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Wait And See Is Fine. But Care And Know

Let the corporatocracy have this (2015) NDP and let progressives be very, very aware of what’s going on and leave this NDP to it’s own devices. (It’s such a good thing that the troublemakers want to maintain this NDP instead of pretending to be with us, expressing an interest in starting from scratch. With them wanting to use this NDP, that’s progressives’ opportunity to purge them out, simply by leaving them behind. Continue reading

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From Rat Gatekeepers To Prime Ministers – Gangster Corporatocracy Snuffing Out The Light

And there’s the Star’s gatekeepers, out of sight, anonymous, working silently behind the scenes disappearing blog posts by no-names like me, even though I can be, and often am, simply conveying ideas that others, like Rick Salutin and Donald Gutstein, convey publicly, without (effective) opposition. Rick writes for the Toronto Star. If the Star (which isn’t automatically the same as it’s gatekeepers, but in this case happens to be) hates my posts, Is it then using Rick Salutin, whose columns it now carries? Does Rick care? We all have to make a living. Continue reading

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