Toronto Star To Palestinians In Gaza: Stay right there in hell please.

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NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo spells out her party’s identity crisis: Cole | Toronto Star

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Desmond Cole follows:

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DiNovo’s particular beef about what she called the NDP’s “austerity approach” in the recent election is that socialism seems to be rehabilitating itself in the politics of Canada’s closest allies, the United States and the United Kingdom. “We’re looking at (Democratic presidential hopeful) Bernie Saunders south of the border, calling himself a democratic socialist, we’re looking at (British Labour leader) Jeremy Corbyn in the UK calling himself a democratic socialist,” she said. “We have some serious soul-searching to do.”
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Cole may like us to believe that Bernie Sanders’s claim to being a socialist is meaningful, but that doesn’t mean it is. And perhaps Cheri’s view is similar, but I don’t know. I would rather hear that from her than take Desmond Cole’s word for it. If Cheri lauds Sanders, who’s sheep-dogging for Hillary Clinton, for coming out as a socialist, then I have a problem with her, as well as Desmond Cole (and the rag paper he writes for) and Bernie Sanders.

Cheri DiNovo and Tom Mulcair

Cheri DiNovo and Tom Mulcair

In any case, While I liked what Cheri says here, mostly, I feel that if she’s sincere, then she’ll realistically abandon this Party that can’t be reformed. She said that Party members are delusional in failing to find the cause for it’s electoral defeat within, rather than without, but what is that ‘delusion’? It’s not delusion. It’s something else. It’s a strong signal to all of us that the new neoliberal NDP is here to stay. There’s been no talk about replacing the very rightwing Tom Mulcair, for one thing. In the many post election analyses of what went wrong for the NDP in the 2015 election, No one is suggesting that Mulcair needs to go. And my view is that that makes it easy for me to know what to think of this NDP. If Party members (along with the rabid Right) support this rightwing filth – who doesn’t think all lives matter – then it’s absolutely not a Party I can support, let alone one that has any connection with democratic socialism, let alone socialism. What the hell is someone who praises the bloodspilling Margaret Thatcher and neoliberalism going to do with the NDP if you put it in his hands?!

And just as the New Democratic Party has become a fake friend of the people and the working class, so too has the Toronto Star proven to be a fake friend of the people. It’s been a fake friend of the people for a long time, perhaps since its inception. I don’t know. That reality was really brought home to me, however, when Carol Goar, who says the right things about many things, including poverty in Canada, used the platform of the Star to promote harmful, undemocratic free trade. I wrote her about that. I was quite upset, since I didn’t know that that’s who she was and I had just written her to say thanks for speaking out against poverty! She acknowledged receipt of my second letter, chastising her for her support of free trade, but made no effort to disagree with anything I said about why free trade deals were bad. She’s on the wrong side here. Anything she may have said in her own defence would only have made that fact very clear.

Major, corporate-owned media, and online entities like Google, are not friends of the people. The worst of the major media are orgs like the Toronto Star, which the Right might convince some is socialist. That’s so far from the truth, but it’s standard practice for the Right. You take the least rightwing part of your class and publicly denounce it. The members of that org (unless they’re really dull) know what’s going on and don’t take it personally. The lesson is for the people. That’s one goal. The people are the real target of the angry tirades. We are not to get any ideas. We are not to imagine that things can be done differently than how the Right says they can be done. It’s Margaret Thatcher’s TINA, which stands for There Is No Alternative (to neoliberalism). The other goal is to ratchet up the neoliberalism. You’re constantly squeezing socialistic elements out of society this way. There’s an automatic re-fashioning of the concept of socialism that happens here, so that to the extent that there’s any socialism (for all) left in this or that organization, after the tirades have had their effect, then it will be socialism that doesn’t have much socialism in it. The free trade-loving Toronto Star, which some on the Right would call socialist, isn’t in the least a people’s champion. The NDP, today, which the Right would call socialist, isn’t even remotely socialist. And as the tirades continue and the people veer away from the ‘socialist’ NDP (which is merely the least rightwing of the major rightwing Parties), the people, the political Parties and the country become colder, less human and more rightwing. And that’s the definition of rightwing. It’s not really the opposite of leftwing. Rightwing means ‘inhuman, undemocratic, barbaric’. It means ‘darkness’.

Here’s the fake ‘Toronto Star’ friend’s view of Gazans’ suffering, clear to this reader whose comments expressing sympathy for Gazans are energetically expunged from the readers’ comments attached to the ‘top of post’ article about Cheri DiNovo. It looks like one small comment about Gaza survived the slaughter. You’ll see, below, multiple instances of the same post. That’s not what you’ll see from your computer screen when you visit the site though. It’s what I see when I click on my post’s attached icon. It allows me to see what’s been disappeared. It also allows me to simply copy and paste the disappeared comment, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work. Let’s see how long the Star allows me to use that workaround before they instruct the company providing the commenting platform to tweak it so as to block my efforts at being blocked:


These are a few of the other commenters’ comments, which I replied to, above:

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