A Victory, But Not For God


Source: A Victory for Abortion Access in Alabama | American Civil Liberties Union

My online (typo-corrected) response to the above link-to article by Jaweer Brown follows. I should have attached my handle to the end of the article. I didn’t intend to post as Anonymous. Also, They unkindly forced my neatly organized comment into one giant paragraph, online. But what you see, below, is how I originally organized my comment:

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This is an aspect of the progressive movement that I don’t like. (Of course, there’s the progressive movement outside of the progressive movement, as John Stauber explains, but that’s another story [http://bit.ly/2dkbE6V].) I’m leftwing, which doesn’t mean that I agree with all major leftwing positions. Abortion rights constitute one major leftwing position that I don’t agree with.

Many, probably most, of those on the Left don’t believe in an actual creator God. Then there are those who take the position that God is humankind, collectively. And among those ones, Some can articulate that position, while others who hold to it are not fully aware that that’s their position and so they can’t articulate it. If one were to articulate that position for them and they were being honest, then they would be able to say, “Yes, That’s what I believe.” From my Christian (outside of Christendom, which is comprised of Christian churches and organizations that work with the godless, wild beast of corporatocracy) standpoint, That position is a lie. And I call it The Lie. It’s components are 1. the force belief (which existed before George Lucas started spouting his nonsense about a dark side that you can never come back from once you cross [into] it, except when you do) and according to which everyone, including God (or whatever you want to call evolved, collective humankind) has a good side and an evil side, and 2. the belief in biological evolution (which available evidence is actually against).

If you believe the Lie, Are you evil? Not automatically. I would say that that is an evil belief. But life isn’t that simple. The apostle Paul hated and persecuted Christians before he changed his mind. God knows when someone has gone too far, which is a condition that actually exists (as Jesus explains at Matthew chapter 12, verses 31 & 32). Limited, imperfect human beings aren’t able to know for sure when someone is knowingly and willingly fighting God, although with some people (think of mass murderers like George W. Bush or Joseph Stalin), you can safely assume that that is what you’re looking at. But that’s not the same as absolutely knowing.

The inspired Bible writer (Psalms were written by David and others) gave us what is God’s view of unborn life:

“You kept me screened off in my mother’s womb. I praise you because in a wonder way I am made. Your works are wonderful. I know this very well. My bones were not hidden from you when I was made in secret, when I was woven in the depth of the earth. Your eyes even saw me as an embryo. All it’s parts were written in your book, regarding the says when they were formed, before any of them existed.” – (parts of Pslams 139:13-16) David is there referring to the Creator’s design for human beings.

In life, I have found, there are sometimes no win situations. For me, This having to accept that someone, even if she (and her enablers) is a good person, who kills (against God’s laws) her unborn child via abortion (talking about ‘unnecessary’ abortion), is free to do so if there’s no persuading her, with love, not to[, is a very difficult, but clear, no-win situation]. As the Christian Bible states at Romans chapter 14:12, “Each of us will render an account for himself to God.” Do those who don’t accept that abortion is acceptable and who don’t accept that it is acceptable to do nothing about women contemplating abortion (that isn’t necessary) think it’s acceptable to violate other laws of God?

But really, With the practice of abortion so widespread, How could it not result in major upheaval and chaos to try to act on such a belief and stop all unnecessary abortions and the doctors who conduct them? Would God want that when, in fact, humans don’t truly have the power to kill a soul? Unnecessary abortion is disgusting (in my view) and against God’s law (in my view), but his own Word reveals that only he can destroy a soul. We can choose to screw up royally, but He will in fact sort it out and set things right in the end. Unborn children are simply sleeping in a special deep sleep that we know as death, as the account at John chapter 11:1-44 reveals. (Lazarus died again, but his remarkable experience was intended as a lesson for us about God’s plan of salvation for imperfect humankind.) We will see them again unless we choose to request that God strikes us from his book of life. In that case, We won’t see them again, but not because they are dead.

“Do not become fearful of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, Be in fear of he who can destroy both soul and body in Gehenna.” – Matthew 10:28
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