‘We’ is problematic, but Sibel Edmonds is right.


*edit, April 23, 2018 – Sibel Edmonds has gone over to the dark side, so to speak. See my post titled “The Destruction, Or Self-Destruction, Of Newsbud.”

‘We the people’ are outgunned. Part of the reason is that too many of us are lost. People are hopelessly propagandized, indoctrinated and uncaring. Too many of us are zombies perfectly willing to eat fellow 99 percenters. Maybe a progressive with stature, like Sibel Edmonds or Noam Chomsky, will have friends and family who respect her ideas and listen respectfully to her words, but, I fear, Most of us regular people, progressives, who talk to others about these things – coups and the antidemocratic antics of our political leaders – are met with disinterest or anxiety that only turns to frustration, resistance and anger when we try to push them to care and know, especially if those who we attempt to push are haughty. Caring ‘is’ knowing. When you care, you lift your head up and look around, looking out for danger because you care about yourself, your loved ones and your home and you therefore want to avoid that which can cause you, those you love and that which you value, harm. And the earth is also your home, which you will understand unless you’re hopelessly stupid. Seeing is knowing. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

The political and other leaders who feed and worship the wild beast of corporatocracy have succeeded in foisting on us their mafia capitalist system and their propaganda and the brutal work culture that we endure. One component of that propaganda is the idea that capitalism and democracy are the same God-given thing. And you show your true devotion by spending and if you don’t have enough to spend on what ads tell you you want, then work more. People work too hard for too little, if they can find a job. Parents, who have their hands full, have a great challenge. At the end of the day, a tired breadwinner isn’t going to go home and dig into his (or…) copy of Noam Chomsky’s “Deterring Democracy.” Instead, he will plop in front of the 1%’s secret weapon, the television set, with a snack and a drink, or drugs, and zone out. To the extent that there’s any interest in what’s going on in the world, that parent might watch a few minutes of MSNBC or something. And that’s it; Become a know-it-all zombie who will eat any who don’t agree with you. Suck up the propaganda and then just chill with whatever mindless entertainment you choose. We all need to self-tranquilize. I do it. But 99% of the 99% have completely broke down. They don’t even spend 20 minutes a WEEK thinking, actively, about important things. Thinking actively means lifting a little finger. It means not sucking up, or unquestioningly accepting, the propaganda, the corporatocracy-generated poison that comes through the television set. It means turning off the passive learning mode and seeking out information, which means going online (or into a book) and digging a little. And digging is digging. You’ll get plenty of information online (and in books), but How much of that is pushed at you and how much of that is what you discover when you don’t automatically (as in ‘automaton’) accept whatever returns your searches call up (or whatever books your bookseller pushes at you)? Also, If you’re completely lacking humility and can’t entertain, for even a minute, the advice of that lonely progressive voice (a progressive friend or family member), serving as a guide by suggesting a source of information or an individual or organization to start with in your search, then nothing at all will help you. You have to possess humility in order to learn and progress. If you don’t possess any humility, That’s you saying that you already know it all, that you’re too smart to be bamboozled and therefore you are not afraid of being misled and you don’t need to exercise caution. How does that attitude lead to your enlightenment?, for real that is.

“If a person spends all of his time protecting his ego, he will never grow. In order to grow, we must learn from our mistakes. But if a person is intent on reducing dissonance, he will not admit to his mistakes. Instead, he will sweep his mistakes under the rug, or, worse still, he will turn them into virtues.” – Elliot Aronson, pg 156 of “The Social Animal”

In my own case, I don’t just ‘fear’ that I can’t reach people, That’s what I’ve experienced. Friends, family and acquaintenances don’t care, don’t know, don’t want to know, argue back out of embarrassment (because you believe it makes you appear as though you have knowledge) and so on. There’s nothing we can do about any of that. You can’t make people care. We are outgunned. It will take a higher power to fix this mess and to dispel this darkness. I accept that. And even most progressives who haven’t become zombies yet don’t accept that. They choose to not beleive in God and his plan of salvation for imperfect humankind. I can do nothing about them. If there is no God and no plan from God to fix things therefore, Of course progressives will look to themselves or to lesser evils (all whom are imperfect) to save imperfect humankind and the liveable earth from the destruction that those who feed and worship the wild beast of corporatocracy are causing.

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7 Responses to ‘We’ is problematic, but Sibel Edmonds is right.

  1. Hang in there, Arrby. Even those closest to Jesus, his own townspeople rejected Him.

    I don’t think there is one person in my family who reads the posts on my blog. Very few friends do either. But what we are both doing is reaching out to others.

    • Arrby says:

      Glad you’re still around! I admit that I don’t visit your site. (I will look again.) But I have visited. I was curious, as you have been a frequent visitor, and supporter, of my site. I was confused. I couldn’t tell whether there was someone behind the name Dandelion Salad. I guess there is! Is your site a collaboration? Or is it run by you solely?

      • Thanks for dropping by my blog. I enjoy reading other people’s blogs that may or may not enjoy reading mine.

        It’s run by me, however, I choose the videos and the articles are written by others that send me their work to be published. A few articles may come from other socialist’s websites that have a copyleft policy.

        It’s been 9 years as of last month doing the Dandelion Salad blog. I blogged 2 years before that on another site. All writers donate their work, and I donate my time.

        My name is Lo, btw.

        I think we first met in one of the WP Forum threads.

  2. fruscianteredwing says:

    That was amazing…you have written about everything on my mind lately in a more articulate form, lol. Many of my peers and family members look at me like I am insane when I speak of these things, most of the time I bottle it up until an implosion happens.

    • Arrby says:

      I’ve been thinking about, writing about and talking about these things for a long time. And in that time, I’ve seen no improvement in the state of public awareness and no improvement in the people’s interest in understanding the world around them. It’s disheartening. Don’t give up the self-tranquilization!

      • fruscianteredwing says:

        Well the level of distractions from media you touched on was spot on…Pokemon go, the race/police war, and the recent transgender bathroom issues are promoted in media to distract us from the real enemy.

  3. fruscianteredwing says:

    Throw away your television
    Time to make this clean decision
    Master waits for its collision now
    It’s a repeat of a story told
    It’s a repeat and it’s getting old

    Throw away your television
    Make a break big intermission
    Recreate your super vision now
    It’s a repeat of a story told
    It’s a repeat and it’s getting old

    Renegades with fancy gauges
    Slay the plague for it’s contagious
    Pull the plug and take the stages
    Throw away your television now

    Throw away your television
    Take the noose off your ambition
    Reinvent your intuition now
    It’s a repeat of a story told
    It’s a repeat and it’s getting old

    Funny how insight in this can be found in a red hot chili pepper song

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