Poison The Beast

Immanuel Wallerstein (http://iwallerstein.com/) and Michael Laxer (http://mlaxer.blogspot.ca/)

Immanuel Wallerstein (http://iwallerstein.com/) and Michael Laxer (http://mlaxer.blogspot.ca/)

Source: NDP inhibits internal democracy with steep leadership race entry fee | rabble.ca

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Michael Laxer follows:

That’s right. In order to even run at all a candidate will have to pony up $30,000 just to get in the door.

One could make a very strong argument that monetary barriers to running for a position of any kind in a party that claims to be the “real progressive” alternative to the Liberals, that occasionally purports to represent working people and to be opposed to inequality and that from time to time will claim to care about systemic injustices, runs deeply counter to the entire project and purpose of the party itself!

But a fee this high — double what it was just four years ago in the last leadership contest — makes it very likely that only MPs, MLAs or MPPs, candidates with serious establishment or labour leadership backing or the independently wealthy will be able to afford to even try to mount a campaign.

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

Someone has to keep tabs on the NDP I suppose. But I’d rather forget about them altogether. I’d rather ignore them.

Where’s the virus? If you can’t reform the elite-serving Party/electoral system, but you can’t let it go, then the only response is to inject it with a virus. You have to somehow get in, not an individual who will be a people’s champion but within one of the big neoliberal Parties, where he (or…) will be quickly rendered neutral by the healthy (from one standpoint) body/Party whose careerist, unprincipled members will ensure that progressive influence can’t spread. But you must inject an entirely new Party, a people’s Party, that is explicitly anti-corporatocracy. Of course, I then expect something like what you see in Brazil. The entire neoliberal order, the dominant order, including political Parties and institutions, will mobilize – using legal and illegal maneuvers – to prevent the spread of any sort of progressive influence. Breaking rules is no impediment. The actual criminals have succeeded in starting impeachment proceedings against Dilma Rousseff, who has faults, but, reportedly, they don’t include actual criminal behavior. Ironically, the one serious fault of Rousseff’s Party is it’s adherence to basic neoliberal tenets, as Immanuel Wallerstein notes (http://bit.ly/1qpRgUE). But the neoliberal system would strengthen, not attack, those tendencies.

Neoliberalism, and darkness, goes from strength to strength via a rightwing ratchet. The Right is always busy pushing things further Right. Hello Donald Trump! Long after (actual) socialist, or people’s, tendencies and champions, have been snuffed out, the Right simply targets the least fascist elements within the corporatocracy for elimination/sacrifice. It’s automatic. The public is treated to a propaganda campaign that vilifies the targetted, but not truly offensive, elements while working to cut them out, which having a deluded public onside helps with. And so on.

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