management of post-war Germany were remarkably similar to the management during the days of Hitler,” including bankers and industrialists convicted of war crimes who were released and restored to their former roles, reversing their collaboration with US corporations.” – pages 42, 341 & 342 of “Deterring Democracy” by Noam Chomsky

MacArthur ( + Klein ( +  Moyers (

John MacArthur ( + Naomi Klein ( + Bill Moyers (

For a long time afterward, the victorious allies in WWII would refer to the evil of Nazism and make statements like “Never again.” But that sort of thing is easy. The meaning, mainly, that people are to, or were to, take away from that position, and statements like “Never again,” is that powerful evildoers will never again be allowed to plunge the world into war. The civilized nations would be on guard against that and not allow it. Except that there were too many uncivilized nations then, including the victors, let alone now. And the nasty ones are nastier. What’s more, the political world has changed. Most nation states are part of a network, the corporatocracy, presided over by its most powerful and brutal member, the United States, which has (re) launched a war on terror, a ‘global’ war on terror. But the terrorists, it turns out, are a very varied lot and include most of the planet’s law-abiding (mostly), regular people. And I’m not saying that they’re all righteous. Still…

What the corporatocracy really feels must be “never again,” was made clear when the Trilateral Commission, unimpressed with citizens taking their freedom for granted and believing in democracy, had, from the 1%’s standpoint, too damn much to say about matters affecting them, which the Commission’s members referred to as a “crisis of democracy.” They decided to use their considerable clout to sideline citizens and have largely been successful. We can talk, but without democratic, political representation and a willingness to completely rebel against the theft of democracy and the political process, we are powerless as the exploiters go, literally, crazy.

The US has invaded other countries frequently. But the American Empire is different than previous empires. Mostly, Its imperial conquests are done via economic hit men, the CIA, the World Bank, the IMF and assorted organizations (USAID, IRI, NDI, NED – Third World Traveler articles looking at those orgs: that destabilize target nations. It bankrolls coups all over. They only have a chance of failing when a country’s population (or enough of it) enjoys solidarity with its elected leader. Efforts at destablization, in other words, ‘can’ fail, not in the sense that no trouble is caused by the US, but because democratic forces are strong enough to rebuff the coup plotters, as we saw in Venezuela. So, When Western leaders and others mouth “Never again,” the only appropriate response is “What is to be never again?” Democracy? The idea that Nazis are evil?

Evil, which powerful states and their propaganda organs, including major media, have their own definitions for, was once identified with Hitler’s Germany. What would you expect? But dogs eat dogs. The war effort of the allies was portrayed by them in the most righteous, moral terms, as was the war effort of the axis powers.

“One should bear in mind that the US government, like any actor in world affairs, will always be publicly advocating diplomacy, not force. That was the US stance while seeking to bar negotiations and political settlement in Vietnam and Central America, and has always been the public posture with regard to the Arab-Israel conflict, even as the US has been leading the rejectionist camp. Whatever the US position may be, the media depict it as a yearning for diplomacy and peaceful means. Thus we read of “the American effort to keep attention focused on diplomacy and sanctions, not the drums of war” – when in fact the effort is to block the diplomatic track, reject negotiations, and keep to force and coercion – under an international cover if possible, otherwise alone. As in other cases, it is a point of logic, immune to fact, that Washington is seeking to resolve the problem peacefully, without the use of force.” – Noam Chomsky, page 205 of “Deterring Democracy”

Thomas Walkom:

“Stephen Harper describes World War I as a noble conflict. It was not…

“Citing wartime prime minister Robert Borden, Harper said Canadians went to battle in 1914 “for the cause of honour, to maintain solemn pledges, to uphold the principle of liberty.

“”I say nothing has changed,” Harper went on, an apparent reference to his government’s rock-solid support of Israel and equally rock-solid opposition to Russia. “Canada is still loyal to our friends, unyielding to our enemies.”

“Let’s hope some things have changed.” – Thomas Walkom (“Harper fails to see the Great War as a mistake” Toronto Star, August 6, 2014

If powerful leaders capable of committing genocide and plunging the world into war are what was to never again be, then why did the world continue to acquire such leaders and genocides? True, We didn’t get another world war since WWII, but, one, we have been relatively lucky and, two, the world is no longer the simple world of individual nation states that it was. There are nation states, but their sovereignty is limited. (Mostly, Corporatist leaders are okay with that – namely those who aren’t on uncle Sam’s ‘to be erased’ list – and ruling classes, today, knowing only the capitalist order created by America, look to the dominant world power to maintain their capitalist system, which the 1% benefits from. What it means for the people is trouble in the form of austerity and division and neighbors turning on neighbors. But corporatist leaders are okay with that too.) Leaders today know that the world has changed and they are aware of who runs it, their place in the pecking order and the limits of their ability to plot an independent course that does not involve feeding their citizens to the wild beast’s offspring, the World Bank and the IMF, which limits they ignore at their own peril. Most leaders, then, aren’t. And they do feed their citizens to the corporatocracy’s vicious offspring. Chomsky notes that John Kennedy and his admin presided over a paradigm shift in which the US government no longer regarded, at least in private, foreign armies (including the all powerful, all evil nutmeg capital of the world, Grenada) as being the enemy, which isn’t to say that powerful states stop worrying about each other. (Anyway, You can have more than one enemy at any given time.)

Now the main enemy was “internal.” The enemy, as you would expect looking at things from neoliberal capitalists’ standpoint, is now the people who stand in the way of their own exploitation as free trade agreements, transferring political power (democracy) from them to unaccountable corporations, are lobbed at them. Such adjustments (redesigning governments to make them less responsive to the people and social justice movements and more responsive to the needs of transnationals and investors) are vital to the kind of capitalism that leaders have chosen to embrace, namely a capitalism based on exploitation and inequality, accomplished partly by strangling the voice of the people, which they once had, to a degree, in the form of political representation. In other words, Governments have been captured in the class war and the people are seriously hobbled as a result. Undemocratic neoliberal capitalism is threatened by democracy and its agents act accordingly.

William Greider:

“Tax havens are merely a flagrant example of a much larger and exceedingly complicated political agenda – the politics of escape. Transnational commerce, either to defend against price competition or to minimize the potential returns of globalization, has aggressively campaigned over three or four decades to free itself from various social controls imposed by home governments. These political contests, commonly described as deregulation, continue, and the issues generate great controversy across virtually every sector of public policy, from environmental protection to wage-and-hour laws, from food-safety regulation to interest-rate controls and banking codes.” – page 33 of “One World, Ready Or Not – The Manic Logic Of Global Capitalism”

One World Ready Or Not by William Greider from Simon and Schuster publishing

Welcome to neoliberal capitalism and the politics of escape. The powerful only care about laws to the extent that they can use them to control people. Free trade agreements are not about trade, but about a transfer of political power that frees corporations to do what they want. Capitalist expansion includes a geographic dimension. Resources don’t come from off-planet. And getting them means having to deal with the people who live where they are. We could just peacefully talk about that, but why respect people’s rights when considering taking their resources if you can just take them by force, including via legal means such as free trade agreements, and in the case of First Nations, via rigged treaty negotiations? In other words, corporations, aided and abetted by the political class which was gradually corrupted as members got bought off and others simply sold their souls, have successfully (since the efforts of the Trilateral Commission) escaped from rules and responsibility. They walk on the wide and spacious road to destruction. There are no rules (including in the sense that their governments can make, break or alter them as they wish, regardless the consequences to the wider society), which is how that road is wide and spacious. For the powerless majority, especially those who have the ‘wrong’ political views (such as a belief in democracy), there are lots of rules. This, though, is where it gets tricky.

Todd Gordon:

“But to be able to rely on its alliances and to have any influence on them, Canada has to give something back to them. As military and political leaders argue, Canada has to be a contributor and not just a sponge on the security resources of others. Moreover, what if Canadian interests somewhere are threatened independently of those of other capitalist powers?…

“Indeed, you cannot understand Canadian security policy without considering First Nations: Canada’s military and paramilitary forces were in fact first forged in wars against indigenous people. Just as Canadian capitalist expansion begins at home, so does Canadian security policy… And military power is not the only way in which security is being pursued by Canadian capital and the state… local police forces, paramilitaries and mercenaries (now called private military companies) are increasingly being used to defend Canadian interests…

“It is not an overstatement to suggest that over its relatively short history the Canadian state has viewed indigenous struggles as one of the most pressing security challenges it faces, if not the most pressing. Indigenous people’s continued existence within Canada as nations is a reminder of the fragility of the Canadian state project; every demand for or defence of land, every assertion of political sovereignty, is a threat to that project and a sharp reminder of its irreconcilability with First Nations’ aspirations for liberation from colonialism.

“Military and paramilitary assaults against indigenous nations have been a formative part of Canada’s development. The military and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) (in a previous incarnation the Northwest Mounted Police [NWMP]) cut their teeth fighting First Nations for their land, resources and political and economic sovereignty…

“As the pressures of capitalist expansion have picked up in the neoliberal era, so too has the recourse to force in an effort to subdue indigenous resistance.” – pages 278 & 279 of “Imperialist Canada” by Todd Gordon

Being a victim doesn’t automatically make you righteous. And that’s kind of a secret weapon of the corporatocracy. Only a very few among the 99% actually walk a narrow road – namely one having rules that can’t be broken solely for personal gain – that leads to life. In other words, The corporatocracy doesn’t meet with the fullest opposition that it merits, due to the fact that victims are often compromised and can’t muster the appropriate response to corporatocracy-inspired destruction. However, Pushed too far, victims will overcome their reticence and they will want to push back. Not having water to drink or wash dishes with or bathe in for example, can make people anti-corporatocracy, no matter how indoctrinated they are to view environmentalists as commies and terrorists and capitalists as the good guys.

What is the current attack on Gaza about? It’s racist, for sure. Conscientious Israeli soldiers cited that as one reason they refused to join in the slaughter of Gazans. Israelis, the ruling class and the general public, have embraced darkness. That darkness includes racism. The nature of darkness is that, if those who embrace it start off clever, breaking agreements for gain but taking steps to make it look like they are not, they sure don’t finish clever. How can you?

From the article titled “Outrage” by Noam Chomsky:

“Forty years ago Israel made the fateful decision to choose expansion over security, rejecting a full peace treaty offered by Egypt in return for evacuation from the occupied Egyptian Sinai, where Israel was initiating extensive settlement and development projects. It has adhered to that policy ever since, making essentially the same judgment as South Africa did in 1958.

“In the case of Israel, if the US decided to join the world, the impact would be far greater. Relations of power allow nothing else, as has been demonstrated over and over when Washington has demanded that Israel abandon cherished goals. Furthermore, Israel by now has little recourse, after having adopted policies that turned it from a country that was greatly admired to one that is feared and despised, a course it is pursuing with blind determination today in its resolute march towards moral deterioration and possible ultimate destruction.

“Could US policy change? It’s not impossible. Public opinion has shifted considerably in recent years, particularly among the young, and it cannot be completely ignored. For some years there has been a good basis for public demands that Washington observe its own laws and cut off military aid to Israel. US law requires that “no security assistance may be provided to any country the government of which engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.” Israel most certainly is guilty of this consistent pattern, and has been for many years. That is why Amnesty International, in the course of Israel’s murderous Cast Lead operation in Gaza, called for an arms embargo against Israel (and Hamas). Senator Patrick Leahy, author of this provision of the law, has brought up its potential applicability to Israel in specific cases, and with a well-conducted educational, organizational, and activist effort such initiatives could be pursued successively. That could have a very significant impact in itself, while also providing a springboard for further actions not only to punish Israel for its criminal behavior, but also to compel Washington to become part of “the international community” and to observe international law and decent moral principles.

“Nothing could be more significant for the tragic Palestinian victims of many years of violence and repression.

map of Gaza superimposed on map of Toronto

map of Gaza superimposed on map of Toronto


(*Gazonto, by John Greyson, was added today, August 27, 2014)

Darkness includes lying and deceit. Embracing those practices doesn’t make you clever. It cripples you and you disconnect from reality. If I see a bus coming down the street which I’m walking across and tell myself that there is no bus there, Guess what the outcome will be? Neoliberal capitalists are like that, but if they have their way, they will be putting all of us in front of a speeding bus with them. Just look at the biggest capital intensive industrial project on the planet underway right now in Alberta Canada. They are absolutely nuts! The government of Canada had not even bothered to estimate the water use and availability to the impossibly thirsty tar sands extraction projects operating (in which water use is 3x greater than water use in conventional oil extraction projects), let alone those projects planned for, while cities in the US are drying up and citizens in one city are being treated to water shut offs by an appointed (!) emergency city manager who is overseeing the imposition of austerity on Detroit citizens so that, as actor Mark Ruffalo notes, that manager and his 0.1% class can enjoy prosperity. In another American city, Toledo Ohio, people couldn’t use their water for anything for a time due to toxins caused by “dangerous levels of microcystin, a toxin created by algae blooms that likely stem farm fertilizers used in the region.” Well, That’s okay, because only pinko socialists do organic farming.

Folks without jobs and incomes and folks whose work isn’t properly paid for – austerity and joblessness stemming, partly, from de-industrialization stemming from traitorous, disloyal CEOs who always want cheaper labor – are victimized for being victims when the same sick governments tell them to pay their water bills or else lose their water. Water! This is in a country whose representatives tell the rest of the world that they should be democratic, like the United States! This is from a state, joined by other Western states, that takes the view that some third world people hate them because they are jealous of their fantastic way of life!

From Bill Moyer’s interview of John R. MacArthur, author of “The Selling Of Free Trade – NAFTA, Washington, and the Subversion of American Democracy,” the following:


BILL MOYERS: Just a week ago the Bush administration and the new Democratic leaders in Congress announced they had made a big breakthrough: a new bi-partisan trade agreement. Billed as an “important first step” –

SPEAKER PELOSI: It is progress – it is historic – we have to know make it work for America’s working families…

BILL MOYERS: The President gets the ‘free trade’ he wants for wall street, Democrats get the ‘fair trade’ they want for main street…namely, some protection for workers whose jobs are being shipped overseas…and protection for the environment that is often trampled by the trade winds of capitalism.

Sounds like a win-win, right?…

JOHN R. MACARTHUR: Well, the main thing to know is that this is an initiative, as far as I can tell from my own reporting, from the leadership of the House, which is– Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. And this is like the– NAFTA campaign of the ’90s, an attempt by the Democratic leadership– in those days it was the Clintons — to raise money from Wall Street. They’re trying to compete head to head with the Republicans in their own pool.

BILL MOYERS: Why now? What’s the advantage of acting on this at this very moment? What do you see as the strategy?

JOHN R. MACARTHUR: It’s simply because we’ve got a big election coming up.

BILL MOYERS: Well, not for–

JOHN R. MACARTHUR: They’re gearing up for 2008. And Rangel has got to beat the Bushes for money. He’s gotta shake down the bankers and the private equity people. And he’s gotta have something to show to them.

BILL MOYERS: But there has been a deadlock on trade for some years now. There has been great disaffection with NAFTA, what’s happened in Mexico, the number of jobs lost in this country. And the Republicans haven’t wanted to give on these issues of labor standards and environmental standards. Could this possibly be a breakthrough?

JOHN R. MACARTHUR: No, because it’s just like the NAFTA side agreements in the ’90s. They guaranteed all sorts of things in the side agreements: labor rights, environmental protection in Mexico. And none of it got done. Virtually none of it got done. Now, in these agreements, they’re saying that these countries are suddenly going to start respecting labor rights. That countries like Peru, which can only survive by selling us their cheap labor. In other words, that’s all they’ve got– are going to raise their labor standards that would kill the very justification for set– for setting up a factory in Peru. It’s the same thing in Mexico. It’s the same thing in China.

BILL MOYERS: How do you explain that so many people embrace this so heartily so quickly?

JOHN R. MACARTHUR: Well, the people who embraced it: the media, the pundits, the elites– the heads of– banks and of investment banks, and the leadership of the two parties. That’s not the people. The people are sold this– idea of free trade over and over again, as though it were good for them. I mean, what do we have to cite? The statistics speak for themselves. More than half a million jobs officially lost because of NAFTA. The other thing to remember, of course, is that it’s not just the brokerages and the financial business. It’s the retail and restaurant industry likes it. Wal-Mart and Wall Street are now allied in this unholy pro-free trade alliance.

BILL MOYERS: How so? Why Wall Street and Wal-Mart?

JOHN R. MACARTHUR: Because Wal-Mart has dedicated factories in China manufacturing at the cheapest possible rate. People working for 15, 20, 25 cents an hour, making stuff to sell in Wal-Marts in the United States. Generally speaking, they want the cheapest labor possible making – goods at the cheapest possible rates so that they can buy them cheaply and sell them more cheaply. In exchange, we get $8.00, $9.00 an hour jobs at Wal-Mart. That’s what the people are faced with.


Which brings me around to where I started here. Actions speak louder than words. The words can really change meaning of course. At one time, “Nazi” was okay. Then it wasn’t. And now, it’s starting to become okay again. Why? The people need to be divided in order for them to be more easily conquered. Capitalist expansion isn’t going to stop. That’s how capitalism works; produce and sell until the resources needed for production literally don’t exist. And armies that depend on oil (the extraction of which uses water and natural gas) aren’t going away voluntarily. Iraq illustrates the problem nicely. The world’s dominant superpower needs to stay dominant. Its army needs oil, like all armies. Its army needs a LOT of oil, because no other military comes close to it in size. And oil is at the center of the US’s national security policy. The US stole Iraq for its oil, which, as the world’s largest military power, it must have for its military and its entire society (even if one of your objectives is to control oil and ensure that the entire global capitalist system, dependent on it, isn’t held hostage by powers that might act to break that US-designed system). The securing of oil, and other resources, is regarded by US planners as a ‘national security’ issue. Okay, So you use that big military machine to help you steal the oil that you (and the corporatocracy you lead) need, meaning that your military’s thirst for oil ramps up, while the people who you’ve attacked become, necessarily, potential enemies of the state (which tries to conflate its interests with the wider population’s interests), which in turn means more tax dollars for a military in order to deal with (not so shadowy) threats to ‘national security’. It’s absolutely mad. And godless. And temporary – if there’s a real God, which I believe there is.

“Every nation with a significant need for imported energy is contributing to the intensity of this struggle, but there can be no ignoring the dramatic impact of China’s soaring growth rates. As recently as 1990, China accounted for a mere 8 percent of global energy consumption while the United States was absorbing 24 percent of the available supply and the Western European nations 20 percent. But China’s growth in the past decade and a half has been so vigorous that, by 2006, its net energy use had jumped to 16 percent of total world consumption. If its growth continues at this torrid pace, China will hit the 21 percent mark by 2030 – exceeding all other countries, including the United States. The challenge for China, of course, will be to procure all that additional energy. To succeed, the Chinese leadership will have to oversee a substantial increase in the yield of its domestic energy production while obtaining staggering quantities of imported fuels, especially oil. By the nature of things, this can only happen at the expense of other energy-starved nations. No wonder the rise of China has produced such alarm among older industrial powers.” – Michael Klare, “Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet – The New Geopolitics of Energy” page 12

William Greider ( + Noam Chomsky ( + Michael Klare (

William Greider ( + Noam Chomsky ( + Michael Klare (

No wonder we are all here. ‘Leaders’ didn’t possess a lick of wisdom. Or godliness. Now here we are. No nation can stand down and quit oil without risking being devoured by some other armed and dangerous corporatocracy state. The nation that can least afford to do that is the one that has been the most violent and attacked the most countries, namely the United States. Therefore it won’t. Combining a lack of imagination, a lack of principles, a lack of wisdom and, now, the constrictions of a mafia capitalist system – in which the weak are preyed upon – means that perhaps China ‘must’ challenge the US for global dominance. If it runs out of gas on the oily, neoliberal highway, every wolf will come out of the woods and devour the passengers, with the biggest wolf getting the choicest body parts. That too, is what the Chinese government tells its people ‘national security’ means. It doesn’t mean a world in which nation states cooperate, peacefully co-exist and consider, wisely, the fact that mankind is an interdependent proposition. But this is a ‘no win’ situation. The nation that wins the resource wars, loses, along with the burning, dying planet and every life form on it. Unless God steps in.

Corporatocracy states are the beastly creatures they are. They won’t change, clearly. The crap they tell their people about national security as they get nastier due to their desperate efforts to preserve not the good life of all people everywhere, but the good life for their class, will have to accomplish a number of objectives. A level of chaos will keep the people distracted, frightened, unfocussed and, hopefully, not thinking about what leaders are really up to. A program will be needed that will indoctrinate the people while dividing them. A segment of the population will be susceptible to the indoctrination and help with the dividing of their own class. You have to teach them that capitalism, not communism, is the true religion. There will be no space in the face of hostility, terror and fear for citizens, pro-corporatocracy and anti-corporatocracy alike, to think critically so as to know that they have all been victims of bedarkened leaders and the 1%’s perverted and suicidal priorities. (Individuals are another matter. There will always be individuals, here and there, who understand what’s going on. They will be outnumbered and unable to influence the course of events.) People won’t be in the mood to hear explanations for how we got here, how today’s capitalists aren’t capitalists and how today’s capitalism isn’t capitalism. There will be no time for thoughtful reflection. The only dialog there will be will be angry accusations of “Nazis!” and “fascists!” on one side and vicious accusations of “commies!” and “pinkos!” and “Left side!” on the other side.

From elites’ standpoint, You have to do whatever it takes to break the people’s resistance to your rapaciousness and your methods will include conflating the good (fossil-fuelled) life that the people in Western countries enjoy with the armies that guarantee that, just as Thomas Friedman does. You have to promote the idea that Western fossil-fuelled civilization is godly and evolved. Only barbarians can’t see it. Then you push it further. The barbarians will attack you because they don’t agree with you. So you should attack them. They are trying to deprive you of your hard-earned paradise and drag you into their dark hell. How to deal with that? Don’t let them! Fight back. Defend national security and your way of life that’s no threat to anyone. And if you have the power to do so, then all the better. They can pay for attacking you with their resources.

Indeed, Imperialism – aggression by one or more countries toward one or more countries, for gain – is conveniently seen by many as positive. People, like Canada’s Michael Ignatieff, argue for it. But the point is, the Nazi ideology, like a cigarette, was an effective delivery mechanism. Cigarettes deliver the drug nicotine. Nazi ideology delivers the drug of benevolent, righteous imperialism. Indoctrinate the people and focus their their thoughts on proper things. And motivate them. With slick images and symbols (the swastika and newer fascist symbols), sometimes welded to nationalism, to help with the sense of belonging to a group of like-minded people, you can rally people to the cause of fighting the enemy and preserving your enlightened civilization and evolved way of life. You can rally your people to the imperialism you do for the benefit of yourself and your relatively tiny, privileged class – until you no longer have food because your Nazi-loving Bayer corporation has killed the bees, and until you have superstorms caused by a boiling earth because your Nazi-loving corporations don’t care whether they are causing catastrophic climate change, and until you have to kill each other for the last remaining fresh water because you’ve polluted it and wasted it to get the oil you needed for your armies and minerals to continue building your hellish capitalist paradise.

That’s what the rehabilitation of Nazism is all about. It’s not about revising history to make the bad Hitler into a good guy. (But let’s see.) It’s about focussing the mind of those who are willing to believe in you when you earnestly preach nonsense about a clash of civilizations and the need to defend yourself and your way of life from those who hate you because you’re ‘deserving haves’ instead of ‘undeserving have-nots’. That so many of those – the appointed and self-appointed gatekeepers (thugs, mercenaries, terrorists) – who get caught up in the imperialist corporatocracy-inspired adventures (taking Gaza and its gas or Ukraine and its rich agricultural land or taking Canada and its oil, water and minerals) won’t personally benefit from the plundering, the way their bankrolling and propagandizing 1% instigators will, isn’t on their minds as they vent their often racist rage at the pinkos and the terrorists and the evil Left, feeling comforted and/or thrilled by the Nazi and fascist symbols on badges and clothing that they wear (and which can be purchased from a plethora of vendors), reminding them that they belong to the right camp, the strong camp, the rich camp that deserves its rewards.

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