Disorder And Discouragement

Yves Engler's book ("Canada And Israel: Building Apartheid") and Hitler's book ("Mein Kampf" meaning My Struggle)

Yves Engler’s book (“Canada And Israel: Building Apartheid”) and Hitler’s book (“Mein Kampf” meaning My Struggle)

It’s crazy how hard it’s getting to simply buy a (real) book. I live in Toronto and I prefer to buy my new books at the somewhat indy Book City. I buy most of my books used, however. I often net books in new condition at BMV, a chain second hand bookstore here in Toronto. The books vary in price, but they are always a deal. As for Book City, I prefer them over the big chain Indigo, presided over by the censorious, pro Nazi Israel, Heather Reisman, who, reportedly, doesn’t see her bookstore as being a bookstore and keeps Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” from the tender sensitivities of her customers. I haven’t tried shopping for a book in the Indigo (in the Eaton’s Center at Dundas & Yonge) for some time. (And I missed, or forgot, that Indigo is on the list of BDS targets, for good reason. This Rabble blurb will give you an idea: “Yves Engler requests publisher not distribute book to Indigo Chapters bookstores”. Therefore, I will not try Indigo again.) They’ve shrunk the real book section, for adults, considerably, by expanding the kids book section. We had better stay kids I guess! I couldn’t even see normal sections to browse in. There was more crap – candles, cards, toys, electronics! – I think than books! And there’s a Starbucks. Quality learning does go with quality coffee.

I have a list of books to buy that I keep on me. (That list is about 1% of the longer list I have bookmarked.) I include the ISBN numbers in my notebook. The hapless checkout dude in Indigo could call up neither of the two books I asked him to order for me. In frustration, I tried a third. Same thing. “Vietnam: The (Last) War the U.S. Lost” by Joe Allen, “The Secure And The Dispossessed,” edited by Nick Buxton and Ben Hayes and “Enduring Lies: The Rwandan Genocide in the Propaganda System, 20 Years Later,” by Edward S. Herman and David Peterson, are books that Heather Resiman has no interest in helping me to find.

“Enduring Lies” is proving particularly difficult for me to get my hands on. When you look for it on the Barnes & Noble site, it does comes up. I found it there, added it to my shopping cart and proceeded to check out. Then I was given a message that it can’t be shipped to my location. I’m in Canada for gosh sake! I clicked on a link there, info@Russellbooks.com, which loaded my gmail. I typed up a note asking whether they could sell me the book. I then hit send and received an error message. Edward Herman can be found on ZNet easily enough, but contacting him will require an email address, which I don’t see. What I’d love to see is the publisher and, on the publisher’s website, the book, and then the option to buy it. I often buy books that way. But in the book world, everything’s in flux. It doesn’t always pan out. Publishers swallow publishers and books just sort of disappear. I’m trying hard to avoid Amazon and ebay. I just don’t want to use those companies to buy my books if I don’t have to.

Amazon’s product information for “Enduring Lies” includes mention of the publisher, which, apparently, is an Amazon entity called CreateSpace:

Product deails for Enduring Lies

plus sign

And CreateSpace information on one of “Enduring Lies” authors, namely Edward S. Herman includes this:

3. Amazon slash CreatSpace for Enduring Lies

So I pop into Amazon for info on the book. I see that it’s published by CreateSpace, which is also Amazon! Why are leftists pleasuring this monster? I found CreateSpace online and entered in “Edward S. Herman.” It returned no results! The Left is good at writing about the loss of democracy. But I don’t see them doing much about it in this area. I’d like to read what leftists are writing and have to go through hoops that lead to nowhere or to Jeff Bezos’s Amazon. Thanks a lot! Everyone.

I suspected that CreateSpace was possibly not well organized (which users of the site who might want potential buyers should consider) and that I could search for the book title instead of the author’s (or authors’) name and so that’s what I tried. Lo and behold! There was the book. I paused writing this book to purchase it, which seemed to work. We’ll see. I’m still VERY unhappy about having to buy my book from Amazon. Was this necessary?

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