Professional Scam Artists – part 10


*edit, April 17, 2015 – I was curious where the post count stood once they decided to kill the topic, which they were going to do eventually, so I popped in and dug it up. I will append a screen shot of the count to the end of this post.

WordPress managers: Are you looking for the gatekeeper of the year award?

WordPress is being destroyed. Soon it will join Fluffbook and other diversionary social media designed not to enlighten, but delight, people, who won’t grow up, with bright colors and valueless content. Professionalism can’t be counted on in a mafia capitalist system in which it’s not about what you know and do, but who you know and what you do for them. If you know, and don’t annoy, those with the ability to protect and prosper you, then you simply work for them and don’t concern yourself with what they ask you to do. There have always been people without principles who subscribe to the ‘riches for the strongest’ philosophy. They have principles only in the sense that they know them and can manipulate people by pretending to observe, with good intentions, those principles. The period of deep darkness that we’re in now, in which neoliberal capitalism has meant the shredding of social safety nets, and fewer well paid, secure jobs and fewer and weaker unions, means that such ones are more eager to show the few with power (and therefore money, which, in a money system means life) that they can serve them well.

Professionalism is like democracy. You can’t honestly say that the world is a place where everyone is principled and socially responsible, so that they seek to work not just for their own betterment, but for society’s betterment. You can only say that ‘some’ individuals have a professional work ethic. You can’t call this world democratic. The wild beast of corporatocracy isn’t democratic. It’s vicious, like a wild beast that is always hungry and doesn’t care what it eats. And it’s bigger than any of it’s prey. It’s components, from nations states downward, are the same. Democracy resides in pockets (including a few of the larger components of corporatocracy, such as Venezuela) and in the breasts of individuals only. And often that democracy is tainted with a hate-on for God.

The most striking feature of the vampire capitalists is their desire to replace God and enjoy the kind of power he has, giving and taking life as he sees fit. (Which is why it’s so sad to find that so many of their victims have the same attitude toward the Solution.) So they have to reject the true God in order for them to proceed in that mode. And they reject him with extreme prejudice, for he sees where they’re going and he has no intention of taking away from them the free moral agency which he gives to all his intelligent creation. So he gives them up to the darkness they choose to embrace, allowing them to fill up their measure, so that they can be judged in full righteousness for the evil that they do in their effort to call out God. They call out God because they hope he does ‘not’ answer. That’s one way for them to convince themselves that they are indeed God. How do you call out God? Knowing that he’s a God of love, you simply act with the greatest hatred and violence and lawlessness that you can get away with, figuring that if anything will get his attention, then your behavior, in effect a loud and clear condemnation of God and his standards, will do it. And rebels like moral support, so, in all they do, they attempt to sell their lie to others. Misery loves company. But you can’t prove a lie.

Here are the 25 posts that accumulated while I was sleeping today. I work at nights. I don’t remember exactly when I went to bed, but it may have been about 11am. This isn’t fun reading, and some of you will get more from it than others. Not everyone blogs. Not everyone is technically savvy or savvy to the same degree. Many of the posters here are way beyond me in proficiency with computers and WP. And that’s good, since I get ‘all’ of my fixes and workarounds from those ones. And no thanks, these days, from WP. I don’t know on an individual basis exactly who to finger for the bad stuff being done here. I’m sure that not all staff are stinky. But the buck stops with management for sure. WP volunteers who pop into the forum to help WP bloggers with issues, as far as I can tell, are awesome and not always so happy with what WP management is doing.

WP fails 1

finger pointing down

WP 2

plus sign

WP fails 3

plus sign

WP fails 4

plus sign

WP fails 5

plus sign

WP fails 6

plus sign

WP fails 7

plus sign

WP fails 8

plus sign

WP fails 9

plus sign

WP fails 10

plus sign

WP fails 11

plus sign

WP fails 12

plus sign

WP fails 13

plus sign

WP fails 14

plus sign

WP fails 15

plus sign

WP fails 16

plus sign

WP fails 17

plus sign

WP fails 18

plus sign

WP fails 19

plus sign

WP fails 20

plus sign

WP fails 21

plus sign

WP fails 22

plus sign

WP fails 23

plus sign

WP fails 24

plus sign

WP fails 25

plus sign

WP fails 26

plus sign

WP fails 26b - arrbys 8 39 entry not in gmail


A few bloggers in the forum from which the screenshots above were taken provided some solutions along with lots of moral support for the community. Here’s some workarounds from one of those bloggers (named Penguin). The first link is his (or her) first offering. The second link is the result of the Penguin’s efforts to round up the workarounds we have so far and present them in a simple manner:

1. “A hack to use the classic editor in”

2. Going back to the classic editor

Are WordPress managers, and their supporters, full of attitude? The indications are not good. When I first discovered the serious problem with the editor, and started a discussion about it (see bottom of post) – the editor had been mutilated in WP’s ongoing effort to bury it and given us something much fluffier in it’s place – I didn’t know that there was a honking huge discussion of it taking place elsewhere. A poster named Galois (in the forum) directed me to the forum where the action was taking place. A couple days later, I see a response from an assistant, shawnajroberts, to my original post (in the topic I started but abandoned in order to pick up the discussion in the topic that had been started before I started mine). Who is she and why resume posting in a topic I started ‘after’ seeing that I’ve taken the suggestion to enter the proper discussion already going on? Basically, The assistant seemed to be telling me (facetiously) that my ship had come in because the fluff editor, or as some call it, the kiddy editor, is now working just fine. Check it out:

shocked look

end at Mr 22 9.50pm

end at Mr 24 10.27pm

end Mr 24 10.54pm

end Mr 24 11.12pm

end Mr 24 11.48pm

942 posts for discussion re loss of WP Classic Editor

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9

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4 Responses to Professional Scam Artists – part 10

  1. captnmike says:

    Some stuff is just not tested – the editor has been a problem for a year or so – they have rolled out changes that were not even basic tested – this is sadly not the first time – I got a suspension in the forum for calling the management a bunch of idiots

    Nobody has figured out why the Blue Death Editor is being developed – it is junk – the classic editor is good and was updated a while back – but again things were not tested and the roll-out showed a lack of testing or design

    So sad to see what used to be a great company go downhill so fast

    • Arrby says:

      Good to hear from you again captnmike! I agree – very sad indeed. But when your humonguous, it seems, you start to show your true colors. You can ditch the professionalism and coast on size and all that that brings. John Ralston Saul explains that nicely in his book (which I wasn’t otherwise thrilled with), “The Collapse Of Globalism,” on pages 80 & 81.

      As if I need this distraction? As if life isn’t tough enough. I now need to migrate my blog. (Well, I guess I don’t need to right this minute, but I’m really wondering how well I will be able to function with these latest ‘improvements’.) I make $12.50 per hour and have done so since 2006. I live in a closet-sized room and share facilities and have zero privacy. So, I’m fretting about the cost of hosting my own blog. That’s one way for them to keep me from actually blogging! It’s the one thing in my life I consider to be productive. And this is what they do. But this is their world. This is what we should expect from fascists/corporatists/mafia capitalists who wouldn’t know ‘professionalism’ if it bit them on the nose.

      I’ll bet you were chomping on the bit to get out your two cents worth in the forum. 😉

  2. tPenguinLTG says:

    Yeah, this discussion, and the larger issue at hand, has gotten ridiculous. Neither side wants to budge, so posts just keep accumulating. I subscribe to the RSS feed so that it doesn’t clutter my mailbox.

    On a completely unrelated note, you use the Windows Classic theme (strictly speaking, Windows Standard)? So do I!

    • Arrby says:

      tPenguinLTG: Hello again. Indeed. I think I’m done with this discussion for the time being, simply because it’s now clear that we can’t win. They’ve said, in no uncertain terms (see my original discussion of this, above), that there will be no changing things back here. Nice of them to give us a heads up about all this a year ago (according to Timethief) when it was in the works, eh? At least I saw nothing.

      I don’t know how ‘active’ (which isn’t equivalent to tech savyy; they can be both of course) users of windows can be happy with anything other than the classic theme. I’m all about function over form. In my experience, If you look after function (the meat, as opposed to the potatoes), rarely is the form that naturally results that bad. It usually only requires a bit of intervention to look good. I don’t think, for example, that my blog looks bad at all. And yet, It got there by my decision to prioritize function over form. Along the way, touches like color and a, hopefully, interesting title and subtitle added polish and increased interest. And I would never dream of blogging without the use of images. Only when a blog carries content that I know for sure I want to see, will I even bother to read a blog that is all text. It makes my brain sore.

      Good luck to all of us. And thanks for you help with the workaround. Let’s see what happens next.

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