Deepening Darkness

left to right: Kathleen Wynne (photo by Vince Talotta) Pierre Poilievre (photo by Justin Tang ) Stephen Harper (photo by Adrian Wyld ) Diane Ablonczy (photo by Patrick Doyle)

left to right: Kathleen Wynne (photo by Vince Talotta) Pierre Poilievre (photo by Justin Tang ) Stephen Harper (photo by Adrian Wyld ) Diane Ablonczy (photo by Patrick Doyle)

Ordered back to work, Ontario teachers say this labour dispute isn't over |

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Ella Bedard follows:

On Tuesday, just as the provincial government started the process of instituting back-to-work legislation, the OLRB rendered its decision, ruling that the three local strikes were, in fact, illegal…

In his ruling, OLRB Chair Bernard Fishbein, stated that elements of the three strikes contravened the School Boards’ Collective Bargaining Act because they pertained to issues being negotiated at the central, as opposed to local, bargaining table.

[OSSTF Peel District President Mike] Bettiol believes that the issues that the union was bringing forward are all local issues.

“Everything that we tabled was a local issue,” said Bettiol. “Really none of the communications that we had from our bargaining unit to the public, or to our members really were about central table issues.”

“The Board seemed to hinge their case on what was on picket signs, and the fact that some of our members had written things on picket signs that were central issues. But we didn’t give those people those signs, they chose to express themselves. So really what they are saying is that if you are on a picket line, you don’t have freedom of expression,” said Bettiol.

My typo-corrected online response to the above linked-to article by Ella Bedard follows:

I think the viciousness of the government is showing here, and in other areas. It is indeed, as Mr. Bettiol indicates, telling that the government let the strike go on for three weeks and a day and managed to bargain with the teachers one day within that time period. I guess there’s no ‘written’ law that says that they have to bargain more. But I don’t know.

There are many fronts in the class war and lots of blood being spilled in it. Most of that blood belongs to the people and their champions. That’s because the class war is not between equals, any more than Gazans are equal to the obscene IDF, which Stephen Harper is a big fan of. It’s a class slaughter. It’s police state rules and austerity. Speak up about atrocities or injustice and go to jail for it. Commit atrocities or lesser crimes and get a get out of jail free pass. The examples are numerous. Here’s a few: 1. Pierre Poilievre, who understands that it’s his class that possesses privileged access to the minds of Canadian citizens, of all ages ( 2. And Stephen Harper whose holy war on terror means that his warriors are precious and deserve our full support and protection. Not ( 3. And Diane Ablonczy, who doesn’t have patience for those who don’t appreciate the important work that her class is doing for the gangster corporatocracy, which from time to time might need judges to assist them in doing by just forgetting about what the laws are (

Julian Assange recently spoke with Amy Goodman, who visited him in his Ecuadorean Embassy home. He revealed some interesting information (about the illegal grounding and searching of Evo Morales’s plane [a flying embassy actually]), which we had snippets of only. And he reported on recent political developments in the UK that look like recent political developments in other developed ‘democracies’. The fascism is ramping up constantly. It’s just too fun. Here, while we are hyperventilating over the fascist Bill C-51, Harper then announces that he wants to make it illegal to disagree with him about Israel! ( Some US politicians are thinking along the same lines. Do they need to do that? Of course not. Even from the standpoint of the owners and rulers of the world, that’s not necessary. But the corporatocracy and it’s various national components are vicious. That’s their character. In Britain, which is a lieutenant of the US (and not a ‘partner’, as Chomsky notes), politicians just can’t get enough power tripping. Maybe it’s their way of compensating for being told by uncle Sam what to do rather than being free to discuss with him what to do. Consider:

“There’s a number of nations involved who have relationships with each other. U.K. has a relationship with the United States. There’s domestic things happening here in the United Kingdom which are concerning, on the one hand. The U.K. says it will arrest me regardless. It refuses to reveal whether U.S. has already put in an extradition request. It says it will pull out of the European Court of Human Rights within a hundred days. I think it’s going to find it harder than what it is saying politically. It is engaged in this crazy adventurism in Libya.

“It is introducing new legislation to say that it’s not enough anymore to follow the law. This is the incredible rhetoric coming out of the prime minister’s mouth, and the home secretary, who’s responsible for policing, police, that it’s not enough anymore to follow the law, it’s not a matter of introducing new laws to make new crimes, but people who make statements, which are perfectly lawful, need to be stopped; otherwise, criticism against the U.K.’s foreign policy could lead people into… it’s a stepping stone to domestic extremism.” – May 28, 2015 DN show

You don’t want to be labelled ‘extremists’, Do you teachers? You know what ‘extremist’ sounds like these days. The government uses the word, often enough, interchangeably with the word ‘terrorist’. Then again, things like thinking, skepticism, science ( and questioning authority do terrify our elites and their political tools.

The gangster corporatocracy uses unprincipled, macho people to run it. Elites and their political tools don’t need principled people in high places to trip them up, although when it happens they enjoy showing the frightened people what it means to have the power of God by making an example of them. Corporatocracy governments and their instruments of repression are trying to terrorize whistleblowers, social justice activists, journalists and educators (Project Hero for example – into submission (and intellectual and moral suicide, as Chris Hedges would put it) and some of those ones are paying dearly for resisting and for speaking truth to power and for trying to follow democratic rules (informing the people about what their ‘representatives’ are doing in their name and with their tax dollars). The way you operate, positively and productively, in a gangster corporatocracy is: ‘You get together with others to agree on the rules and then you proceed to strategically break them in order to get ahead of and on top of others’. Those who are more important and powerful than you expect you to do that, which you probably know. Gangster-minded people in this system understand and are okay with the way this works, understanding that from a position of dominance (and relative dominance), one can more easily guarantee outcomes, including economic and career outcomes. And one can more easily do the bidding of more powerful class warriors.

If only it was a war of equals. But it’s a slaughter. That’s because the slaughtered are more likely to follow inconvenient, but good, rules. Just ask those many whistleblowers and journalists paying for their adherence to principles of fairness and democracy. The Gazans have it hardest, but they are not alone in dealing with fascist murderers. Yep, that’s extreme language. But in a money system, money means life…

People should not have power over other people, period (outside the parent-child relationship.) But in this dark world, with it’s gangster corporatocracy, that hierarchical feature of unequal social relations is normal. The teachers need to know their place, whether or not democratic principles are trampled. We all need to know our place and for most of us, it’s low. We are all ‘under’ corporatocracy but we are not all ‘in on it’. We are all cogs in the monstrous machinery of the vicious corporatocracy. The only question is: Do we resist?

Fewer people resist all the time. The ranks of the vampire class are swelling. As they swell, the ranks of the resisters shrink. The resisters’ ranks shrink faster than the vampire ranks swell, because if people don’t become lawless abusers they are just buried instead.

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