“Trump’s war” On RT’s CrossTalk

Source: Trump’s war RT — CrossTalk

There have been no changes, in regard to the crap visitor’s experience, on RT’s website. If you’re just visiting and watching shows or reading, I suppose you may have an okay experience. But I’m not enjoying it all. The site gums everything up, at least on my two computers. Censorious Spot.IM (which clearly has RT’s blessing) is still managing the comments sections. Success at posting comments, as always, is spotty. Some, usually short comments (?), get through. They never all get through and that’s both in single sessions ‘and’ over the course of time and multiple visits and efforts. The comment below is my latest disappeared comment on RT. I don’t do this often, because I could post a ‘Disappeared’ post, in relation to my interaction with the abusive RT site, everyday. No one wants to see that. And I’ve got other things to do.

There’s no transcript for this show, and I have other things to do or I would take some time and type out some excerpts from the show, which I may do later. For now, I’ll just note that RT/Spot.IM is up to the same old crap.

My online, disappeared, response to the above linked-to CrossTalk show follows:

====== =
Marcus is right about some things, but he’s wrong about Trump having not surrendered to the Deep State. I find it to be a bizarre statement. Trump would love us to believe that he’s in charge, although I’m sure he’s only confident his dumb white working class supporters will for sure. When Trump failed to push back against the neocons who engineered Michael Flynn’s departure, he signalled, clearly, to the DS that he would take their hard to refuse deal to let them decide foreign policy, at least in certain areas, while he played King. Did Trump act, with the attack on Al-Shayrat air base to look firm and presidential or did he act on behalf of the DS to receive that glory from the DS which he was happy to receive? You don’t demonstrate your firmness by doing what your opponents want you to do.
= ======

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