Little Person-Bashing

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Russia-bashing RT — CrossTalk

This show, hosted by Peter Lavelle, featured the following panelists: Vladimir Golstein, Gilbert Doctorow, and Peter Kuznick.

My online, disappeared, post in response to the above linked-to episode of RT’s Crosstalk follows:

Peter Kuznick stated that the US has 100 bases spread around the world, which common sense would tell us can’t be the case. I had a quick look, because I just read a book that gives a figure for that. Natylie Baldwin and Kermit Heartsong are the authors of “Ukraine – Zbig’s Grand Chessboard & How The West Was Checkmated.” It’s not a perfect book. The authors toss out stuff like the ‘fact’ that there was no massacre at Tiananmen Square (page 152; the index in this book gets pages wrong). I have never heard anyone suggest that. I have never read anything that suggests that is the case. I’m not saying the authors are wrong. But, If you’re going to toss out super controversial statements like that, I would think you should 1. note that your position is controversial and 2. back up your position solidly. There is a reference to a Wikileaks cable. Still… Also, the authors, in making the case (well) that Putin is a victim of US machinations related to it’s ongoing zeal for the great game, fall into the trap of painting Putin and Russia and China as the good guys versus the bad guys. That’s not the world I know. In regard to Ukraine, yes, Putin is on much higher moral ground than the West and it’s compliant media.

“…President Putin was quick to point out that not only was the US’s military budget 10 times that of Russia’s (Russia at $50 billion versus the US’s at $575 billion), but that while Russia only had two military bases outside of its borders (Kyrgystan, Tajikistan), the US had as many as 1,000 military bases spread throughout the world (Hitchens 2014).”

The book, by the way, is a great update on the status of the great game that uncle Sam forces the world to play – at the expense of the people everywhere.

Either the RT News organization is anti-social – unless you’re actually contributing to its operation – or it’s very riddled with gatekeepers and the person who responded to an email I sent is a gatekeeper. I emailed them about not being able to change my password (and discovered that you can’t!) and received a curt response that told me much. That was my second email. A couple weeks previously, I emailed them about my first disappeared comment and received no reply. After someone did reply to me when I emailed RT again, two weeks later, and told me to read their rules for posting, I then sent them my post and asked what was wrong with it. I received no reply of course.

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