You Can’t Have Enough Terrorists Or Terrified Out Of Work Citizens

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Leaked Internal CIA Document Admits US Drone Program "Counterproductive" | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community.

Some things that we (in developed countries) learn about the corporatocracy, which they try to frighten us into not knowing while preaching about our freedoms, are just so revealing. Only those who are utterly indoctrinated and inflexible and uncaring will ignore this stuff. A few examples, other than the one here about their deliberately swelling the terrorists ranks (this way) are 1. what I came across in Todd Gordon’s book titled “Imperialist Canada” about the Canadian government calculating that it can use unemployed, displaced First Nations people to work in industries, like mining, which are behind the push to displace those like our First Nations people and 2. Yves Engler’s report in his book, “The Ugly Canadian,” about the Canadian government’s expressed desire to have unemployment that would provide the opportunity for it’s military to recruit.

You can’t say that you’re concerned about the economy when you spend a gazillion on the military (and spend irresponsibly, as Michael Byers – Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives – details in his reports on the faulty, overpriced F-35s) and in subsidizing the thieving oil and gas industries while you could create jobs through switching to clean, sustainable energy (the way Germany has been doing) and by making jobs here producing things out of our resources instead of shipping them off to other countries. The statements, public and not public, by our political ‘leaders’ say it all. Instead of doing the right thing here, which even the compromised UN acknowledges Canada isn’t doing, Harper calls the Kyoto protocol a socialist plot and his minister Joe Oliver all but labels environmentalists terrorists! What’s your definition of insane?

Talk about the walking dead. Talk about vampires. But what will these fools do when the planet is populated by only soldiers and militarized police and death squads? What do you do when you’re a vampire and you succeed in turning the rest of the population into vampires?, which was actually the idea behind a couple of Hollywood movies.

An online excerpt from the top of post article by Jon Queally follows:

The agency’s own analysis, conducted in 2009, found that its clandestine drone and assassination program was likely to produce counterproductive outcomes, including strengthening the very “extremist groups” it was allegedly designed to destroy.

Here’s a link to the document, titled Best Practices in Counterinsurgency: Making High-Value Targeting Operations an Effective Counterinsurgency Toolocument (pdf).

In one of the key findings contained in the CIA report, agency analysts warn of the negative consequences of assassinating so-called High Level Targets (HLT).

“The potential negative effect of HLT operations,” the report states, “include increasing the level of insurgent support […], strengthening an armed group’s bonds with the population, radicalizing an insurgent group’s remaining leaders, creating a vacuum into which more radical groups can enter, and escalating or de-escalating a conflict in ways that favor the insurgents.”

Wikileaks points out that this internal prediction “has been proven right” in the years since the internal review was conducted near the outset of President Obama’s first term. And despite those internal warnings—which have been loudly shared by human rights and foreign policy experts critical of the CIA’s drone and assassination programs—Wikileaks also notes that after the internal review was prepared, “US drone strike killings rose to an all-time high.”

You can’t have enough terrorists – when your goal is to enable the military industrial complex (socialism for powerful special interests) by feeding defense contractors. No enemies to kill mean no profits for weapons makers. And corporations are our real rulers. Hence, the corporatocracy. Powerful, entrenched, connected special interests are our real rulers, because mafia, vampire capitalism elevates them to positions of power. They dominate (euphemistically called ‘leading’ and ‘championing democracy’) precisely because they are completely willing to break every written and unwritten rule there is as well as use their political partners to make whatever rules are necessary for them to do their kind of business.

From Todd Gordon’s book titled “Imperialist Canada,” the following:

Creating a working class out of indigenous peoples also figured prominently in the state’s colonial plans. Establishing the conditions whereby indigenous people have no alternative but to turn to the labour market in order to make a living – to sell their labour to someone else for a wage – has always been an aim of the Canadian state…

The development of neoliberalism in Canada has led to a renewed intensification of accumulation by dispossession directed against indigenous people… the success of neoliberalism is in large measure contingent on the increased penetration of indigenous land and the commodification of their labour power…

As Deb Simmons argues, dispossessed and/or desperate indigenous people, subject to a systemic discrimination expressive of the deeply rooted racist character of Canada, offer a potentially significant pool of cheap labour. Indeed, the proletarianization (the transformation [of people] into individuals who make their living by selling their labour for a wage) of indigenous people, and the latter’s resistance to this process, is a key concern of the state’s policy toward them. [Ron] Laliberte and [Victor] Satzewich, in their study of the agro-industry in Alberta, note that “[t]he proletarianization of Native people was (and is) a well known objective of the Indian Affairs Branch of the federal government.” Reservations were organized, and are still viewed by government, they maintain, as a pool of cheap reserve labour.

This focus on the labour potential of indigenous people appears to have sharpened since the emergence of neoliberalism.” -pages 71,78,79

From Yves Engler’s “The Ugly Canadian – Stephen Harper’s Foreign Policy,” the following:

In 2007 the Conservatives established a multi-million dollar subsidy program for weapons and aerospace companies know as the Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative and during the 2008/09 economic downturn the Conservatives turned to the military to stimulate the economy. A March 2009 Edmonton Journal headline noted: “Tories fight recession with military spending.” During a cross-country tour to announce various public works on military bases, minister MacKay called the contracts “an important part of the government’s effort to stimulate the economy.”

Reacting to the initiatives, the Canadian Peace Congress complained: “The Harper policy of the rapid militarization of the economy is the only job creation project the government has to offer the youth, the unemployed and the underemployed.” This statement was disturbingly prescient. Wikileaks revealed that Conservative Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Laurie Hawn told US officials he hoped the rising number of unemployed would increase military enrolment: “He [Hawn] expressed the hope that rising unemployment rates at home on one hand, and the welcome new deployment of US troops in Kandahar on the other, would help the Canadian Forces to recruit and retain troops,” explained a March 2009 cable from the US embassy.” -page 168

And for good measure, Here’s a few more pieces of info from “The Ugly Canadian,” lest folks are convinced that the reality they see coming into view isn’t real. Harper, and his corporatocracy colleagues, make the claim that their freeing up of corporations, like mining companies – Canadian and American officials have used their power and weak and/or corrupt third world leaders to alter weaker nations constitutions in order to make allowing their domestic industries to enter them and do what they want – is to help their companies to compete, do well and thrive and they say that they are engaged in combat in places like Afghanistan in order to protect the women and children and bring democracy to them. Pfft!

The Conservatives’ ties to the Saudi monarchy demonstrate the absurdity (even on their terms) of Harper’s claim that “we are taking strong, principled positions in our dealings with other nations, whether popular or not.”…

When Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud died in June 2012 Baird once again issued a glowing assessment. “Saudi Arabia has lost an honorable man of great achievement who has dedicated his life to the security and prosperity of the people of Saudi Arabia.” In fact, Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, interior minister for three and a half decades, was considered a fairly conservative member of the Al Saud family. He resisted the weakening of Wahhabi religious doctrine as a threat to the monarchy’s grip on power. His motto was “no to change, yes to development” and in March 2009 he publicly opposed both elections and women in government.” – pages 74 & 75


Under the Geneva Conventions the military force that detains someone is responsible for their treatment and many of those detained by the Canadian Forces were likely tortured with power cables, knives, open flames or rape. The United Nations Human Rights Commission, the US State Department and Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission all reported widespread torture in Afghanistan detention facilities. The latter group found that “torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment are common in the najority of law enforcement institutions, and at least 98.5 percent of interviewed victims have been tortured.” Additionally, dozens of individuals given to the Afghan army by the Canadian Forces were unaccounted for… Many of those the Canadian Forces detained likely had little to do with the Taliban. Richard Colvin reported to the special parliamentary committee: “It was the NDS that told us that many or most of our detainees were unconnected to the insurgency. This assessment was reported to Ottawa. The NDS also told us that, because the intelligence value of Canadian-transferred detainees was so low, it did not want them.”

The Canadian Forces regularly handed over children they suspected of Taliban ties to the NDS. According to a secret document released through access to information, on March 30, 2010, minister MacKay was briefed about juvenile detainees. To get a sense of what he learned one can go to an April 2010 UN report titled Children and Armed Conflict that explained: “The use of harsh interrogation techniques and forced confession of guilt by the Afghan Police and NDS was documented, including the use of electric shocks and beating [of kids]. …Available information points to sexual violence as a widespread phenomenon.” On June 2008 the Toronto Star reported that in late 2006 a Canadian soldier heard an Afghan soldier raping a young boy and later saw the boy’s “lower intenstines falling out of his body.” Reportedly, the Canadian military police were told by their commanders not to interfere when Afghan soldiers and police sexually abused children.

Todd Gordon, Richard Colvin, Yves Engler

Todd Gordon, Richard Colvin, Yves Engler

Do we get the ugly picture?

Here’s a link to the Toronto Star article which Engler refers to, which I am surprised exists and which I wouldn’t be surprised to see vanish: “Don’t look, don’t tell, troops told” by Rick Westhead, Toronto Star, June 16, 2008

The WikiLeaks report about the CIA report: “CIA report warned assassination programme might backfire”

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