Divide And Conquer – Global Fascism

How many consumers of corporate-owned media who saw this also saw, later, Diane's retraction?

How many consumers of corporate-owned media who saw this also saw, later, Diane’s retraction?

Source: U.S. Admits Israel Is Building Permanent Apartheid Regime — Weeks After Giving It $38 Billion

*edit, October 8, 2016 – I haven’t yet posted this, but I see that I didn’t complete a sentence as I intended, where I talk about a Hindu cab driver who picked me up the other day. As well, I explained to that Hindu cab driver (here in Toronto) the important difference between being nationalistic, which demagogues rely upon to manipulate people, and patriotic. He understood me but insisted that being nationalistic was patriotic. I forgot to add that in my report, below. I also divided a long paragraph into two.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Glenn Greenwald follows:

——- — –
In 2010, Israel’s then-defense minister, Ehud Barak, explicitly warned that Israel would become a permanent “apartheid” state if it failed to reach a peace agreement with Palestinians that creates their own sovereign nation and vests them with full political rights. “As long as in this territory west of the Jordan River there is only one political entity called Israel, it is going to be either non-Jewish, or non-democratic,” Barak said. “If this bloc of millions of ­Palestinians cannot vote, that will be an apartheid state.”…

All relevant evidence makes clear this is what has happened. There has been no progress toward a two-state solution for many years. The composition of Israel’s Jewish population — which has become far more belligerent and right-wing than previous generations — has increasingly moved the country further away from that goal. There are key ministers in Israel’s government, including its genuinely extremist justice minister, who are openly and expressly opposed to a two-state solution. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has himself repeatedly made clear he opposes such an agreement, both in words and in deeds. In sum, Israel intends to continue to rule over and occupy Palestinians and deny them self-governance, political liberties, and voting rights indefinitely.

Whether despite this aggression and oppression, or because of it, the Obama administration has continually protected Israel with unstinting loyalty and lavished it with arms and money…

Worst of all is that U.S. political orthodoxy has not only funded, fueled, and protected this apartheid state, but has attempted to render illegitimate all forms of resistance to it. Just as it did with the African National Congress and Nelson Mandela, the U.S. denounces as “terrorism” all groups and individuals that use force against Israel’s occupying armies. It has formally maligned non-violent programs against the occupation — such as the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement — as bigotry and anti-Semitism (a position Clinton has advocated with particular vehemence), and that boycott movement has been increasingly targeted throughout the West with censorship and even criminalization.
– — ——-

My online response to the above linked-to article follows:

+++++ ++ +
“…the U.S. will give Israel $38 billion over 10 years, by far a new record for U.S. aid commitments, even though Israeli citizens enjoy all sorts of state benefits that Americans (whose money is being given to Israel) are told are too costly for them, including universal health care coverage, and tout superior life expectancy and infant mortality rates.”

Indeed. However, How much pleasure do people – gangsters – really have in living in fear of each other and their state? As Glenn notes, and to paraphrase, the Israeli state has by now ruined Israeli citizens’ intellectually and spiritually. That’s why I call it Nazi Israel. That’s what it is.

When the bullies are not somehow stopped, they will not only dominate, but they will also, over time, ruin all those dominated, while creating additional bullies via moral support and ‘naturally’. You can be happy being happy or you can be happy being miserable. And misery loves company.

In the Edward Snowden movies (both which I have seen), Mention is made of the good life that Edward had and then sacrificed. Yes and no. If it was truly good, Edward would have had no reason to sacrifice it. Edward’s work conditions were nightmarish, and those were a part of, and stemmed from, a culture of dangerous criminality that, under Obama, has gotten worse. Just think on his Insider Threats program.

“Stasi-Like”: Obama’s Program To Thwart Unwanted Links Not Only Creepy, It Won’t Work” – Jon Queally (http://bit.ly/2dOcyGO)

Check out this YouTube video (while it exists) showing Israeli rightwing bullies (I call them Nazis) attacking some of the few caring Israeli citizens protesting Israel’s murderous assaults on Gazans: http://bit.ly/2cVvCX0. The vid is titled “Stop The Massacre In Gaza Demo.”

The darkness has spread throughout the world. You [see] the same rise of fascism, brutality and unreason in many corporatocracy states. Greece’s Golden Dawn members take to the streets to sort out ‘wayward’ citizens. Indonesia’s population is largely ruined by the same sort of fascist leadership and influence that has been there for some time, as Andre Vltcheck reminds us in his article titled “Indonesia, A Proudly Nazi Nation?” (http://bit.ly/2dOf7ZG). How many nations, besides Nazi Ukraine (Obama, following in the footsteps of JFK, who helped establish Nazi police states in South America), in Europe are now neo-nazi? (Europe is barbaric and has been for many years, as Michael Parenti reminds us in his article titled “The Nobel Peace Prize For War.” – http://bit.ly/2dOfwLu; Fascist media and ignorant leftwing journos like to tell us that post WWII, No European country has waged war with another. It isn’t exactly true. And it’s a little bit beside the point, if European leaders aid and abet non European states in attacking and destroying one of their countries.) Just call them Nazi. The far right is in the ascendancy everywhere and people are being intellectually and spiritually ruined everywhere.

I had an interesting cab ride the other day. The elderly Indian gentleman was letting me out at a subway stop, per my request. Before I exited his cab, he offered to take me my whole distance for nothing, because, as he said, he was enjoying our (political) conversation. So far so good. But it went all downhill from there as he proceeded to share with me his Hindu views. And they were utterly fascist, which I tried to tell him. He thinks Nerendra Modi is exactly what India needs. I tried to tell him about Nerendra’s background, that he is a fascist (http://bit.ly/1JPwrbX). The man was not only impervious to facts, but he dismissed all those (and I quoted books and authors, Indian, who [he] could have shown some interest in investigating had he genuinely cared about democracy and the fate of the Indian people) as coming from insane people. He just called me insane, indirectly. He went on about the identity of the Indian people and how that was paramount and how Modi could be counted on to protect it. I told him that people care more about jobs, being able to feed themselves and their families and security. And I directed him to Arundhati Roy’s Democracy Now video in which she reports (and is hated by a LARGE number of Indians for it) how the Indian government has all these memorandums of understanding with foreign mining companies who covet the resources of the land that some Indians are living on. The problem, as it is in so many places in the world run by the gangster corporatocracy, is that people are living in places that powerful special interests want to steal. The Indian government’s solution? Call those innocent Indians ‘Maoists’ and send in paramilitary to kill them and force them to leave their home. How nice. Nothing fascist about that.

Yes, Some are doing okay in the gangster corporatocracy. But a lot of their goons and groupies are not doing so well. I always point out that this dark world’s paradigm, or operating principle, is ‘riches for the strongest’, a (neoliberal/neoconservative) game in which there ‘has to be’ losers and a sad fact about that is that so many victims of that game are so ruined mentally and spiritually that they can’t grasp that. They are trying to win in that godless game rather than join with a (very) few others in calling for a new game, namely one in which there are no losers. Jesus Christ pointed to it long ago, when he gave people his paradigm, known as the golden rule. ‘Love your neighbor as you would have him love you’.
+ ++ +++++

The world that the powerful – who are powerful because they are unprincipled, unwise bullies – have fashioned and which we are forced to live in is dark and violent and not what normal (un-self-modified) people want. ‘Riches for the strongest’ is a game that those, who have jettisoned Jesus’s golden rule (love others the way you would be loved) for the brutal neoconservative/ neoliberal approach to civilization-building, like to play, because it’s a game in which there ‘has to be losers’. Normal people, not including victims who have bought that darkness, reject ‘riches for the strongest’ BECAUSE it is a game in which there ‘has to be’ losers.

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