Comey’s Off His Leash

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Source: AP Files Suit For FBI’s Refusal To Come Clean on ‘Fake Reporter’ Operations | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Following public outrage expressed when it was first discovered last year, the Associated Press took legal action against the Department of Justice on Thursday for the FBI’s failure to come clean about details surrounding its decision to impersonate an AP reporter as part of a covert investigation…

In addition to the details of the 2007 case, AP has also requested further documentation regarding possible other examples of the FBI using the name of media outlets as cover or posing as journalists during investigations. None of the requests have been answered.

I have my issues with corporate-owned media. Nevertheless, This is not what I want to see. And AP’s anger and decision to push back on this (without knowing more about its management and their motivations) is welcome. With the present day war on journalism and journalists and whistleblowers, this crap is just not what we need. There is zero respect for the people being shown here by James Comey and his organization. Then again, We’ve seen more serious criminal behavior from organizations like this. The Intercept, and other alt media orgs, have reported on how the ‘crime fighters’ (in a terrible instance of ‘make work’ for themselves) have created terrorists, essentially, who they could then prosecute. Then again, That’s what their bosses do. We all know where the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIL came from.

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

You’re a dog James Comey. You and your fellow security officials in assorted organizations serve power, period. And that power is criminal and engaged in a war of terror on the world and its peoples. Yes there are ‘other’ terrorists out there. I wish you’d all get together and murder each other, frankly.

It’s the same old same old. Idle hands (from the standpoint of the people who would like to have a peaceful, prosperous, safe country for all) are the Devil’s workshop. You need honest work so that we don’t have to deal with your trouble-making.

You, and others, like David Petraeus, are too free. You can, with impunity, break rules and laws that those with the ‘wrong’ political views – like Will Potter, who would like to pose as an employee in a factory farm so that we can know whether there are psychos working in them and producing food for us while torturing animals – can’t break. (Idaho has a different view of Ag-Gag laws than other states.) Again, That’s because you serve power. You serve the gangster corporatocracy and its managers. Therefore, The freedom you possess is freedom you abuse and therefore you don’t deserve it. I don’t want to bury you in rules and that’s because I believe in the golden rule. I wouldn’t want to be buried in rules. But I’d like you to care. And you don’t. And that makes you too free. You do need rules and to be forced to follow them. Your days are numbered. No, That’s not me threatening your life. That’s me telling you that the higher power that your kind constantly calls out to to “Bring it!” will. In time.

“How The FBI Created A Terrorist” by Trevor Aaronson

“Jeremy Scahill on Obama’s Orwellian War in Iraq: We Created the Very Threat We Claim to be Fighting” – Democracy Now

“Government agents ‘directly involved’ in most high-profile US terror plots” by Spencer Ackerman

“How The US Helped Create Al Qaeda And ISIS” by Garikai Chengu

Over the years, from time to time, I’ve come across reportage about law enforcement agencies seeking legal cover for measures they might want to take in sting operations. They seem to get that approval. I’m probably going to have to really dig through my copied and saved articles to find some of those, and that’s assuming I’ve saved any. Otherwise, I may find myself engaged in a time-consuming and possibly fruitless internet search for those reports.

Here’s a link to Will Potter’s report on Sea World’s dirty tricks, which they were caught performing, as also reported on Democracy Now. As well, I’ll link to Sarah Lazare’s 2014 Common Dreams article on James Comey’s admission:

“Democracy Now Covers SeaWorld’s Dirty Tricks” by Will Potter

“Fresh Outrage as FBI Admits to Impersonating AP Reporter” by Sarah Lazare

Note that a feature of the Ag-Gag laws, sometimes, is the prohibition against misrepresentation on job applications at farms. My earlier post, titled “Can These Fascists Talk Around A Problem Or What?,” which also deals with ag-gag laws and the travails of Will Potter and mentions Senate Bill 648, the employment fraud bill. Governors – some whom actually own farms that would be affected by farm-related laws they pass – too often turn their backs on their citizens in order to support big Ag and big business, as one would expect in a corporatocracy. Those governors get behind the creation of these Ag-Gag laws which do nothing more than protect big Ag. (Then there are the positive Bills protecting Big Ag, such as one dubbed “The Monsanto Protection Act.”) I’m sure that the creation of these ag-gag laws involves overriding already existing legal protections for those who are doing journalistic investigations and for any citizens wanting to witness and report unethical behavior by powerful special interests. Whereas ag-gag laws, pushed strongly by big business, and allies of big business like ALEC, are proliferating, with mostly only targets – activists, journalists, sympathetic media – pushing back, there was one notable pushback at the State level recently, in Idaho.

“BREAKING: Idaho #AgGag Law Struck Down as Unconstitutional” from Green Is The New Red

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

A U.S. District Court has struck down Idaho’s “ag-gag” law as an unconstitutional attempt by the agriculture industry to silence journalists, animal advocates, and whistleblowers who expose cruel farming practices…

Judge Winmill paid particular attention to the impact of ag-gag on journalism and newsgathering.

“The story of Upton Sinclair provides a clear illustration of how the First Amendment is implicated by the statute,” Winmill writes. “Sinclair, in order to gather material for his novel, The Jungle, misrepresented his identity so he could get a job at a meat-packing plant in Chicago. Sinclair’s novel, a devastating exposé of the meat-packing industry that revealed the intolerable labor conditions and unsanitary working conditions in the Chicago stockyards in the early 20th century, “sparked an uproar” and led to the passage of the Federal Meat Inspection Act, as well as the Pure Food and Drug Act. Today, however, Upton Sinclair’s conduct would expose him to criminal prosecution under [ag-gag]…

“…the story of Upton Sinclair illustrates, an agricultural facility’s operations that affect food and worker safety are not exclusively a private matter. Food and worker safety are matters of public concern. Moreover, laws against trespass, fraud, theft, and defamation already exist.”

“…The ruling should also bring into question other legislation, such as the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which clearly targets one group of people because of what they believe.

“…the State fails to provide a legitimate explanation for why agricultural production facilities deserve more protection from these crimes than other private businesses,” Winmill writes. “…Protecting the private interests of a powerful industry, which produces the public’s food supply, against public scrutiny is not a legitimate government interest.”

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