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Source: M of A – First Thoughts On The “Not-Hillary” Election Results

Note that I am in the middle of moving. I’ve packed, too quickly, all of my books (read and unread) away and am awaiting an email or phone call from my new landlord who will give me a date when I can move, which will be soon. Therefore, Any blogging I do will be sort of skimpy.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Bernhard, aka moom of Alabama, follows:

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My “not Hillary” hunch for the election was right. That is, I believe, how Trump won. No so much by gaining genuine votes but by taking them from the crappiest candidate the Democrats could send into the race. This was not a “white vote”. Trump did better with black (+5) and latino (+2) voters than Romney. Racism does not explain that. Clinton promised more wars. Those who would have to fight them on the ground rejected that position.

The people voted against corruption, against international warmongering, against attacks of the culture of their life and against Zionist and Arab potentate manipulation. In short – they voted against Hillary.

The media with their outright and widespread manipulation and one sided reporting against Trump and for Clinton lost too. People did not believe the partisan crap that fact-checked Trump on every minor issue but hardly reported on the huge, huge scandals and corruption Wikileaks revealed about the Clintons. Fact-checkers ain’t a good weapon in a culture war. The people want authenticity – lying is not seen as bad – if it is fairy open and authentic. Clinton is not authentic even when she tells the truth. The polls, but the one of the LA Times, turned out to be systematic manipulation [sic].
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My not allowed to appear online response to the above linked-to article by moa follows. Yes, I’m sort of repeating myself:

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“The U.S. voters knocked over a chessboard that brought war and misery to many people. We do not know how the new game will look, but I think there is a fair chance now that it, in total, will be somewhat less devastating for the global good.”

There’s not much to argue with here. But I note that the Left and Right took the position that Trump was anti-establishment and the establishment, namely power centers in the US like Wall St, the Pentagon, large transnationals, was therefore against Trump. I wonder whether there wasn’t a lot of deception going on (on the Right within the camp called rightwing and within the camp called leftwing) about that.

Observe the rise of fascism globally, something that the Right has no problem with and therefore ignores, while the (mushy) Left can’t talk about it plainly and therefore in that way gives it a pass while it sweeps the planet. With this fake Left, it’s always, far right or fascistic or fascist-like or something anemic like that. It’s always, “We have to be careful” unless what has happened (fascism has arose) will happen. That’s awfully helpful, Isn’t it?

Where the fascists have established themselves, transnationals probably – and for sure where we are talking about weapons makers – breathe a sigh of relief. For one thing, This whipping up of ideas of racial purity and negative ‘hatred for the other’ nationalism allows for more profitable warmaking, where people are distracted from their own impoverishment and the neoliberal policies that create it, and more willing to see enemies where they are not. Look at India, whose (intellectually and spiritually) ruined people have elected an outright fascist ( leader in Nerendra Modi ( and Corporatocracy, in which corporations in fact rule, with governments that they and rich capitalists have captured just ‘managing’ for them (which doesn’t exclude bumpiness due to pressures from below [we the people, hounding politicians]) is animated with a neoliberal / neoconservative spirit. Neoconservatism (deceit and violence) is the philosophy wedded to neoliberalism (the social economic system that has inequality at it’s core). Is the fascist Donald Trump really that big a problem for the anti-people establishment? Trump sounds like he’s solidly behind the working class, while he’s in fact solidly behind aspects of social and political life that that the establishment values as a pre-condition for it’s own existence and profitability. I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe that the establishment feels that Trump, the troublemaker, is just what they need, for which reason they will hide that fact in a manner that would make Leo Strauss grin from ear to ear. Let Trump make trouble, as long as it’s trouble for the people (who need to be distracted anyway) and not those – the 1% and it’s tools – who count. Seemingly, to leftwingers who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for her, Clinton was the bigger problem because her ‘policies’ (regime change etc) were more certain to lead to war than Trump’s ‘ficklessness’. However, His character is his character, which is fascist through and through. I would call Hillary fascist through and through as well, just to be clear. However, Trump doesn’t have to contort (change, even if not as a result of fickleness) to hide it. It’s out there. So, with Trump, there’s fickleness (borne of stupidity, ignorance, inexperience) and there isn’t.

Admittedly, Trump will have a hard time backtracking on his anti-free trade position, for the reason, in my opinion, that he and others will recall Obama’s position, pre election, on the same. What did Obama do? If Trump wants to really win the election (not just on election night), he will want to better Obama and Hillary here. He will ‘not’ backtrack on his anti-free trade position the way Obama did. But is such a thing possible? And, if it isn’t (remember toothpaste out of the tube) possible, which will see Trump in a constant state of (real or fake) war with capitalists and transnationals who don’t want to see their freedom (from democracy and rules, especially as they relate to the liveable earth’s, and people’s, needs and wants) [curtailed], Will people forgive Trump and be less likely to turn on his (fascist) politics?
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Note the wishy washy ‘proto fascist’ ‘not exactly fascist’ language employed by Chris. And this is someone who doesn’t pull his punches. Make of it what you will. I thought the video was interesting. They had this discussion before Trump triumphed and they speculated about what a Trump victory would mean under certain conditions; for example, should there be another financial meltdown.

I attached a comment to the video yesterday and see today that it’s been entirely disappeared. I’ve never had Google-owned YouTube do that to me before. But it may have nothing to do with YouTube. This is also RT’s YouTube channel, and RT has brought in a couple of sketchy Israeli fellows to manage their commenting on their website. Why do I say sketchy? Very quickly, I found my comments on RT’s website disappearing. I don’t do anything deserving of censorship. I don’t use foul language and I don’t engage in ad hominem attacks. Therefore, The problem must be my political views. If so, That would mean that this is an example of what I call gatekeeping.

Let's see whether these comments which I attached to RT's YouTube video disappear too.

Let’s see whether these comments which I attached to RT’s YouTube video disappear too.

My comment attached to the above linked-to video had to do with JFK. I said that Chris’s quoting of JFK, in a positive way, was a big fail. I tossed in a few additional comments tonight and I would say that if they disappear, then it’s simply the case that the Israelis, who the stinky RT folks allow to run their commenting features, have automated censoring me and, I’m sure, others. Otherwise, Are they interested in promoting the myth of Camelot? Why would they be?

See my previous post titled “Irony And An Iron Grip.”

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