Eyes That Are Wide Shut

Petro Poroshenko (http://bit.ly/29lz1gS) Zbigniew Brzezinski (http://bit.ly/29AKMMt)  Narendra Modi (http://bit.ly/29ghCE7) Justin Trudeau (http://on.thestar.com/29anRHc)

Petro Poroshenko (http://bit.ly/29lz1gS) Zbigniew Brzezinski (http://bit.ly/29AKMMt) Narendra Modi (http://bit.ly/29ghCE7) Justin Trudeau (http://on.thestar.com/29anRHc)

Source: The disturbing agenda to rewrite India’s history | Toronto Star

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Faisal Kutty follows:

Did you know that Vatican City, the Kaaba, Westminster Abbey and the Taj Mahal were once temples to the Hindu god Shiva?

These are not the views of a lunatic few. Students attending more than 20,000 religious schools run by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in India have been taught these “facts” for years. Given that the RSS, which advocates Hindutva (Hindu supremacy) is essentially the farm team for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the ruling party in India, it’s no surprise history has now become a battleground for the identity and future of the nation.

This has been an old priority of the BJP. In fact, within four days of its federal election victory in 2014, the Hindu right-wing government announced plans to rewrite public school textbooks on a larger scale, known as saffronization because of the saffron-coloured robes worn by Hindu priests. States where it has its strongest foothold have already seen drastic changes. Gujarat, for example, has so far introduced nine new textbooks for Grades 1 to 12, authored by Hindu ideologues.

Among the pearls of wisdom imparted, for instance, is the “fact” the first airplane was invented in India when Hindu god Ram flew from Sri Lanka to Ayodhya. Eight of the books are authored by Dina Batra, founder of a group who had three publishers withdraw books deemed “hurtfult to Hindu religious sentiments.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi (then chief minister of Gujarat), from whom history is clearly not a forte, wrote forewards for Batra’s books…

Earlier this month in Rajasthan, 10 students from the national student union were injured and 12 were arrested for protesting changes, including deletion of references to former PM Jawaharlal Nehru and Gandhi from history books…

The saffron brigade is using history as a tool for mythmaking and Hindu nationalism…

Disturbingly, the project has significant support from outside. In fact, according to the Times of India, the movement survives in part thanks to wealthy and well placed Non Resident Indians (NRIs). Indeed, glowing book reviews of these revisionist texts have been written by prominent NRI academics at Western universities.

Nazi Flag

Fascism, charaterized by a negative sort of nationalism – nationals are superior and foreigners are inferior and have bad intentions – is on the rise everywhere. Canada is not immune and leaders like Justin Trudeau are not bulwarks against that trend, as Paul Wells (a rightwinger who hypocritically tosses out the propaganda line about Putin’s aggression) notes in his Toronto Star article titled “Carrots and sticks play prominent role in Canadian policy on Ukraine.” Notes Wells:

Some days it’s as though Stephen Harper never lost the election…

“Allow me to take this opportunity to reiterate that Canada will continue to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty,” the (current!) prime minister said, “in response to Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea as well as its support to insurgents in Eastern Ukraine.” The standing ovation, from members of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and a visiting delegation of Ukrainian politicians and business leaders, had begun before he could even finish reading the sentence.

Next week, a senior government source told the Star, the Trudeau government will put Canadian lives and treasure where its mouth is: as NATO heads of government gather in Warsaw, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan will announce Canada is sending several hundred soldiers to lead a multinational force in Latvia. The Canadian-led force will join a U.S.-led battle group in Poland, one led by the United Kingdom in Estonia, and a German-led deployment to Lithuania.

We’re so happy that Justin’s war criminal-loving government is going to defend the sovereignty of Nazi governments, like Petro Poroshenko’s Ukraine, put in place by the world’s foremost deterrent of democracy, namely uncle Sam. Afterall, Trudeau’s all about dialog and sunny ways, not war. Wink, wink. Head-lopping, terrorist state Saudi Arabia certainly must feel like the sun is shining when they consider Trudeau’s attitude toward it.

“Narendra Modi and the new face of India” by Pankaj Mishra.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

======= == =
Modi is a lifelong member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a paramilitary Hindu nationalist organisation inspired by the fascist movements of Europe, whose founder’s belief that Nazi Germany had manifested “race pride at its highest” by purging the Jews is by no means unexceptional among the votaries of Hindutva, or “Hinduness”. In 1948, a former member of the RSS murdered Gandhi for being too soft on Muslims. The outfit, traditionally dominated by upper-caste Hindus, has led many vicious assaults on minorities. A notorious executioner of dozens of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 crowed that he had slashed open with his sword the womb of a heavily pregnant woman and extracted her foetus. Modi himself described the relief camps housing tens of thousands of displaced Muslims as “child-breeding centres”.

Such rhetoric has helped Modi sweep one election after another in Gujarat… Modi’s own electoral strategy as prime ministerial candidate, however, has been more polished, despite his appeals, both dog-whistled and overt, to Hindu solidarity against menacing aliens and outsiders, such as the Italian-born leader of the Congress party, Sonia Gandhi, Bangladeshi “infiltrators” and those who eat the holy cow…

In an apparently ungovernable country, where many revere the author of Mein Kampf for his tremendous will to power and organisation, he has shrewdly deployed the idioms of management, national security and civilisational glory.
= == =======

These fascist leaders are popping up all over and often they are voted into power by citizens who are just as mentally and spiritually ruined as they are, as Eric Draitser points out in his New Eastern Outlook article titled “Israel’s Fascist Democracy.” The gist of that article is that Israel has become fascist but is not acting against the will of the people who have been mentally ruined. (Even so, If the Israeli government persecutes a minority, such as those Israelis who object to the oppression of Palestinians, Is it truly democratic? Yes? No? Mostly?) And where the most extreme rightists have not gained power over the entire country, as in France, they have still managed to make great gains politically.

As an aside, The Chritian Bible (Revelation chapter 11) reveals that Jehovah will bring to ruin to those ruining the earth. He doesn’t bless, therefore, those Israeli, and other, leaders who have spiritually and mentally ruined their own people nor does he bless those Israeli citizens who have allowed themselves, by not caring and exercising caution, to be ruined. In any case, No nation on earth is blameless when it comes to such ruin, which includes a physical component, since mental and spiritual ruin leads people to be irresponsible, criminal and physically destructive. From that darkness came the global environmental catastrophe called global warming. All nations reject Jehovah’s sovereignty and his plan of salvation for imperfect makind and are actually actively against those, as Revelation chapter 17 explains. Even progressives (probably most) fail in that regard, for which reason they desperately look to imperfect, sometimes monstrous, human saviours while sometimes viewing themselves as a saviours. They choose to reject God and Jesus Christ and have no choice but to look to imperfect humankind for salvation. The spiritual ruin, leading to complete ruin, is clearly the greater crime.

“Israel’s Silent Allies Are Its Worst Enemy” by Murray Dobbin

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

But in the space of two days, new critics emerged from within the highest positions of Israel state power. Moshe Ya’alon – until recently the Israeli Defence Minister – and Major General Yair Golan, the Israeli army’s deputy chief of staff, confirmed what many of Israel’s most vociferous (and vilified) critics have been saying for years: that Israel is heading down the road of extremism and racism.

Golan issued a warning that linked attitudes and actions in pre-war Germany with trends in Israel today. ”It’s scary to see horrifying developments that took place in Europe begin to unfold here,” he said.

Moshe Ya’alon, then the defence minister, defended Golan…

Israeli political commentator Michael Brizon, who writes under the pseudonym B. Michael, concluded the failure of Western governments to criticize what is happening in Israel is itself a new form of anti-Semitism. Writing in a Haaretz op-ed titled ”Yet Again the Jewish People Face Great Danger and the World Is Silent,” Brizon lamented the fact that the greatest danger to Israel is now from within, not from its traditional enemies. ”With our very own hands, we anointed the Huns who rule over us.”

“Indonesia, A Proudly Nazi Nation?” by Andre Vltchek

From the above linked-to article, the following:

Indonesians has voted and what votes they have cast! Either they have chosen an outright Nazi, or a populist supported by a bunch of Nazis!

The results are actually too close; it appears that almost half of the active Indonesian voters have endorsed either the Mayor of Jakarta – a former furniture salesman and populist known as ‘Jokowi’ – or a former general of the National Special Forces – Prabowo Subianto…

Propaganda and ‘manipulations’ cannot be blamed for everything. There could hardly be any excuse for the great part of the nation being poisoned by racism, a nation submissive to anybody who wears a uniform, who has some power; a nation submissive to market fundamentalism.

Without any doubt, Prabowo Subianto is all that the Indonesian public that desires the continuation of fascist rule can dream of. He is a perfect 21st century Nazi. He served in the Indonesian National Army Special Force Kopassus (as commander of Group 1 Komando Pasukan Sandhi Yudha (Kopassandha)) during the brutal 1976 occupation, and the genocide that Indonesia committed in East Timor. In that ruthless sadistic orgy of killing and rape, a third of the local population of the tiny nation vanished.

“Greeks protest against Golden Dawn attack on Communists” by Helena Smith

“The Resistible Rise of the Far Right in Europe” by Walter Baier

And so on. Pretty soon decent people everywhere will be faced with the terrifying choice to become indecent and fascist or a target of fascists. We’ve had moments here that could become commonplace if ‘we’ don’t care and exercise caution. Bill C-51-loving Justin Trudeau, who isn’t different in substance than the fascist Stephen Harper, needs to be exposed and his type run out of town. Canadians are slipping into social fascism that will match the actual fascism of corporatocracy and the corporatist Canadian state (if that is a good way to express it).

It’s rather jarring to pick up a paper, which I did today, and flip through it and find reports that both indicate that that downward slide is happening and the sunny forces that are greasing the skids are unchecked. Faisal Kutty looks at the chilling fascist goings on in India and then Paul Wells looks at Mr Sunshine’s obsequious pro NATO, anti-Putin, dangerous foreign policy thinking and behavior. But no one simply connects the two. Some Canadians will experience the jolt I did, because they have been paying attention. Most, I fear, will be olivious. This is not a fault of the Left or of the alternative media. The Toronto Star is far from being part of the alternative media. It’s awful actually, even though it carries at least two token lefties. One is Thomas Walkom, who penned “NAFTA amigos should remember that people get fed up,” in which he connects the dots I’m talking about, but doesn’t draw the readers’ attention to the fact, which means that many readers of his article will probably not see the bigger picture Thomas points to. He has no choice. The Star, which he works for, is not supportive of Walkom’s politics. He can whisper. That’s okay because he will be heard by few. But he can’t holler. That might need to be addressed by his bosses. Just ask his colleague, the other token leftie at the Star who was fired from the Globe for ‘hollering’. The people are walking into disaster for a number of reasons, including the failure of the major media to serve the people. The major media hve turned into a guard dog for the 1%, dutifully spouting propaganda (such as Wells’s nonsense, which you’ll see if you read his full article, about Russian aggression) while keeping Canadians in the dark about what’s actually going on, including Trudeau’s continuance of aligning Canada’s foreign policy with mad Washington’s. The US ruling class is only gearing up for war with nuclear-armed Russia for gosh sake! Ukraine is a crucial step in the neocons’ strategy to hive off Russia from Europe and to cripple it and eventually force regime change upon it. Would it ever get that far with nukes flying? Of course, I personally don’t think God would let us disappear that way. But that does not mean that I think we shouldn’t be concerned that we are on that course. God wouldn’t expect me to be that incautious.

Finally, Giving people the whole picture, including the context for the crazy actions of Justin Trudeau, Jason Hirthler’s article titled “Washington’s Not-So-Invisible Hand: It’s Not Economics, It’s Empire,” reminds us that as much as politicians, both the deciders in the US and the followers in places like Canada, mouth “economy,” warning that exiting Europe will hurt the economy or exiting NAFTA will hurt the economy, it’s also about the insane neoconservative ‘vision’ of a world designed, dominated and controlled by the US, no matter the consequences, one which could be (if there’s no God) extinction. Didn’t Noam Chomsky write a book titled “Hegemony Or Survival”? The US ruling class wants hegemony, or domination, and isn’t going to let humankind’s survival get in it’s way. The Star could be pointing that out rather than helping us to go blind, but it will not. That’s why you need to consult the alternative media – regularly. And that means turning off the propaganda device known as television and going online, carefully (using guides, namely sources you’ve looked at carefully and trust, which can point you to other sources of information). And read books! The only way to learn is to learn. (Have fun too, but having fun won’t tell you what’s going on in the world.) The resource-rich Right has a lock on tv and radio. And the major media. If you want to not end up spiritually and mentally ruined, you must escape those jails for your mind. (See too the documentary “Psywar” that I link to on my blog’s homepage.) That may not make you decent, but for those who would like to be decent, that’s essential.

Scottish philosopher Adam Smith famously noted the “invisible hand” of the market that shaped the character of economies near and far. The rightwing neoliberal capitalist movement, dominant in the West since the early Seventies, has turned this phrase into the sacrosanct dictum of its secular religion. All human behavior must be submitted to the “free market.” (This is the notional credo, but in practice corporate elites are subsidized, bailout out, and given every possible taxpayer benefit to ensure higher private profits.) So now, when nations fail, it is typically said in the media to be the product of a) a crazed dictator threatening counterintuitive genocide on his own people; or b) foolish state interventions by deranged socialist ideologues…

In reality, it isn’t the market’s hidden hand at work in country after country, but Washington’s. It is Washington that intervenes to prop up failed businesses at the behest of corporate campaign donors. It is Washington that stages humanitarian interventions to unlock a guarded nation’s resources under the guise of defending the defenseless. It is Washington that negotiates supply gluts in the oil market, crashing the “market price” of crude and producing needless economic trouble for enemies Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and others…

It is Washington that uses engineered capital strikes, commodity price collapse, and debilitating sanctions to cobble together sufficient isolated data points (price of bread, rise in poverty, etc.) to lay the target nation’s economic woes at the foot of imbecile socialists who naturally blaspheme the free market faith by using the heavy hand of the state to steer the economy. As such, Russia is authoritarian and imperialist, Iran rabidly ideological, and Venezuela morbidly statist. In short, it is Washington that guides the economic fate of numberless nations around the world…

Russia is naturally the kingpin of the trifecta, as the largest and most favorably placed country to influence the development of Eurasia. Washington seems to be mortally afraid of the Chinese-inspired “One Belt, One Road” project that envisions pipelines and power grids and highways and railroads from Vladivostok to Lisbon… Yet the central idea of Zbigniew Brzezinski–still jousting with Henry Kissinger for preeminence in the geostrategic Rushmore of their minds–ought to be printed on the entrance to the Pentagon, Congress, and the White House: “Thou Shalt Tolerate No Rivals.”

It is Brzezinski, cribbing from Sir Halford Mackinder, and being avidly parroted by Wolfowitz, that placed the monomaniacal emphasis on Eurasia. He claimed that whoever dominated this parcel of earth would necessarily control Western Europe, East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. God forbid it be anyone but Washington. Rather than pausing to ask himself what right the United States had to assert its authority halfway across the planet, the venerable don of the Carter administration forged ahead declaring America to be the “indispensable nation”, as President Clinton said, later to be echoed by myriad imperial shills including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (the template on which Hillary Clinton has built her depressingly repugnant image) and that erstwhile champion of change Barack Hussein Obama. Brzezinski quickly got to the point in his book The Grand Chessboard: the U.S. must prevent the rise of a single state or a coalition of states “that could challenge America’s primacy.”

“We don’t have to be voluntary North Koreans.” – Noam Chomsky

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