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Source: No BS guide to upcoming Jill Stein recount RT — The Big Picture

Well, I’d like to give you an excerpt from the above linked-to show, but I don’t have the time or energy to sit through it again and jot down quotes. Nor is it really that vital, in my view. Of course, It’s possible that if enough viewers like me pitched in with donations, then maybe RT could afford transcripts of it’s shows. Yes, I really want to donate to an organization that disappears most of – maybe by now, ‘all’ of, my comments.


In lieu of an excerpt, I’ll just present the blurb attached to the show:

===== =
Thom talks with investigative reporter, author, and director Greg Palast about his new film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, and Jill Stein’s motivation for organizing an election recount.
= ====

My disappeared online response to the above linked-to show follows:

I find it interesting the way the video of this show is having a hard time playing on my pc. The image keeps freezing while the audio is fine. As I type this post, there’s a time lag. That may only be my pc. I don’t know. But the page keeps becoming active and I can hardly type.

I think Greg does fantastic work. I also have zero use for him and threw his book, “Vulture’s Picnic,” into the trash when he wrote “f*#k God,” which I read on page two I think it was. Greg isn’t confident that being useful and doing real journalism is enough to give you cred as a progressive. You have to talk (worse, ‘write’) like a toilet and diss God. Then you can be sure of that cred. As you wish Greg.

Thom and Greg are not talking about other matters related to Jill Stein’s efforts here, and they are not insignificant. Scott Creighton’s article titled “Jill Stein Parrots The Dem’s Discredited “The Russians Did It” Narrative In Her Official Petition To Recount Wisconsin Votes,” notes that, as the title says, Jill blames Russians instead of talking about other ‘known’ problems in the system (http://bit.ly/2fYhKNc). Why?

A poster at Off Guardian pointed out something to me that is worth thinking about here. If Hillary, due to an avalanche of revelations about her corrpution, has become damaged goods in the view of the clever (not wise) 1%, including George Soros, then why would the same 1%, notably George ‘deep pockets’ Soros be trying to undo Trump’s victory here? I can’t penetrate it.

Finally, All you RT lovers: How many of you know that RT is using nasty, censorious Spot IM? I’ve had plenty of my comments disappeared here and expect to one day be banned, as I have been on Common Dreams, for pointing out the fakery. When you don’t see me here again, it will probably be because RT or the Israelis, Nadav Shoval and Ishay Green, who they have allowed to run the commenting sections, have tired of me (http://bit.ly/2er8gG9).

See my previous blog post about RT titled “Irony And An Iron Grip.”

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