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Source: Arrested Turkish academics called for peace talks – petition signee to RT — RT News

An excerpt from the above important story follows:

======== — –
A petition denouncing Turkey’s military op against Kurds, which was signed by 1,200 academics, was “a call for peace talks” and condemned “violence by everyone,” a signee professor told RT. It has been branded “terrorist propaganda” by the government.
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I would love to use RT to make my views known about this development, but that’s not what RT wants. It looks like RT is allowing readers to comment. But something’s funny about RT’s comments sections. Register yourself and try to participate. You’ll quickly see what I mean by hoops (See below). Instead of trying to comment in a substantial way, I simply noted that RT makes it hard to do that. That comment, I see, was disappeared. But it didn’t stop one loser from replying to it! What happened? I have no idea. Is that person connected with the site and free to bark at me while also disappearing my comment?

RT’s bundle of shows are slickly done. But RT is sick.

Here’s my disappeared comment. I follow up by responding to the person, Kevin, who completely brushes off my criticism. That too will probably be disappeared. I have to assume that my first comment was disappeared, because when I examine the comments, mine is grayed out. Even if it’s not disappeared, my point about hoops on RT stands. You can’t have your own password. You have to log in with RT’s long, machine generated password (Be sure to keep it or you’ll be registering repeatedly!), which you’ll never remember, multiple times if you read more than one article and try to discuss it. And the editing feature in the comment field?! My goodness what abuse! From my gmail inbox, the following:

abusive RT 2

My probably soon to be disappeared response to Kevin:

—- ===== –
That doesn’t address my point. My point was the HOOPS. Did you understand that? Or are you just a rabid fan of RT who can’t handle any criticism? Anyone who worships any of these ‘leaders’, by the way, has serious issues, in my view. That doesn’t mean that we can’t discuss things like Syria and Ukraine, trying to learn ‘facts’ and pass them on. I think that Putin has been horribly abused by Western leaders and media in relation to both Ukraine and Syria.

The people posting on this site are strange, in my view. (I don’t think many of you are for real, frankly.) I say the most reasonable things and get slammed, while the slammers get major upvotes. Rick Salutin, who failed the democracy test recently when he defended the Toronto Star’s decision to kill commenting on it’s website, was not wrong about everything. There’s not much civility on websites where commenting is allowed. While I think he’s right, I do think it depends on the site. Common Dreams sees many decent, informed readers commenting. This site, not so much. Rick would know that. I think Rick’s leftwing sentiments are dying. But you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, even if there’s a LOT of dirty bathwater. You don’t defend democracy by destroying it, if you don’t have to.

RT is funny, not as in humourous. Why won’t those given oversight over readers’ commenting fix the commenting feature? You completely ignore that. Do you like hoops? You certainly like attacking me, a democrat.
– ==== —–

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