Crimson Nightmare – prologue

crimson Daniel

The 3 posts (parts 1, 2 & 3) following this prologue will look at a critical situation involving Canada and America and America’s increasingly desperate need for oil. I will not assert that the US is going to invade and take over Canada (overtly). That’s only because that’s not something I know for a fact. What I, and any who care to notice, do know for a fact is that were the US to decide to do that, then the following factors would be relevant to that action.

Those factors are real and they include: 1. the American military’s unbelievably huge thirst for oil (which bears on water issues, which will be taken up, with urgency, by many, which will be seen by the US as interference in it’s pursuit of national security objectives), 2. the American military’s need to exist, in it’s present form, for there to be American national security (even stretching ‘American’ to mean the iconic 1% of the United States), and therefore the United States’s need for oil in order for it’s national security policies to have any possibility of being implemented and 3. the ongoing and increasing pushback of the people (from every segment of society), in the United States ‘and’ Canada, to the destruction that the American Empire (and by extension, the American-led corporatocracy) is causing in it’s fight to stay alive, which could force American leaders to take drastic action.

Indeed, They are prepared for the pushback and possess the capacity to respond to it (as Ferguson reveals), which is a capacity that increases steadily. And they certainly have the willingness to act in their, the 1%’s, interests, regardless the consequences.

From Glen Ford’s Black Agenda Report article titled “U.S. Funds “Terror Studies” to Dissect and Neutralize Social Movements,” the following:

“Since the meltdown of 2008, U.S. universities have collaborated with the Pentagon to study dynamics of social movements, worldwide. The goal of “terrorism studies” is “to find possible vectors of resistance, which are to be identified and eradicated, like a disease.” The Minerva Initiative, like NSA spying, sees the entire planet as “enemy territory.””

Murray Dobbin ( and Glen Ford (

Murray Dobbin ( and Glen Ford (

From Murray Dobbin’s The Tyee article titled “This Is The Security State That Steve Built,” the following:

“For those considering issue triage — picking five or six issues to focus on — in the fight to rid the country of the current government, one area that is critical to the outcome is exposing the Harper government’s construction of the national security state…

“The national security state is a term that has been long connected with corporate globalization and the Washington consensus — the set of policies established in the mid-1970s to replace the old post-war social contract. Its most familiar elements are privatization, deregulation, so called “free trade,” tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations and massive cuts to social spending. All of these have been visited upon Canada over the past 20 years.

“But the sixth element of that elite consensus was always there in the background, and was in effect the ruling elites’ anticipation of a popular reaction to the devastating effects of other five: as conditions worsen, as wages and living standards fall, as personal insecurity increases, and as the social safety net frays, the threat of a radical response becomes real.

“The national security state is intended to protect the gains made through free market policies, and at the same time, gradually redefine what government means to the citizenry…”

“President [Gerald] Ford warned oil-producing states that nations have often gone to war to obtain vital natural resources (a pronouncement that was, incidentally, made in Detroit close to the Canadian border); [Henry] Kissinger stated that force could not be ruled out if the industrial states were being strangled; and the CIA revealed past plans to assassinate heads of state. All these things suggest that irresponsibility within the American system of govern, or a ruthless president, might cause the engulfment of Canada in some future crisis.” – Richard A. Preston, “The Defense Of The Undefended Border – Planning For War In North American 1867-1939” (published by McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1977)

“…[G.W.] Bush reinforced the Cheney energy plan with his own doctrine on national security in September 2002. Issued one year after the events of 9/11, the Bush Doctrine built on the national security proclamations of previous US administrations and went further to declare the US had a right to (a) make use of pre-emptive strikes against potential aggressors; (b) act unilaterally, if necessary, to protect its interests; and (c) ensure its trade policies and practices serve US national security interests. In effect, the Bush Doctrine provided the justification for the US invasion of Iraq, in 2003. Although Bush’s own national security doctrine was ostensibly crafted to fight the war on terror after 9/11, it basically serves US interests of enhancing energy security by protecting the US’s oil supply chains in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere around the world. Under the Bush Doctrine, energy policy, as a matter of national security, also became more deeply interwoven with US trade and foreign policies…

“As we saw… the Bush-Cheney administration was building on the foundations laid by previous US governments when it declared energy, and oil in particular, to be a top issue of national security. Under this doctrine of national security, the US can use its military might to secure control over energy supplies around the world, including Canada if necessary. In times of peak oil, when worldwide demand for oil is increasing while supplies of conventional oil are diminishing, pubic anxieties about energy security are bound to intensify. In turn, these anxieties can also be exploited by a politics of fear to make people believe that military action is necessary to ensure that energy security.” – Tony Clarke, pages 128 & 258 of “Tar Sands Showdown – Canada And The New Politics Of Oil In An Age Of Climate Change”

The wild beast of corporatocracy seeks to exist at the expense of the 99%, in the short term, and at the expense of everyone in the long term. The corporatocracy, and it’s invisible ruler, seek to destroy all life on earth. What is Satan’s goal? He’s lost his life and he’s angry, as Revelation chapter 12 clearly states. God is using Satan to settle an issue, which Satan can do nothing about but which his actions forced into being. Satan’s wild beasts are animated by his agents and they have their own pathologies and motivations. But Satan just wants to hurt God, hopefully, by forcing him – through the torture and murder (both physical and spiritual) of kidnapped mankind – to change his mind about things. But Jehovah is perfect and always has been. And the universe, which he created, depends on him. And it depends on him to remain ‘who’ he is. He ‘could’ change his mind about things, if he wished. But then, in a sense, there’d be no God. If the meaning of ‘God’ includes perfection, then God’s changing of his mind automatically eliminates that perfection. Then what?

“For I am Jehovah. I do not change.” – Malachi 3:6a (The New World Translation Of The Holy Scriptures, revised version, 2013) The previous version said: “For I am Jehovah. I have not changed.” Personally, I like the previous version of this verse better, but I am not a Bible scholar. Therefore, I will defer to the Watchtower Society on this. What I don’t defer to however, is their punctuation. I will adjust it as I see fit whenever I quote from their Bible. Which doesn’t mean that I think that their Bible is poor. I think it’s the best translation out there or I wouldn’t use it. I’m also very familiar with it. Incidentally, I am not a Jehovah’s Witness. A final point: “have not changed” to “do not change” is not a small change. )

Nations all over the globe have discovered the American-led corporatocracy, the hard way, unlike Canada. So far. But the present era of peak oil and water that we are in changes everything. The legal violence, via lawfare and free trade deals and dictats from leaders that out and out give carte blanche to banksters or polluters and the violence done to isolated communities by mining companies and oil and gas companies, especially indigenous communities, may very well give way to something more general and overt as the abused people vigorously protest the continuing predations of too free corporations. Canada isn’t safe.

But human civilization, since Adam and Eve, hasn’t been safe. It’s been kidnapped. The destruction – corruption – of our souls has been Satan’s weapon in his fight with the Creator. The destruction of human ‘civilization’ necessarily means the destruction of the liveable earth, or “terracide,” in the words of Tom Engelhardt. But the liveable earth, and mankind on it and in dominion over it, is God’s project. Which is why that destruction, despite the best efforts of soulless, godless leaders – who have foolishly sought to replace God by taking his place – and their entire horde, will fail. (Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39; Isaiah 55:9-11)


For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways. And my thoughts than your thoughts. For just as the rain and the snow pour down from heaven and do not return there until they saturate the earth, making it produce and sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so my word that goes out of my mouth will be. It will not return to me without results, but it will certainly accomplish whatever is my delight. And it will have sure success in what I send it to do. – Jehovah’s words, through the pen of the Bible writer Isaiah


Lives will be lost in this pushback. No one need doubt it. No one should forget Rachel Corrie and Gaza, which no one could ignore. Some choose to not acknowledge the politicide and genocide happening over the course of many years in occupied Palestine, peaking in the years of operation Cast Lead (2008 – 2009) and operation Pillar of Defense (2012) and operation Protective Edge (July 8, 2014 – August 26, 2014), but that moral and spiritual failure to acknowledge widespread human rights abuses and big baskets of war crimes doesn’t equal not noticing.

“…we are quietly observing a rare event in history, what the late Israeli sociologist Baruch Kimmerling called “politicide,” the murder of a nation – at hour hands.” – Noam Chomsky, from the chapter titled “Exterminate All The Brutes: Gaza 2009” from “Gaza in Crisis – Reflections On Israel’s War Against The Palestinians” by Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé

Which isn’t to say that some Western societies (certainly America and Canada) don’t have in place very serviceable propaganda systems and don’t have in place societal features that can make people dumb as hell. Floyd Rudmin, author of “Bordering On Aggression,” reminds readers of something that Noam Chomsky said about the American propaganda system probably drumming up something like 90% support for invading Canada should the American government (consisting of political and corporate components) decide to do that! Some will indeed not notice what’s going on in the world. We all experience it; How many of our friends, family and workmates are happily oblivious to the destruction of Canada (and the Amazon and forests and rivers everywhere where capitalists want to graze cattle for hamburgers – adding to the problem of global warming – dig for minerals, dam up the precious waters, etc.), the destruction of the Palestinians, the destruction of societies where American-backed coups remove relatively democratic regimes and replace them with client regimes presided over by individual or composite ‘strong man’ leaders? In fact, Only 1% (not literally; I wouldn’t know numbers) carries the entire 99%. That’s why man alone can’t win against this darkness.

The 1% fighting for all of humanity is absolutely outgunned. Just because you’re a victim of unrighteousness, that doesn’t make you righteous. That doesn’t mean that you’ll care. That doesn’t mean that you’ll pay enough attention to what’s being done to you and your world that you’ll then see that clearly and want to expose the exploiters and destroyers and support their victims. You might squawk when you lose your job or get cancer living near the tar sands or get sick from breathing depleted uranium in Iraq or lose your clean drinking water because of fracking, but squawking isn’t fightback. It’s just noise. (Squawking that’s informed and intelligible is more than just noise.) Elites are not troubled by the wailing of their victims. In fact, they get a thrill from hearing it, as long as they are far enough away from the source that they can ignore it when they wish to.

The American military cannot be altered in order to forestall the above nightmare scenario. The oil-fed form that it now has will be the form it has on the day it is destroyed (by God, or “not by hand,” if you’re wondering). If there’s any nation that is, more than others, greatly in danger from other armed and dangerous countries, it’s the one that has attacked, in so many ways, so many others. It is the one that has been instrumental in maintaining the vicious, monstrous character of the system of things that has developed over the course of millennia on this bleeding planet. It is utterly perverted. It claims to enlightened and a champion of democracy and peace (or inoffensive, like a lamb) but, as the Christian Bible notes, it speaks like a dragon (Revelation 13:11). It goes around the world spreading terror and destroying and enabling other destroyers and claims to be democratic. It preaches democracy, a deed so sickening, considering it’s actual record, it prompted Noam Chomsky to write “Deterring Democracy,” about the United States and it’s non stop deterrence of democracy.

The United States has succeeded in having it’s US-centered, global economic system entrenched, thereby helping to fashion the hell on earth that we in the modern era have all come to chafe under one way or another. The American military, and the world along with it, is caught in a rat’s wheel and, drugged up on oil, it will, left to it’s own devices, run until it dies. It – it’s military – can’t safely stand down while it quits it’s addiction to oil, for which reason the task of conflating the superior, evolved, enlightened American way of life with the American military is essential (for coopting the people) and taken up by soulless writers like Thomas Friedman.

Indeed, The war on the people is direct and physical and nasty where and when it must be, but it is also a war on minds and hearts where and when it must be. In fact, the psywar rages daily, everywhere and all the time. But that, in all Western lands, isn’t the whole fight. The propaganda system works in tandem with brutal work culture and consumerism to keep the people weak but not to weak to slave for the 1%. John Edgerton, the first president of the National Association of Manufacturers, and others in his class, were believers in “the gospel of consumerism” and capitalism and rightwing ideals including a notion of choice, which we’re all familiar with, that seen choice as existing when it was the choice to support power (industrialists and the political class that allied with them) but not existing when it was any other choice, euphemistically referred to as “radicalism.”

Now, You have to give me some time to deliver (additional “Crimson Nightmare” posts) here. I have been dealing with a lot and it may not come soon.

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