Visitors To Alternet Aren’t As Stupid As Steven Rosenfeld Seems To Believe They Are

Sibel Edmonds ( and Steven Rosenfeld (YouTube screen grab) and Kurt Nimmo (YouTube screen grab)

Sibel Edmonds ( and Steven Rosenfeld (YouTube screen grab) and Kurt Nimmo (YouTube screen grab)

“Latest Nonsense From Right-wing Fringe Trump Fanboy Alex Jones: Putin Is Listening To Me And Says Hi!”

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Steven Rosenfeld follows:

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Alex Jones, the extremist right-wing conspiracy promoter, has either lost his mind entirely, is reading from a really bad political comedy script, or is telling his fans—many of whom voted for Donald Trump—that he not only loves Russia’s Vladimir Putin, but loves that Putin is telling others to say hi to Jones for him.

This banter is what passes for an inane mix of infotainment, dark messaging and pro-Putin propaganda earlier this week on Jones’ InfoWars show. His guest was a host from Russia Today, the Kremlin-funded TV network singled out by the White House’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election as a key propaganda venue, who laid it on thick, telling Jones how much Putin loves what he does—and by the way, Putin sends his regards.
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I guess ‘Kremlin funded’ is supposed to pack a punch that simply ‘state funded’ can’t. Is that pathetic or what? What is the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), the SBS (Australia’s Special Broadcasting Services)? They are all state funded media. The American Corpration of Public Broadcasting (CPB) funds numerous American local tv and radio stations, including NPR (National Public Radio) and PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). Here’s an RT article, “Is RT State-Run?” that addresses the charge. It’s like charging a human being with being an air-breather. The only reponse is, “Yes. What’s your point?”

My online response to the above linked-to post follows:

======= == == =
Alternet: You may carry articles by Noam Chomsky, and harbor the indispensable Max Blumenthal, but you’re 100% establishment. It couldn’t be clearer if you had hung a hundred foot high neon light message on your building saying “ESTABLISHMENT.” Joining hands with the government (and it makes no difference whether it’s Obama, Trump or Hillary) to shut down real news makes you the enemy, clear as day.

I am saddened to see so many progressive orgs turn out to be fake. I’ve been following politics since the mid 80s and I learned after a couple of years that some were just not for real. I think the first fail that I realized, on my own, was The Nation. They are all about getting ‘their’ monster elected. And I got a much clearer idea about that when I stumbled upon John Stauber’s article laying it all out ( And it’s only been relatively recently that I’ve watched them fail in relatively large numbers. Democracy Now and The Intercept’s pro White Helmets propaganda was hard to watch and hear. Before that, I had discovered that Canada’s leftwing org, Rabble, harbored a pro imperialist and Rwandan genocide propagandist in the person of Gerald Caplan. Common Dreams, a real faker, vacuuming up everything, left and very fake left (Jeffrey Sachs, CIA asset Graham Fuller), got tired of me pointing that out and banned me. Someone at Alternet is probably thinking to his- or herself “There’s a good idea.”

I actually figured you guys out a while back, but I keep my links. Not always, but often. For example, I recently discovered Newsbud, started by FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. But it came to my attention that one of her editors, Kurt Nimmo, worked with Alex Jones. Kurt has his own website called Another Day in the Empire (ADE). It’s excellent, except for what appears to be an unbalanced, pro Trump attitude. I have no use for Hillary (whose allies are Alternet’s allies), Obama or Trump and I am not a fan of Putin, who’s got a lot more going for him than the psychos who want war with Russia, Syria, Iran and China. For one thing, he shows solidarity with his own people, as far as I can tell. And he certainly didn’t ‘hack’ the US election that was already hacked by both wings of the same bird of prey (Upton Sinclair), namely the Republican ‘Party’ and the Democratic Party. I deleted my link to ADE, but not Newsbud. I will monitor Newsbud and if it proves to be unbalanced the way ADE is (nothing critical of Trump) and the way Alternet is (pro establishment and anti real news), then I will address that by deleting my link and/or simply telling people. I do have my own (non celebrity) blog. And I can speak to people in my daily life. It’s not grand, but that’s because I’m nobody special. Jeffrey St. Clair made that clear to me when he responded to my email pointing out to him that a link on his site that was supposed to lead to a book he wrote and published led me to a site that had something to do with casinos. He emailed me back to spit in my face and call me Mr Deep Researcher. My jaw dropped to the floor. What the hell did I ever do to him besides buy his book and tell everyone what a great site CounterPunch is?

The darkness is spreading and deepening. And it’s worse than just class warfare. It’s like the 1% is composed of vampires and it’s victims just as often become vampires themselves.

*This site is so abusive. That’s one reason I never link to good articles I find here. I wouldn’t subject people to this horrible, busy site that you are invited to give feedback on only to be so bogged down with whatever it is that the site does that [causes] your typing to take forever that you want to scream. Losers!
= == == =======

I didn’t look at them all and in fact only glanced, but right away I saw posters, like myself, commenting on Steven’s article who weren’t buying his anti Putin crap. And like them, I won’t be buying the pro Trump crap wherever I find it, even if I otherwise find the information on those websites useful. Let’s stay sharp people. Betrayal is rampant.

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One Response to Visitors To Alternet Aren’t As Stupid As Steven Rosenfeld Seems To Believe They Are

  1. Doug Colwell says:

    Outstanding post. Thank you. I will read the link to Stauber.

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