Homer Simpson With Hair, An Army And A Psycho CIA

Duff version of Game Of Thrones

Duff version of Game Of Thrones

Source: Trump calls NAFTA a ‘catastrophe,’ suggests negotiating ‘extra F’ for ‘fair’ | Toronto Star

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Daniel Dale follows:

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NAFTA’s been a catastrophe for our country,” Trump said at the White House. “It’s been a catastrophe for our workers and our jobs and our companies. They’re leaving our country. I want to change it. And maybe redo it.”

He suggested an “extra F” could be added to the revised deal, for the word “fair.”

“Free and fair trade. Not just free trade, free and fair trade. Because it’s very unfair,” he said.
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Hugh Hewitt and Donald Trump (YouTube screenshot)

Hugh Hewitt and Donald Trump (YouTube screenshot)

When I listen to Trump talk, I cringe. (“I will be so good at the military your head will spin.”) I’m hearing Homer Simpson. I cringed when I listened to Obama, as well. But that’s just because I was listening to pure evil. Trump, while funny, is every bit as dangerous and evil as any of his predecessors in the Oval Orifice, mind you. Does nuclear holocaust or Idiocracy go down better if the lunatics sending us to hell give us a chuckle while we’re on our way? Speaking of Idicocracy, the great, funny flick by Mike Judge, that, like the Matrix, managed to say so many true things about our society, Check out the recent Real News Network show in which Jaisal Noor interviews Diane Ravitch, who also makes an appearance in the fantastic documentary titled “Killing Ed – Charter Schools, Corruption, And The Gülen Movement In America,” by Mark S Hall. Diane and Jaisal talk about the confirmation – too close to call at this point – of Betsy DeVos (as Education Secretary) who has never taught in a public school and hates public schools.

The changes to NAFTA haven’t happened yet. In fact, Trump’s still got time to alter the name further. He just might realize that his version of NAFTA will also be ‘great’. And ‘awesome’. And ‘nice’. And good for the environment, which is to say ‘green’. And ‘simple’, so even the children can understand it. And ‘terrific’, because it will be. And ‘excellent’, in case some people miss great, awesome and terrific. And ‘right’ because it’s the right thing to do, wink, wink. Hmm. Will he settle on NAFFGANGSTERTA?

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4 Responses to Homer Simpson With Hair, An Army And A Psycho CIA

  1. Doug Colwell says:

    Truth be told, my head is spinning. Seems to me there will be a slight change in US policy, and an attempt will be made to split Russia from China, and then attack or at least put pressure on China. That should not be too difficult, but given the incoherence of western elites it might not work out.

    • Arrby says:

      There’s just as much pressure on Russia as China, from what I see. What we don’t know is whether Putin has cut a deal with Trump to abandon Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian people to the terrorists slavering to take over the country, which some say will likely be divided. Trump has given the order (HR 5732 – http://bit.ly/2kDQ9jk) to create ‘safe zones’, otherwise known as ‘no fly zones’ in Syria, which basically means ‘one’ side (Assad’s government) stands down, allowing it to be attacked (grounded aircraft, runways) with impunity. (Kurt Nimmo notes that ‘safe zones’ means ‘no fly zones’, which is kind of obvious.) So here’s Trump, taking away all kinds of freedoms (Canadian info passing through US servers is no longer protected from privacy violation – already gone anyway, as we know – explicitly with Trump’s Executive Order issued on January 25 – http://bit.ly/2kDYKm9) in the name of national security that he himself deprives others of, while hypocritically stating that his intentions in Syria and that region are the opposite. He wants to join forces with Putin to attack terrorists, who, if Putin withdraws from Syria under the threat of military confrontation with the US (or because of a secret deal), which is what the ‘safe zones’ path means, will have complete freedom to overrun and take over Syria. Trump is a lunatic who other, more clever, lunatics can manipulate. Unfortunately, A great many of them are neocons (and neoliberals, since one goes with the other) who are deeply connected to the military intelligence industrial complex which wants war because it’s profitable. Are they nuts or are they nuts!

  2. Doug Colwell says:

    I’m not sure, but it’s gotta be one or the other! I had not seen the Kurt Nimmo piece so thanks for that. He is one of the best journalists working on these topics. I guess we’ll have to see what actually happens. I very much doubt Russia will leave Syria, but it is possible.

  3. Doug Colwell says:

    There is a post and thread you might find interesting at Sic Semper Tyrannis “Trump admin looks at driving wedge between Russia and Iran”.

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