The Avalanche – Snapshot 5 – November 3, ’17

from Robert’s article:
Film director Andrei Nekrasov, who produced “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes.”

“Guardians of the Magnitsky Myth” by Robert Parry

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

As Russia-gate becomes the go-to excuse to marginalize and suppress independent and dissident media in the United States, a warning of what the future holds is the blacklisting of a documentary that debunks the so-called Magnitsky case.

The emerging outlines of the broader suppression are now apparent in moves by major technology companies – under intense political pressure – to unleash algorithms that will hunt down what major media outlets and mainstream “fact-checkers” (with their own checkered histories of getting facts wrong) deem to be “false” and then stigmatize that information with pop-up “warnings” or simply make finding it difficult for readers using major search engines…

Throughout the U.S. and Europe, there has been determined effort to prevent the American and European publics from seeing this detailed documentary that dissects the fraudulent claims at the heart of the Magnitsky story.

The documentary – “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes” – was produced by filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov, who is known as a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin but who in this instance found the West’s widely accepted, anti-Russian Magnitsky storyline to be a lie.

However, instead of welcoming Nekrasov’s discoveries as an important part of the debate over the West’s policies toward Russia, the European Parliament pulled the plug on a premiere in Brussels and – except for a one-time showing at the Newseum in Washington – very few Americans have been allowed to see the documentary.

“Twitter cracks down again on Ford satire accounts” by Alisha Sawhney

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

==== === == =
A second Doug Ford satirical account, @frodnation2018, was suspended on Oct. 12, but it is unclear what suddenly prompted the suspension.

“I merely received the same vague letter claiming that it violated Twitter’s “impersonation” rules,” says Richard Feren, the man behind the account.

Another DoFo related account, @DougFordFacts—this one unrelated to Feren—was briefly suspended last week, but was reinstated after some minor modifications were made to its profile. Feren then discovered that the other Twitter account he runs, @FordYearsAgo, an informational account that tweeted historical facts and articles about the Fords from exactly four years to the day, was also suspended. He appealed the suspension, and received a vague form letter claiming impersonation again…

“They seemed to have broadened the definition of impersonation,” says Feren.
= == === ====

“Gothamist is dead, but Torontoist lives on” by Simon Bredin

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Last night as I was leaving the office, news broke that Gothamist, a network of local journalism websites of which Torontoist was once a part, was to shut down immediately.

Nearly a decade of archives were wiped instantly from the web, representing the work of journalists from New York City to L.A., San Francisco to Chicago, as far away as Shanghai—all of it gone, at the whim of its billionaire owner, Joe Ricketts, who had recently acquired the sites and was apparently irked that his staff had the nerve to unionize. No advance warning was given. (A spokesperson has since indicated that the archives will be preserved and brought online again in the coming weeks, perhaps because the deletion was a labour lawsuit waiting to happen.) But nevertheless, 115 journalists are out of work, and a number of North America’s largest cities have lost one of their last surviving sources of local news.

See my blog post titled “A Loud Whoompfing Sound.”

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