The Globe And Mail Requires That Its Readers Be ‘Right’ Thinking

Sewer Urchin (from Nanozine)

Sewer Urchin (from Nanozine)

Before I talk to you, you have to take ‘my’ test in order for me to know whether you are right thinking. But it’s a free universe. You don’t have to take my test. And I don’t have to, and won’t, hear from you if you don’t take my test.

That’s the position, in this time when the resource-rich Right and the purveyors of fake news have been exposed for the exploiters and destroyers that they are, that the Globe And Mail has taken toward readers of its online content who want to comment in the comments sections. I have a folder in my Firefox bookmarks for ‘Alternative Media’ (and have had to mark much of that ‘fail’) and another folder for ‘Mainstream Media’. I also have a folder for ‘Selected Major Media’. In that folder resides links to some of the major media, including the Toronto Star, a fake friend of the people. The ‘democrats’ at The Star killed online commenting by its readers, with even leftie Rick Salutin supporting the move. Were some commenters abusive and disruptive? No question. Welcome to the world. We wouldn’t allow our children to go to school if we insisted on protecting them from what we decided were wrong views and words, Would we? (Different views aren’t the biggest problem in an imperfect world. When one group has the power to force others to accept them or else, That’s the problem.) We would still have to go out to shop and for entertainment purposes. And we would most definitely be exposed to people whose words and behavior we didn’t agree with. That’s life.

The Globe is a major newspaper here in Canada and, like all corporate-owned media, it purveys, overall, news and information that the corporatocracy, and corporatocracy governments like Canada, approve. And it’s precisely because the ‘king’ class, or ‘ruling’ class, globally, has made the world we all live in hell – because these are people who have self-modified (which we are all free to do, but not without consequences) themselves into being believers in deception, violence and inequality – that there is a lot of bad news to report, which the media that is a part of the global ruling class tries, with less and less success as alternative media has arisen, to fool the people into thinking is other than the corporatocracy-caused social and environmental destruction that it is. The latest assault, on top of the attacks on civil rights and free speech carried out by governments directly through legislation, sees the major media conducting a war on what it calls ‘fake news’. Is it necessary? We have to understand the character of the players here. That extreme behavior isn’t really necessary. But the macho, violent, fascist Right loves a fight, especially when it is bigger and badder than any grouping of its victims. This is as much about the opportunity to power trip, to bully and to show attitude as it is about the actual protection of power and privilege for the 1% and its tools.

This isn’t a fight that the Right can win. It’s a fight against the light, against God’s standards (love, love for truth and justice) and ultimately, against God himself. The Right and its corporatocracy governments and propaganda organs known as major media, can shut down opposition (which, by definition, means anyone not in completely in agreement or not silent) voices even more so than we see and it will make no difference to its fate. It is due to be destroyed.

“The fourth one poured out his bowl on the sun, and to the sun it was granted to scorch the people with fire. And the people were scorched by the great heat, but they blasphemed the name of God, who has the authority over these plagues, and they did not repent and give glory to him.” – Revelation 16:8,9










I refused to answer those questions and that was enough to block me from publishing my comment to the sorry article by Andrew Cohen. So be it.

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