The Avalanche – Snapshot 1 – Oct 7, ’17

Mozilla launches a new initiative to counter the fake news problem – Business Insider

An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Caroline Cakebread follows:

=== =
Mozilla, the company that spurred innovation on the web with its Firefox browser, now hopes to help solve the fake news problem.

The company is launching a new program to tackle the issue. Dubbed the Mozilla Information Trust Initiative (MITI), the project is aimed at bringing together companies and interest groups from around the web to better understand the fake news problem and figure out what, if anything, can be done to fix it.
= ===

Apparently, Fascism is fun. Which is a problem for normal, un-self-modified people who value freedom. Listen Mozilla, Twitter, Facebook, et al: Freedom is awesome. But your freedom threatens others’ freedom. You are too free, therefore. You are not too free because you are free. You are too free because you abuse your freedom. And you are all abusing your freedom when it involves taking it from others for criminal purposes, such as protecting and strengthening the gangster Corporatocracy which you are a part of.

I spent much of my day yesterday troubleshooting and looking for solutions to problems caused by Mozilla. I had only recently read about Mozilla’s awful attack on the people, above, when I found that I could not even keep my Firefox browser open. It began with the odd crash. I was in a coffee shop in downtown Toronto, working on my Dell XPS 13, operating on Windows 10. With each crash, the frequency of crashes picked up until I couldn’t keep the browser open at all. I’d restart Firefox, click on something and then it would crash. Between the moral crashing and the computer crashing, I’d had enough. So I began my search for another browser, which was no fun at all. There’s not much that’s user-friendly out there. One was loaded with ads and crap that you could not remove, even though it had settings that seemed to indicate that you could. Others were impossible to customize to make useable. I suppose others who know those programs could have accomplished the kind of customization that I was attempting, but that wouldn’t do me any good. Before that, I was actually just looking for a browser in order to be able to go online in order to look for a browser to keep! Chrome, which I had, was crap. Edge, which I had, was crap. I used one or the other (don’t remember which), with difficulty, to search. I tried a few browsers that were crap, as I indicated, and instead of settling on one that I didn’t like at all, I continued to search. I finally found a browser called Pale Moon. Based on Firefox but having nothing to do with Mozilla, it had the huge benefit of looking like Firefox in important respects (although, reportedly, it, along with Firefox, has killed the button for flagging inappropriate content on some sites). Even better, I could customize it to look like Firefox more than it already did (although I don’t know how to get the tab view under control. Tabs at the top and bottom of my page are confusing the hell out of me). I eventually installed Roomy bookmarks toolbar on my Dell XPS 13, operating on Windows 10, and Multirows bookmarks toolbar on my old Toshiba Satellite, operating on Windows 7 Professional, tools I greatly relied upon and was used to. Then I lucked out and found a Greasemonkey for Pale Moon and I was able to install scripts by TPengLT that gave me my WordPress classic editor and WP sparkline, without which I would have been very unhappy.

I’ve been saying recently that we haven’t caught Mozilla or WordPress doing anything awful (anti-people), but it’s not possible that those tech behemoths are being ignored by the deep state and left alone in the global pacification program (Jeff Halper) underway. It wasn’t hard to catch Mozilla. They proudly announced their criminality! I’m only waiting now for WordPress to come out or be exposed.

That’s Mozilla attacking communications. And, where they actually employ their scammy screening software, when they do, that will be Mozilla attacking and ‘killing’ communications.

Then there’s the case of Maram Susli, aka Syrian Girl.

“Facebook Blocks SYRIANGIRL’s Account After Criticism of Kurds” by Russia Insider staff.

RI’s website is awful. Maybe on newer computers with the latest operating systems, it’s less sticky. I don’t know. But it’s awful in other ways as well. My advice: Just look at the article you’re there to look at.

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

==== =
SYRIANGIRL, the Australian activist Youtuber and social media powerhouse tweeted on Thursday evening (EST) that her Facebook account has been blocked for her exposure of fraud during the Kurdistan referendum. She had 75,000 followers.
= ====

Here’s Syrian Girl in her own words. This is from her YouTube channel (while it exists):

Then there’s the case of Twitter’s attack on Julian Assange, as discussed by the fabulous (but potty-mouthed) Caitlin Johnstone. Her article is titled “Twitter Is Using Account Verification To Stifle Leaks And Promote War Propaganda.” The following is an excerpt:

=== === =
@Real_Assange is deliberately set up to be indistinguishable from @JulianAssange, which is Assange’s actual Twitter account, complete with the same profile pic, the same page banner, the same bio, and the same absence of a blue checkmark badge indicating that the account has been verified by Twitter staff as the authentic account of a high-profile user. Twitter reports that it authenticates accounts which are “determined to be an account of public interest. Typically this includes accounts maintained by users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas.”

Whatever your opinion of him and his work, Julian Assange is indisputably a character of high public interest in many of those fields. @JulianAssange has been independently confirmed to belong to Assange by the verified WikiLeaks Twitter account, and Twitter themselves openly acknowledged that they are aware that @JulianAssange is Assange’s account. They know it’s him, they simply refuse to verify him. And to this day they refuse to make any public statement as to why.
= === ===

See my previous blog post titled “A Loud Whoompfing Sound.”

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