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Source: ‘Hottie’ Justin Trudeau returns to cold reality of Ottawa: Walkom | Toronto Star

99% of my comments, in the last few days, in the Toronto Star’s readers’ comments sections have been disappeared by gatekeepers with the rightwing Star. Judge for yourself whether they are somehow unacceptable. Then you can visit the site and view the articles I commented on and examine the vile, ignorant, racist commentary that the Star’s gatekeepers have no problem with and draw your own conclusions. The above linked-to article by Thomas Walkom was the most recent article I read and commented on. I offered 3 or 4 comments. One, so far, was accepted. I just now tried to repost a couple of others. That worked once.

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An excerpt from the top of post linked-to article by Thomas Walkom follows:

Canadians have long been split on the question of whether to admit 25,000 Syrian refugees by year’s end.

Those in favour say that helping refugees from Syria’s brutal civil war is a simple matter of humanity.

Those opposed fear that doing so could allow Islamic terrorists into Canada.

Last week’s terror attacks in Paris didn’t appear to affect this divide. Angus Reid polls conducted before and after the Paris attacks came up with much the same result: about 50 per cent of Canadians oppose the Liberal plan; roughly 40 per cent support it.

As for Trudeau’s decision to pull Canadian fighter planes from the war against Islamic State militants, critics may not fully appreciate the subtlety of the Liberal position.

The Liberals have never been hesitant to send Canadian troops into battle. It was Jean Chrétien’s Liberal government that sent Canadian soldiers into the Afghan War. It was Harper’s Conservative government that withdrew them.

During the election campaign, and again last week, Trudeau made it clear that he plans to beef up Canada’s role in the ground war in Iraq, even as he brings home the RCAF’s six fighter planes.

If you actually look at the facts, Trudeau will support the American empire, right or wrong. He will continue to feed Canada’s own, extremely profitable military/intelligence industrial complex and he will certainly continue with the neoliberalism that hurts the economy, all the while allowing Canada’s sovereignty to continue to be eroded (including via free trade deals like the TPP) until the Howe’s (Bill Morneau’s old stomping grounds) vision of a North American currency, controlled by the US, and dissolution of Canada as a nation, is realized. Bright or not, Trudeau no doubt knows what trajectory this country has been on since the formation of the Trilateral Commission, and similar business groups, and their efforts to bring about their goal of an irresistible corporatocracy (embracing neoliberal, or mafia, capitalism), and he’s okay with it. He wants to be a player too, just like his predecessors who also helped to oversee the democracy-destruction and class warfare program of the powerful 1%, infected with neoconservatism (the open embrace of evil), who rule and ruin the world. There’s no socialist Trudeau. Only howlers – who might make such claims when Trudeau makes some small gesture to the Left – who howl because they’ve been encouraged to by fascist leaders who know better would suggest it. Or stupid people.


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