The United Nations: Cursed, Not Blessed

David Kaye ( and Andrew Card (

David Kaye ( and Andrew Card (

Source: UN Expert Decries Global Assault on Freedom of Expression | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Andrea Germanos follows:

“Governments are treating words as weapons,” a United Nations expert has warned, previewing a report on the global attack on the freedom of expression.

The report, based on communications with governments stemming from allegations of human rights law violations—reveal “sobering” trends of threats worldwide and “how policies and laws against terrorism and other criminal activity risk unnecessarily undermining the media, critical voices, and activists.”

The expert, Special Rapporteur on the freedom of opinion and expression David Kaye, is presenting his report on the sometimes “abusive” practices by governments to the UN General Assembly on Friday.

The “tools of repression” used by governments worldwide in their assault include internet shut-downs and over-classification of documents in the name of national security. The tactics may also include criminalization of criticism of the state, which may lead to detention and other punitive measures against political and human rights activists—and even journalists.

My online response to the above linked-to article by Andrea Germanos follows:

I am someone who is just doing my job, as a witness of Jehvoah God. (Ezekiel 43:10,11) But I am not a Jehovah’s Witness.

“”Censorship in all its forms reflects official fear of ideas and information,” [David] Kaye said in a statement released Thursday.”

Censorship by the police state within the gangster corporatocracy represents an attack on light itself. We are to be blinded by the state whose private sector media are merely propaganda organs of the state. The state, in fact, doesn’t stand guilty of corrupting and using that media, for together, the state and the private sector (and many of the news sources of the fake progressive movement – media defend and enable the wild beast of corporatocracy, which means the rule of corporations (which includes private sector media). The private sector media are the gangster corporatocracy’s agents every bit as much as the lawless police states that it incorporates.

“”Governments must not only reverse course, but also take the lead in ensuring its protection,” he said.” (David Kaye, in the above article)

The UN cannot truly oppose those states – including the biggest, rogue (from the standpoint in believers in the rule of law and order), state – that are attacking whistleblowers, journalists and journalism, and by extension knowledge and information (light) that the people would otherwise possess, because it itself obeys a higher power, namely the same higher power that the private sector, it’s partner political classes and corrupted progressive media get their authority and direction from, namely Satan. Only in George Lucas’s neoconservative (violence, deceit) reality, in which you can go too far being evil and never come back, but not really (Darth Vader), is such a statement as David Kaye making there logical. People can’t seem to grasp that. Perhaps that’s because they have allowed themselves to be mentally and spiritually ruined by their “Benefactors” in power (Luke 22: 24-27). They seem to believe that people like Stalin and Hitler are burning in hell, but not really, otherwise Would they support modern day leaders who spill oceans of blood for the very same reasons as those ‘official’ monsters have? It’s always easier to wag your finger at the official enemies of the glorious leader who gives you life (the freedom to put bread on your table) and leaves you alone more or less, while providing you with security in the form of police and a military, than it is to wag your finger at that leader.

In the Christian Bible, in the Bible book of Revelation (much of whose symbology of wild beasts is complemented and explained by the author of the Bible book of Daniel, namely Daniel), there are three (organizational) wild beasts, all having the same basic form of seven heads and ten horns. But each looks a little different. Revelation chapter 12 identifies the first as the dragon, who is Satan. That beast’s crowns are upon it’s ‘heads’. (The significance of that is that the crowns symbolize authority and this beast ‘is’ the source of the dark authority looked at here.) The second beast, which the book indicates gets it’s “authority” from the first, comprises the world’s human political entities, with the heads (wearing crowns, not on it’s heads, but upon it’s horns) being the world’s dominant global powers, from the Bible’s standpoint, since the earliest times of human civilization (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, US-Britain). And the third, which doesn’t have crowns at all, and is only an image of the second wild beast, is the ineffective and cursed (not blessed), United Nations. It’s scarlet colored, for a reason. Red symbolizes matters taken up with war and security. The security council is perhaps the UN’s main (joke on the people – feature. Like the people generally, it too is careful to not wag it’s finger, in a serious fashion or often, at the second wild beast that get’s authority from the dragon, whose attitude toward what Christendom (fallen Christianity) called the Kingdom of God on earth was summed up by Andrew Card (former White House chief of staff), who said “the UN can meet and discuss, but we don’t need their permission,” echoing the sentiments and views of numerous other US officials.

The Bible notes that for a very brief period of time, “one hour,” that third 7 headed beast, an image of the 2nd 7 headed beast (for which reason it possesses no real authority and therefore no crowns) nevertheless receives authority from the wild beast which it is a part of (and therefore from the invisible power it receives it’s authority from) to accomplish a global pogrom targetting worldwide organized (and almost 100% false) religion, just prior to the destruction of this system of things by God (in what manner we do not know).

There’s also a prophesy in the Bible (Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39) about a new phase in Satan’s war with God and on humankind. In the last days, he gains the additional name, “Gog,” probably meaning darkness. Although the UN is the blasphemy, not savior, that it is, it is correct when it identifies the problem that is today’s global attack on free speech, and by extension light itself (for we don’t learn magically or by osmosis but by teaching each other with words). The UN, in fact, is observing and reporting – which doesn’t equal acknowledging – on that prophesied attack by Darkness in the last days.

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