Spot.IM And RT News Make Their Contribution To Darkness

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Source: About Abby Martin, Liz Wahl and media wars — RT Op-Edge

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Margarita Simonyan follows:

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…Neither Abby, nor Liz, nor many other employees are Russian nationals, but foreign. And now their country is likening my country to Nazi Germany. For many years they have worked for RT in good faith, proving every day that a voice that stands out from the mainstream media can be beautiful and strong, attract an audience that grows daily. These are the people who were the first to tell their country about the Occupy movement, who were detained at protest rallies, handcuffed for hours and then tried in court for doing their job. These are the people who were outraged by US hypocrisy in Syria, Libya – you can finish the list yourself – and reminded the world who used chemical weapons most often, even resorting to nuclear bombs. These are the people who did things the Western mainstream media would have never done. But those were peaceful times. And now we’ve got a genuine war going on – no, thank God, it’s not in Crimea. It’s a media war. Every single day, every single hour the guys who work for us are told, “You are liars, you are no journalists, you are the Kremlin propaganda mouthpiece, you’ve sold yourselves to the Russians, it’s time you quit your job, and everybody is laughing at you, so change your mind before it’s too late.”

The storm of articles posted about RT over the last couple of days – literally tons of printed copy – looks as if it were written to dictation. Hardly any respectable media outlet refrained from lambasting and lynching RT journalists in articles or reports. Our employees listen to their colleagues, their fellow citizens, and their potential employers, as career prospects are obviously important to every journalist. How many could withstand this pressure? Well, some will and some won’t. Some sincerely disagree, as they believe their own country more than mine. Others are simply thinking about their future. And it’s hard for me to judge them.
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Abby Martin and Margarita Simonyan (

Abby Martin and Margarita Simonyan (

My online, disappeared, response to the above linked-to article follows. I could type it out, but as I’ve taken a screen shot anyway, I think that screenshot will do:

========== +
+ ==========

I meant to add, after typing “Russia’s involvement,” “in the Crimea’s defence against western Ukraine’s nazis and their aggression.”

Please note the RT-related posts I’ve done. There are auto-generated links at the bottom of this post.

Also, When I visit RT News, it’s not long before I can hardly navigate the site. It’s all gummed up. I sometimes have to close Firefox again or I can’t navigate or even leave the site. Who is doing that? It’s only when I land on RT News that I end up in quick sand. Otherwise, Firefox isn’t performing too well for me. And my laptop, on Windows 7 Professional, is a bit long in the tooth.

After posting the above, I spent a few minutes perusing RT News. This was one thing I stumbled upon:


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