Universal Dishonesty

Jagmeet Singh (photo by Nathan Denette w Canadian Press)

Source: NDP leadership rebel Jagmeet Singh takes aim at Old Age Security: Walkom | Toronto Star

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Thomas Walkom follows:

=== === =
His supporters — and Singh himself — argue that the 38-year-old Brampton politician is best-positioned to persuade younger voters, as well as those from the ethnically diverse ridings of suburban Canada, to vote NDP.

But Singh has also shown on an unusual willingness to take on established party policy. In particular, he is breaking with the NDP’s long-held support for universal Old Age Security.

His Canada Seniors Guarantee would scrap OAS and roll it, along with three other programs aimed at those 65 and over, into one means-tested benefit for the elderly poor…

On the other side are those who argue that social programs must benefit a broad swath of the middle class, as well as the very poor, if they are to have political legitimacy.

Former NDP leader Ed Broadbent used to make this case eloquently when defending universal programs, such as OAS and the baby bonus.

The easiest way to erode social programs, he would say then, was to limit them to people like the very poor that most voters don’t care about.
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I’m an honest person. I believe in simple, as opposed to worldly, honesty. Jesus said “Just let your word ‘yes’ mean ‘yes’, your ‘no’, ‘no’, for what goes beyond that is from the wicked one.” In other words, what goes beyond that simple honesty is wicked. (Matthew 5:37) Jesus also said “By their fruits you will recognize them… A good tree cannot bear good fruit nor can a rotten tree produce fine fruit.” (Matthew 7:15-20)

Therefore, I have no use for Ed Broadbent’s argument which amounts to ‘We must con the rightwingers’. I personally don’t view rightwing as a moral equivalent to leftwing. Rightwing, in my cosmology, is evil. And it includes fake leftwingers, like NDP members, including Jagmeet Singh who is kidding us that he’s a people’s champion. You can’t be the leader of a rightwing Party and a people’s champion. But Jagmeet’s clever, if you like that sort of thing and don’t require substance.

I am not following this leadership contest closely because I can’t ever support the NDP, at any level, again. I pop into Canadian Dimension from time to time where they happen to be following the contest. I don’t visit the site solely for updates on the contest but I will sometimes read a new report about it. This post is by no means anaytical because I don’t know the full programs of each contender. I don’t know the details about Singh’s positive proposal. I’m only looking at this one negative position he takes, which I agree with. I don’t even know why he’s taking it. But it doesn’t matter. Anyone wanting to be a part of this neoliberal Party, inlcuding Niki Ashton, whose position on Palestinian human rights I applaud, will not have my support.

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