The Idea Of A Power Imbalance Between Corporations And Governments Is A Red Herring


Source: The Elephant in the Room: What Trump, Clinton, and Even Stein Are Missing by David Korten — YES! Magazine

*edit, November 2, 2016 – I have been crazy busy these last few days or I would have done this edit a day or two ago when I received an email from Yes! on October 31, 2016. Below, I include the email I sent them about my disappeared comment, which they now say was only being held for moderation. It was the link you see. My comments to David’s article apparently were posted on October 22. So, It took them 9 days to okay a comment because of a link. That’s a conversation? If I was talking to you in person and you didn’t respond for 9 days… Granted, This is a little different. But still.

*edit, October 23, ’16 – I popped in to Yes!’s website just now to check whether anything’s changed and where there was no discussion at all yesterday, there’s now a reasonably lively one. What is that? I know that my pop-up blocker, Privacy Badger, blocks Disqus and I have to manually release it. Did I forget to check that when first posting to Yes! I don’t even remember. It’s maddening. These ‘progressive’ sites that use the data mining company Disqus infuriate me. Privacy Badger is doing it’s job. The owners and managers of sites where Disqus is blocked by my PB are not. (Is Disqus actually cheaper than something made by a progressive organization? If an org can’t afford anything other than Disqus, That’s forgiveable.) Anyway, The first comment I attached to the discussion was there. I’ll add it this post (bottom). The second comment, which had the message attached ‘withheld for moderation’ is not there. I’ll give them to the end of Monday. If it doesn’t show, I’m going to leave this post in my ‘Disappeared’ category.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by David Korten follows:

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In this most bizarre of presidential elections, no one is talking about one of the biggest—if not the biggest—issues of our time. Namely, the global power imbalance between corporations and governments…

In a complex modern society, government is the essential and primary institution by which communities set the rules within which they organize. Even markets need rules to function in the community interest, and those rules must be made and enforced by government. Claims that a “free” market—a market free from rules—best serves the common good are an ideological fiction born of the dreams of banksters.
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My typo-corrected (in italics), censored online response to the above linked-to article by David Korten follows. Note that I posted two comments to David’s article. Both were disappeared. The second one, I copied to my clipboard. The forum system indicated that the comment was being held for moderation. The first comment just went through. Except that when I went home and checked the site (I had ‘pressed’ it for my blog), there was nothing. Pretty stinky that. I immediately emailed them through a contact email address I found on their website. I will post my email at the bottom of this post and, if I see any change in my ‘disappeared’ status, I will update this post. If I get a reply to my email from someone at Yes!, I will paste it below. Note that if the comment had gone through, This being the Disqus system, I could have edited it to correct my typo before publishing it to my blog. Now for my disappeared comment:

======== == =
I would argue that only from one standpoint is there something called ‘the problem of the global power imbalance between governments and corporations’. The idea is sort of meaningless, in fact. In a corporatocracy (John Perkins), Corporations rule and governments manage. Ignorant people, including those who get their knowledge of God and the world from corporate-owned media, can object that “Duh. Government means government.” There’s not much that you can do about that, Is there? But we will go along with that stupidity, to get along (but not to enlighten and in that way help people), or we will be of use and point out that in fact governments have been bought and paid for and while they may trip up corporations here and there and now and again (the world is big, the job of management is big and there’s much complexity and the people do get in the way of corporations’ best laid plans on occassion, which we saw recently with Belgium), Overall, they dance to the tune of rich and powerful corporations and individuals.

There are many examples of this. One that’s interesting, because it’s rarely talked about, is the influence that Big Tobacco, through the bought and paid for Tom DeLay, had on the final form of the Patriot Act. A result of that influence was the kneecapping (mobster terminology is quite appropriate here) of the ‘governments’ ability to deal with the money laundering-connected threat to (actual) national security. See Mark Schapiro’s Nation magazine article titled “Is Money Laundering A Patriotic Act.” –
= == ========

My first comment that I attempted to attach to David’s article in the attached discussion (which was non existent), simply pointed out that there was also the question, not being considered, of how the powerful got to be powerful. Then I explained, as I so often do, that that comes from breaking rules and agreements. What crime did I commit in pointing that out?!

My email to the ‘progressive’ Yes! Magazine:

Hello. I posted two comments to David Korten’s part 1 article (“The Elephant In The Room: What Trump, Clinton, And Even Stein Are Missing”) about imbalance between the power of corporations and the power of governments and one is being held for moderation, while the other one, which went through and momentarily showed on your website, has disappeared. Why did you disappear that comment? Unfortunately, I had no indication from you that it might be disappeared. There was no courtesy ‘withheld for moderation’ message attached to it. I had no reason to copy and paste it. I copy and paste my comments often, if I think I’m going to blog about the article that those comments were attached to or if I think, for some reason, that people associated with the organization sponsoring the discussion forum might disappear my comment(s).

Thank you.

first comment:

========= =
“From their position of separation, power, and privilege, they buy politicians, avoid taxes, and take over the institutions of media, education, health care, agriculture, criminal justice, communications, energy, and more.” And from their willingness to break any written and unwritten rule they come to be in those positions of dominance, which is fine by them. As self-modified individuals – which self-modification is something we are all free to do, but not without consequences – the money masters et al can easily engage in rule- and agreement-breaking.

So there’s that, namely how those with power acquire it, to talk about as well.
= =========

October 31, 2016 email from Liz Pleasant from Yes!:

=========== +
Hi there,

We only delete comments on our website / Facebook page when users post hateful messages. We did not delete your comment. However, when you include a link within your comment, Disqus flags it. At that point we have to manually approve them. Due to our high volume of comments, this can take a while. Your message has now been approved and should be visible on our site. Let me know if you have any trouble accessing it.
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