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The World’s Foremost Champion Of Democracy. Of Course

The US is exceptionally lawless, as should be expected from the entity that the Christian Bible calls the false prophet. See Revelation chapters 13 & 19. It is depicted as a beast that arises from out of the earth, unlike the greater wild beast which it is a part of and which rises from the sea. The ‘sea’ represents a formative, earlier time in the history of humankind. Nation states were forming, but coming and going in the process. That slowed down and the main powers became established and persistent. And out of that configuration, the United States arose. The false prophet/wild beast possesses two horns of an inoffensive lamb, which is uncle Sam’s marketing at work. But it possesses a mouth like a dragon. Indeed, Obama says “Die!” and his drone goes almost anywhere in the world and murder is done. For now. Continue reading

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Pleasing power makes sense. But what if you’re pleasing the ‘losing’ power? Continue reading

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Caught Being True

Whatever the bosses and politicians and journos say about this, the fact is that the corporatocracy state and the mafia capitalism that it embraces depends on gatekeepers like the yahoos within Correctional Service going on about queers. I’m sure that those yahoos are just as hostile toward commies and socialists and those who don’t, like them, trust what our law & order leaders tell us and go along with all that the authorities do and say. Continue reading

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