Box Mystery

*edit, May 31, 2017 – I received an email from Box today. It was a reply to my response to Aira’s first email to me, 8 days after my complaint to them about the deletion of my file. I have no idea whether she’s just brushing me off. The curtness would suggest that she/Box is. Her suggestion that the deletion may have been an accident on my end could be good. I don’t know. I only know that I’m no more impressed with Google-loving Box now than I was before this incident.

Getting from A to B can be very difficult when gatekeepers find you. Or just bad luck.

“I have seen something further under the sun; that the swift do not always win the race, nor do the mighty win the battle, nor do the wise always have the food, nor do the intelligent always have the riches, nor do those with knowledge always have success, because time and unexpected events overtake them all.” – Solomon (under inspiration and before he deviated) at Ecclesiastes 9:11

I’ll tell you a little story about what happened to me recently, when I was reviewing the page on my WordPress blog titled “Who is Arrby?” and you can decide for yourselves whether my luck was bad and that’s all or my luck was bad because a bad person or persons found me. No great damage was done when Box deleted my link to three verses of The Christian Bible that I had uploaded to their service, where I have a paid account. But when I found that deletion, I had no choice but to deviate from other things, somewhat, and investigate. If you paid someone to store your files in the cloud and found that they were deleting your files, even if it’s one, and if those files were simply verses from the Bible, without commentary by you or added content of any sort, you would not just shrug it off. Nor could I.

What’s with Box anyway? The above page is what greets me when I go to Box.

This is the email I sent to Box when I discovered that Box had deleted the link to my file:

On my blog, A Yappy Trade Barrier, I have a “Who Is Arrby?” page. I am Arrby. And I link to a passage in the Christian Bible. It can be found at Luke chapter 22. This is it: “However, there also arose a heated dispute among them over which one of them was considered to be the greatest. But he said to them: “The kings of the nations lord it over them and those having authority over them are called Benefactors. You, though, are not to be that way. But let the one who is the greatest among you become as the youngest, and the one taking the lead, the one ministering. For which one is greater, the one dining or the one serving? Is it not the one dining? But I am among you as the one serving.” -Luke 22:24-27

That scripture is one I often quote online and so I uploaded it to Box. I’m sorry if Box folks hate Christianity (and mine isn’t like most), but on what basis did they delete that short, simple link-to passage?

Box: “This shared file or folder link has been removed.”

“link-to” was a typo. I meant ‘linked-to’. It took Box EIGHT DAYS to respond to my question, even though it dealt with a serious matter. True, It didn’t involve financial information or critical inter-governmental information, but So what? It’s the principle of the thing.

When I first found this deleted link, I immediately found the link to their forums and posted a comment about it, asking exactly the same question I posed to Box in my above email. (See image below.) Another Box customer responded. I didn’t realize right away that he wasn’t a Box employee. In our back and forth (not in the forum but in Box’s private messaging system) I was informed by Doug that he wasn’t a Box employee. But he was also alarmed by the possibility that Box was censoring the content of its customers.

Our (Doug, aka dfsixstrings, and myself) correspondence in Box’s private messaging system:

== =
Sent: ‎05-22-2017 06:20 AM

Hello @arby

Would you mind sending me the link to your blog? I’d like to test this out for myself. Reshare the link if you need to. I’ll give you feedback after I have a chance to review it. thanks, Doug
= ==

Sent: ‎05-24-2017 08:23 AM

Hello Rick,

What happens if you remove the “benefactors” link and recreate it? If you do this and then they remove it again – I think you have conclusive proof that this is intentional. As it is now, they could always say something just happened to go wrong. From what you’ve shown me, I can’t really tell anything. All I can see is that the link is inactive.

Sent: ‎05-25-2017 04:50 AM

I’m not a box employee – I’m a customer and contributor on the forum. I’m just here trying to help. I’m also curious to see if they are filtering your data. Box says that it differentiates itself from other cloud storage in that they are a content delivery/management system. If they are filtering “what” can be delivered there are tons of issues I have with that. The least of which is privacy concerns.

Sent: ‎05-25-2017 07:24 AM

There is a setting in box to automatically unshare shared files after a designated number of days. You may want to take a look and see if this is a possible cause for the unshared file.

Eight days after my initial email and forum complaint to Box, Box contacted me. See the image below:

For clarity, I’ll type out the above email (with the timestamp: May 30, 7:38 AM BST):

Hi Rick,

Thanks for getting in touch with Box User Services. I am happy to help and I am sorry to hear that you felt that way. I have gone ahead and restore [sic] files from our end. You may want to check on that. Please let me know if you need more questions from here. Have a good one!

Box User Services

My response to Aira, just sent (today, May 30, 2017), follows:

==== == =
Aira: Thanks for your reply.

It was actually alarming. Any normal person WOULD refer to the deletion of a file by a cloud storage service (including one in which the user is a paying customer, as I am) as censorship. My deleted file, which you haven’t explained at all, consisted of three verses from the Christian Bible and no links or other commentary. That’s all it was. I AM SORRY that you feel that my reaction indicated that the apparent censorship that Box (or someone allowed to interfere with Box operations) was not acceptable.

And I note Box’s failure to respond to my complaint in a timely fashion, especially considering the issue at hand is censorship. How do you think that looks?
= == ====

Part of my message in the above email was garbled. “I AM SORRY that you feel that my reaction indicated that the apparent censorship that Box (or someone allowed to interfere with Box operations) was not acceptable” should have looked like this: “I AM SORRY that you feel that my reaction indicated that the apparent censorship that Box (or someone allowed to interfere with Box operations) employed was unacceptable.” That’s still a bit clunky but I think that what I did write got my point across.

I then updated dfsixstring with the following message:

Hello again. I’ve been busy working a string of 12 hr shifts that leave me with no time and zero energy or I would have responded to you by now. I did upload a completely new file and checked it the next day. It seemed fine. I haven’t had a chance to check it until this morning (5:00am, Tuesday). I also received an email from a Box employee named Aira. It was quite alarming actually. Here’s a screenshot (which I uploaded to Box):

You’ll notice that there’s next to no info in her email. Also, It took them an astonishing 8 DAYS to reply. And her statement that she’s sorry I felt that way (censorship) suggests that they actually did something, or their partner Google did something, bad here. Any normal person would describe the deliberate deletion of my link as censorship. Therefore, I AM SORRY THAT BOX THINKS THAT CENSORSHIP IS OKAY.

I just may blog about this on my blog, A Yappy Trade Barrier.


Now, In the absence of information and unambiguous language (from Aira), I am forced to read into her email what I have read into it. But I do acknowledge that, while my interpretation of the event of my deleted link and Box’s response to my complaint about it (including the incredible delay, incredible when you consider it’s in connection with a matter of apparent censorship) really smells bad and looks like censorship, That isn’t the same as my knowing for sure what is going on here.

And what does Aira mean by “I have gone ahead and restore [sic] files from our end.”? Because I don’t see any change from the time when I uploaded the deleted file a second time. Shouldn’t there now be that file and a second (restored) one? I know that the file and the link are not the same thing, but one goes with the other, ergo….

As time goes on, it looks less good for Box. Then again, All of these (tax evading, usually) companies are really enemies of the people. Some of them can be a real problem. How many of us use tax-evader, NSA-loving Google? I don’t know much about WordPress, politically, but over the years it has gone downhill. I would guess that, as another behemoth corporation that millions depend on, it is not a friend of the people. The US-dominated Corporatocracy would not allow it to be. It’s approach is like that of the South American police states (of the southern cone of SA) that, with tacit approval from the US, created plan Condor. There was to be no escape for dissidents protesting dictatorships and the barbarity that goes with them as each Condor member state agreed to treat other member state’s enemies as its own. Remember how those with power in the gangster corporatocracy get it; They engage in strategic rule-breaking. The global capitalist system was designed and built by the United States and it uses whatever (lawless, one way or another) means – terrorism, regime change, assassinations, death squads – it deems effective in order to maintain it and to dominate it.

It was illegal for the US and its agents to force down Evo Morales’s presidential plane in a bid to grab Edward Snowden, who they thought might be aboard that plane. He wasn’t. That the act was illegal didn’t stop them. The UN has more than once called upon Sweden and the UK to quit its unlawful detention of Julian Assange and compensate him for it. The UN, when it does things that the US disagrees with, is just ignored. The rules don’t matter. In going after Wikileaks, the US exerted pressure on behemoths like Paypal (not hard to do when the behemoth is supportive of the police state) to cripple Wikileaks’s donor flows. It doesn’t matter that Wikileaks was not and is not a criminal organization and those donating to it care about democracy and donated, legally, to Wikileaks from that motivation. Normal, law-abiding people are not supportive of the secrecy that police states enjoy and they are not supportive of the impunity for crimes and acts of terror that police states, calling themselves democracies, enjoy, which is why those normal people support Wikileaks! And those police states view ‘that’ as a crime.

When I found out, through a Box announcement, that Box was partnering with Google, it wasn’t good news to me. And when I complained about it, Box simply deleted my post and called it a rant. This is how the Corporatocracy’s behemoths behave. They bully and terrorize us into submission. In a capitalist, and interconnected, world, How does one function when the LAWLESS corporatocracy state targets you, should you choose to not back down? Afterall, The monsters own and run the world and they have lawlessness on their side.

“It puts under compulsion all people – the small and the great, the rich and the poor, the free and the slaves – that these should be marked on their right hand or on their forehead, and that nobody can buy or sell except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name.” – Revelation 13:16,17

We are all cogs within the machinery of the vicious, anti-God wild beast of corporatocracy. The only issue is: Do you resist? Which is what those do who have responded to the issue of universal sovereignty a certain way, namely with a pledge of loyalty to the Creator.

“Google hosts fundraiser for climate change denying US senator” by Suzanne Goldenberg

“Google Stance On Net Neutrality, Ties With Conservative Political Group, Worry Activists” by Jeff Stone

“Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter Become the Gatekeepers” by Phil Butler

“Google, Corporate Press Launch Attack On Alternative Media” by Brian Turbeville

Aira (Box Customer Success)

May 31, 8:11 AM BST

Hi Rick,

Thanks for getting back. We apologize for the inconvenience.

However, Box don’t have access to delete any files on User’s account. It may have deleted accidentally on your end.

We have a high volume of email as of the moment, and we need to prioritize the older one. I apologize for that.

Please let me know if yo need more assistance from here.


Box User Services

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