Lost Principles Mean A Lost Focus. With Quantity Over Quality, Briarpatch Fails

Source: Hope, Fear, and the Donation Paradox – Briarpatch Magazine

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Tracey Mitchell follows:

=== =
This rise in donations in the U.S. after the election is cause for some hope in the face of an alarming neo-fascist government, but it is in contrast to a more disconcerting trend in Canada.
= ===

Does Tracey refer to donations to the fascist Democratic Party? Does she want donors who think that the Democratic Party is the solution to the Republican Party and The New Democratic Party and Liberal Party is the solution to the Conservative Party? Then she, and those who she’s aligned with, are a problem, in my view.

“New McCarthyism: 39% of Democrats name Russia biggest threat” by Eric Zuesse. I am not a fan of (explicitly) anti-Christian Eric Zuesse. But his non religious writings are fairly decent.

“May Day Protests As Much About Democrats as GOP and Trump” – The Real News Network. “Since the 1990s, Washington, DC has been a sanctuary city for immigrants. Now, Republicans want to dismantle that protection status in cities across the United States and Democrats are doing little to stop them and in some cases are working with them.”

“Temporary Truce in a Democratic Party Civil War: The Sanders & Perez Unity Tour” – The Real News Network

In regard to the above linked-to Real News show, I have no idea why it was titled Unity Tour. It’s stunning how there is neither unity within the American “Democratic Party” nor any hint that that’s on the horizon. But worse than that, Sanders is supposed to be the cure for the Tom Perez Democrats, but he’s a big faker himself and he has misled Americans, and others, about what socialism is!

“Bernie Out of the Closet: Sanders’ Longstanding Deal with the Democrats” by Paul Street

Briarpatch Magazine

My online response to the top of post linked-to article follows:

We can’t have neo-fascist orgs now Can we?

Briarpatch, or a gatekeeper within Briarpatch, disappeared my first comment here. That would be a first for a smallish Canadian progressive org that I’ve long supported. But I’m getting used to it. In the deepening, spreading darkness, betrayal is everywhere.

This is an awful commenting feature Briarpatch. Do you like it?

“…fundraisers and other spokespeople for some Canadian organizations say they are hearing from donors that they are relieved by the change in government and feel less urgency to give now that Harper is no longer in office.” As I said in my first, disappeared, comment, If Canadians were pleased about putting a pretty face on Harperism, they don’t deserve to be rewarded for that.

“We heard directly from people, ‘you defeated Harper, now you’re done!’” says Lyndsay Poaps, executive director of Leadnow, a national campaign and advocacy organization focused on justice, sustainability, and equity. “We set ourselves up as a third-party agenda and once [Harper] was gone, people were ready to move on. In order to get people informed and excited about it, you had to get people focused on defeating him, but there are ramifications [to] that,” she added.

“Jamian Logue, director of development for the Council of Canadians, a social action organization that has seen many political ups and downs in its 30 -plus years, says his organization is encountering “a starkly different fundraising environment” in the post-Harper era relative to the 10 years of Harper rule.” Perhaps. I also think that as progressives see time pass, they become more attuned to the fakery that resides on the Left. Maybe it’s not always fakery. But often enough, it is. I don’t expect progressive orgs to be perfect, but when I look for signs that imperfection is all I’m seeing, for example when I learn that the Council of Canadians embraced war criminal (Noam Chomsky, Yves Engler) Lester Pearson, thus helping to perpetuate a harmful myth, Does it still? Was there a mea culpa? I think I’m being reasonable here. What’s the Council’s position on war criminal Pearson today?

In the long run, as I said in my disappeared comment, you get the reputation you give yourself. Disappearing comments of progressives and/or bloggers who challenge you to uphold progressive values and positions hastens the day that that bad rep is established, even if, in the short term, you hide your waywardness.

Donations? Does a progressive org want donations enough to sacrifice progressives who call out their waywardness, displayed by their acceptance of closet imperialists, fakers, etc? I got tired of Common Dreams carrying articles by destroyers like Jeffrey Sachs and CIA asset Graham Fuller and they banned me for pointing out their waywardness. Except that I blog and have a category on my blog called “Disappeared,” which this comment that I’m typing now is about to go into.

Even the CBC has banned me. But those gutless slime didn’t call it a ban. When I tried to comment on Syria, the (for a long time) compromised CBC (or a gatekeeper within, but that gatekeeper would have been acting in harmony with the fascist CBC – See my blog “A Yappy Trade Barrier”) returned a message that it couldn’t accept my username, which it tossed out after I changed my username 3 times!

Readers: How do you know who to support (donations or not)? That can only be done with time. I’m not sure that donating just in order to accomplish a specific aim, once, is principled. Perhaps it’s understandable.

Click on the ‘CBC’ tag in my blog’s tag cloud for other posts by me about the compromised CBC.

“Common Dreams wants donations and will sacrifice progressives to get them”

“Lester Pearson was no ‘honest broker’ or friend of Palestine” by Yves Engler

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