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Being Economical With The Truth Is The Most Important Thing

Are Canadians apathetic? They can be excited, but that doesn’t mean anything. Lemmings are ‘running’ when they go over their cliff. The denizens of rightwing think tanks in Canada are laughing their butts off at how Canadians have been so propagandized and manipulated that they can actually vote for, essentially, a think tank. And not just any think tank. The finance minister arguably has as much power as the PM (doubly the case here, with the inept, but handsome, Justin Trudeau). And who does Justin appoint to be his finance minister? He appoints Bill Morneau, a multimillionaire and former Chair of the C.D. Howe Institute, a Canadian rightwing, trouble-making think tank that has been instrumental in foisting neoliberalism (with inequality at it’s center) first upon the uncaring major media and other cultural managers – those who rightwinger Friedrich Hayeck identified as the secondhand purveyors of ideas – and then onto all of society. Way to go handsome! Continue reading

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