What do ice shelves and great WordPress features have in common?

Ice shelf breaking off and crashing into the sea

Ice shelf breaking off and crashing into the sea

I hate WordPress! Yes, You read that right. I hate it the way I hate Google. Tax evader Google is too big to ingore. You can cut it out a little, but never completely. If you’re a serious – which doesn’t mean expert or celebrity status, although it can – blogger, and you have discovered and use WordPress, you will end up in a similar relationship with WP (although I know nothing about WP’s behavior when it comes to paying taxes). As the WordPress monkeys (which is what they called themselves whenever they emailed me their year-end overall assessment of my blog, which notification process has been muted in recent years) continue to dumb down WP, probably for less noble reasons even than what geeks think is the case, our hate for them increases. No, That’s not ‘love diminishes’. I lost my love for the WP monkeys and its top officers (where the buck stops) years ago, with their abandonment of the classic editor, which led to enormous outcry from the community, which didn’t budge the company one inch. See my blog post titled “Professional Scam Artists part 10” to get an idea what that was all about.

While I’m at it, I must give a shout out to the indomitable Pengltg, without whom serious WP bloggers would be lost. Peng was who I turned to when we lost the classic editor. He (?) provides a script that forces WP to revert to that more useful, robust classic editor. And sure enough, he was right on top of this nastiness with the stats page and the sparkline (graphic for stats, top of page, that shows vertical lines of varying heights). I seem to have dodged the stats page problem, maybe because my grease monkey is set to auto update its scripts. I can’t tell if it is. I had a look but the settings are not in plain English. I went ahead and installed the script for the sparkline though.


When I woke up this morning around 4am (because I work permanent nights and when I’m off, my sleep cycle goes haywire), I jumped on my laptop (for I will not turn a tv on myself) and that’s when I discovered this latest bit of WP abuse. I somehow landed on a page showing the new, mapless stats page and thought that that was my blog’s view. That’s when I knew something was up. I’m not at all tech savvy. So, to geeks reading this, I’m going to sound dumb. I am. In this area. Apologies! I immediately checked out the forums to get the skinny on it all and the rest is sad history, which would be sadder if it weren’t for tpengltg.

I tossed in the following comment, which I will typo-correct for you:

========== =
Serious WP bloggers have the pleasure of living in fear of WP management. Thanks for your patience?! What patience? We’ve been using WP forever and watche[d] as bit by bit it’s been dumbed down. There’s that and just the simpl[e] fear of one day finding it so utterly kiddified that we ‘have to’ move. And that won’t be small potatoes. Whatever motivates you WP monkeys to do this crap, You most certainly aren’t dealing with appreciative, patient bloggers here. We are abused, period.

There’s two ways to get attention in this life, which is something everyone needs. You can attract people to you, by being friendly, helpful and beautiful. Or you can force attention from people by doing things that they can’t help but notice. When you’re willing to go that route, often it’s the case that the things you do [to get attention] will be annoying or hurtful, and that can range from simply being loud (in some fashion) and obnoxious to criminal, including seriously criminal.

We don’t know why, exactly, this gradual kiddification is happening, but it’s sure as heck annoying. It’s actually frightening. But I do not[e] that it comes at a time when the establishment (the enemy in the class war which rages against the people, who are losing) is taking steps to quash democracy and light itself. They have the power and so they use it to simply label real news ‘fake’, thereby sending journos, and bloggers, who are doing the job of speaking truth to power s[c]urrying. There’s the awful war on whistleblowers and journalists and, with big players like Facebook and (huge tax evader) Google jumping on the bandwagon, things are getting darker. I doubt if the establishment has ignored WP. I [doubt] if WP is not part of the establishment. For now, It looks [like] you folks are simply deciding what you can get away with, but along with the war on light, I and others have noticed [that] the tiresome pretense of democracy is slipping away. It’s just like we saw some time ago when Anderson Cooper was asking an immigration-related question to a presidential candidate and he didn’t respond to it. When Cooper pushed back on it, the candidate snapped and said ‘You ask the questions and I’ll answer them the way I want to’. The audience booed him.

You are almost telling us bluntly to take what we get whether we like it or not and even if it hurts us. Almost. Even if you’re not quite there, WP, hear my loud BOO!!!
= ==========

“Google’s Jigsaw Undermining Alternative Media” by Kurt Nimmo

“Facebook Plans To Bury Alternative News” by Kurt Nimmo

Tax Research UK/ Richard Murphy on Google

“Google Canada, Please Pay Your Taxes” – Canadians For Tax Fairness


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16 Responses to What do ice shelves and great WordPress features have in common?

  1. Doug Colwell says:

    Hi Rick, I hope all is well in your world. For some reason I was Anonymous in my last comment, but I’m Doug Colwell. I found my way here by way of Off-Guardian, and wanted to say I have found your comments there valuable.
    I know nothing about computers or systems, and use only an old ipad to access the internet. I also don’t do a lot of commenting and so have never had your experience of seeing my comments censored. From what you have shown I find it inexplicable that your comments have been removed. What I can say is that I have found some sites (and some youtube videos) seem to be “unstable”, in that they suddenly disappear, replaced by my home screen. And yes, it seems to happen when the subject material seriously contradicts the establishment narrative.
    I gather you are a Christian, and I should tell you that I am not. I was raised an atheist, but couldn’t call myself one now. I don’t have a label for what I believe in, nor do I wish to denigrate your faith. But I do know this: when someone quotes from the bible, no matter how relevant or appropriate, many people (atheists) will turn off. I’m not suggesting you stop referring to the bible in your comments. As I said I like your comments (a lot). But coming from the background I have I am offering a possible explanation for some of your problems.
    There are two sites I thought you might find of interest: StormCloudsGathering (that’s on youtube) and the archdruid report.
    Thank you for your blog,
    Doug Colwell, Galiano Island, BC.

    • Arrby says:

      Thanks Doug. No doubt you’re right about the Christianity thing. But my choice is to fear God, not man. Which has nothing to do with exercising (good) judgment of course, but I feel that I do that. Will I make mistakes sometimes? I’m human and imperfect. You bet I’ll make mistakes. Sometimes I’ll say more than I want to about God. But when I do, I will confess, it doesn’t worry me greatly. If hearing about God annoys people as much as I am annoyed when I hear about the ‘fact’ of biological evolution, then I can sympathize somewhat. But it depends. Often, evolution is mentioned and that’s all. The subject isn’t really brought up. That doesn’t bother me. If I can ignore it, then I do.

  2. Doug Colwell says:

    I have long thought that biological evolution was simply the clay of the creator. I also do not think that science has done much more than scratch the surface of apprehending reality. Hubris, I think.

    • Arrby says:

      Indeed. That is the common view. I don’t share it. And the Christian Bible explicitly refutes it. But it’s a free universe. People are, as they must be, free to believe what they wish, and as fully or partially as they wish.

      • Doug Colwell says:

        I’m curious, where does the bible explicitly refute it? I don’t doubt you, but it’s a big book and I don’t recollect that bit.

        • Arrby says:

          Yes, It’s a big book and people these days don’t have much space to take on big projects like reading the Christian Bible, let alone the many books that, while not perfect, also need to be read. Have a look at Genesis chapter 5. Either the geneology there is pure fiction and a BIG lie or it isn’t. If it isn’t, then there’s no room in that account for the theory of biological evolution and ideas about humankind’s origin based on that. If you can get your hands on it (possibly by requesting it from the Watchtower Society), Jehovah’s Witnesses’s book about Evolution is half decent. It certainly will give you much to think about. I’ve lost my copies. Moving around the way I do, due to poverty, has meant chaos. I keep losing books. Another good book, by Michael Denton (who ‘does’ believe in biological evolution) is titled “Evolution – A Theory In Crisis.” He’s a microbiologist, working in a field that didn’t exist back when folks saw similarities, in form, between apes and humans and concluded that there’s a deep connection. He stomps all over that. And he honestly shows that the evidence ‘for’ biological evolution isn’t there. His belief is just that, but he acknowledges it.

  3. Doug Colwell says:

    Agreed, we are free to hold our own opinions. I can have mine and respect yours.

  4. Doug Colwell says:

    I looked at Genesis chapter 5 and I feel we might have been speaking past each other. It is my impression that evolution is a process that happens to living creatures over time. I’m not talking about how we (humans) got here. My example would be bacteria and antibiotic resistance. I do not pretend any expertise here, but I have lived long enough to remember when penicillin worked, and now it seems it does not. I also remember an example of moths in England which, over time changed colour due to the industrial revolution because of the increase of soot in the environment.
    What I’m trying to get at is that I see evolution as an ongoing process, not that it provides an explanation as to how or why we are here. Hope I’m making sense.

    • Arrby says:

      I could give you examples of why biological evolution isn’t happening, but it wouldn’t make any difference if you aren’t going to accept the conclusions regardless. (Just one example: DNA can’t exist without pre-existing protein. And protein can’t exist without DNA.) I’m not hostile to those who can’t shake their belief in biological evolution, but I do hate the concept which I see as evil. I don’t really see how you can’t see Genesis chapter 5 as being what I said it was. It can’t be clearer. I can’t think of a way that I could be clearer. So let’s leave it there. Although I do want to commend you for your curiosity and courage in asking questions even though you know that you may not like the answers.

  5. Doug Colwell says:

    I had a quick look at Michael Denton. Wikipedia positively hates him. Kind of an endorsement in my opinion. I’ll see if I can find the book.

    • Arrby says:

      Really? I didn’t know that. And you’re right about Wikipedia. I use it for baisc facts and to check for the correct spelling of names (places and people) and that’s it. It can be manipulated. Wikipedia had to issue a rare denunciation of the US government’s improper and constant edits, if I recall. I don’t seem to have that Wikipedia page (with that criticism) bookmarked. At least not on ‘this’ machine. I have 3, so I’ll hunt for the link. In the meantime, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has many articles about Wikipedia archived and available.

      *edit, February 9, 2017 – Wikipedia blasts US gov Ninja edits by Jeremy Nuttall: http://bit.ly/2krTpNO

  6. Doug Colwell says:

    I found your statement about biological evolution being evil interesting. If you can spare the time I’d like to know what you mean by that.
    In an earlier comment you said you thought I was courageous to ask questions to which I might not like the answers. I don’t think that’s so. I have never believed Darwin provided the answers that are ascribed to him. And I remain curious.


    • Arrby says:

      Evil is evil. Biological evolution is a lie. It’s something that is designed to keep people from seeing the Truth that will set them free. That Truth is that Jehovah (however that name, which means He Causes To Become, is pronounced) is God and his Son is his appointed savior for humankind.

      It’s that simple. The only thing, really, that Satan has to use against God in his fight with him, which will rage (sort of) until God simply destroys Satan, is us. Our souls, kidnapped sort of, are what Satan uses to exert pressure on God, a God of love, in order to make God change his mind – about anything. (If God wasn’t a God of love, What Satan did with God’s kidnapped human creation wouldn’t bother him and there’d be no pressure on God when Satan encouraged us to join him in opposing God, which, when he’s successful in that endeavor, costs the rebel his life.) If Satan were to succeed in causing Jehovah God to change his mind, we don’t know what the consequences would be, but it’s likely that the universe as we know it would wind down and life on earth would soon die out. (There’s reasons why we shouldn’t expect there to be life beyond earth, at this time.) It isn’t socialism or anarchism or godless progressives or the demise of the wild beast of corporatocracy that will save imperfect humankind. God’s plan of salvation for imperfect – imperfect because of Adam and Eve’s transgression – humankind involves the one who he would determine should be sent to us to show us the way, which involves faith/loyalty and a legal arrangement whereby Christ’s sacrifice (shed blood, as it turned out) contains the value that God will apply to those who exercise faith/loyalty in him and his son. The application of that value will remove aging and death.

      God is free to change his mind and not be who he is, namely Jehovah, with all the qualities that he has revealed to us that he possesses. But he can’t be forced, directly, by the weaker being (now called Satan, Devil and Gog) who is a creation of his, to change his mind. Nor can Satan successfully interefere with the outworking of God’s plan of salvation for humankind. As for using our souls against us; Just as Satan was free, by God’s permission, to put Job to the test in order to prove to God that his human creation was faulty (and by extension, humankind’s creator as well), Satan is free, again by God’s permission, to test us, in some cases to the extreme. ‘Satan’ means ‘resister’. He is also known as ‘Devil’ meaning ‘slanderer’, which you can see is appropriate.

      Satan can’t actually force humans to turn against God (sell their souls). Jesus tried to assure us of that when he admonished his followers to fear he who has authority, after killing the body (or after the body has been killed) to throw that person into Gehenna (Matthew 5:28). Satan does not possess that power or authority. He can use force but the force he uses can’t force someone to betray God (who knows when someone’s limit is reached and a seeming act of betrayal is not to be held against him or…) and he can’t literally destroy a soul. Nor can he torture souls in hell. There is no Biblical hell. Only God can destroy a soul. Revelation chapter 13 talks very plainly about that. Satan’s wild beast “puts under compuslion” everyone living, rich and poor, to get the slave’s mark of Satan’s wild beast.

      Satan can encourage us and try to trick us into selling our souls and he will use whatever combination of enticements and unwanted force he thinks may work. But in the end, it’s we who do it to ourselves, freely, for we were given that freedom and can, if we so choose – and many do – to abuse it.

      What I call The Lie is one of Satan’s tricks to get us to turn away from God. The Lie has two components to it, namely 1. the belief in biological evolution, also know as the theory of natural selection and 2. the force belief, which posits that a. everyone and everything is linked via energy (that the late Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called ‘radial energy’) and b. everyone, living and ‘dead’, has a good and an evil side to him (or…).

      To get a little more detail you can examine my essay titled “The Issue Of Univeresal Sovereignty plus What Is Satan’s Goal?”

  7. Doug Colwell says:

    Hi Arrby,
    Thank you for taking the time to answer in such detail. While I do not see the world from your perspective, you have given me a better sense of how you see it and I appreciate that. I find it interesting that you and I come from what I think are quite different perspectives and yet seem to have very similar political views, from what I’ve read of yours. Thanks again.

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