Ruined – part 2

Alexandra Primiani (from her Twitter account)

“Florida families don’t need scientific truths, says a recent law that makes banning books easier” by Alex Primiani

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

So, this is how the story of 2017 ends: A Florida man is seeking to have his child’s school ban Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, citing “profanity and violence” as the main reasons. Either that Florida man has never read anything other than Fahrenheit 451, rendering that book a monolith of unrequited dreams and stagnation to such an extent that he can’t bear the thought of his own children following in that same path of fire and brimstone… or?

Our Florida man isn’t the only one, though. There’s a Florida mom, too. She’s sick of her children being exposed to the nonsense theory of global warming and is petitioning to have it removed from science textbooks. Then there’s the Florida uncle who has no kids but thinks Florida children are being taught too much (or too little) about the role of Islam in world history. All these disgruntled, faded-baseball cap-wearing, chino-shorted Florida people are coming to urge their legislators: Do something about it!

related: “New Florida law expected to increase textbook challenges” by Terry Spencer

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Under a bill passed by the Florida Legislature this year, any district resident — regardless of whether they have a child in school — can now challenge material as pornographic, biased, inaccurate or a violation of state law and get a hearing before an outside mediator.

The mediator advises the local school board, whose decision is final. Previously, challenges could only be made by parents to the school or district. There was also no mediator and fewer mandates. Districts must now also post online a list of all new books and material by grade level to make monitoring easier.

The Florida Citizens’ Alliance, a conservative group, pushed for the change..

All I know is that this is the last thing citizens, who are targets of their own (captured) governments, need. It’s bad enough that we are getting censorship, with more coming. But here are thoughtless people ‘asking’ for censorship. I guess they don’t know how to raise their children and worry that unless the kindly state does it for them then it won’t get done. I thought it was socialists who depended on the nanny state for everything?

From the Toronto Star:
Teresa Michelle Gratton, 50, died Oct. 30. She had been in immigration detention at the maximum security Vanier Centre for Women in Milton for a month. “I think her death was entirely avoidable,” said her lawyer, Joo Eun Kim. “I feel like we as a society let her down.” (Family photo)

“Held in maximum security without charge, she begged her husband to get her out. A week later, Teresa Gratton was dead” by Brendan Kennedy

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Scrawling in frantic capital letters, she begged him to get her out of the maximum security jail where she was being held indefinitely as an immigration detainee…

She was “found in medical distress” inside the maximum security Vanier Centre for Women in Milton, according to a brief news release from the Canada Border Services Agency, which did not disclose Gratton’s name, the cause of her death or any other information. She was immediately taken to hospital and died shortly after, the agency said. They did not say whether she died at hospital or en route…

The weeks since his wife died have been the worst of his life, Herb says. Compounding the sadness and confusion is that he still doesn’t know what happened. “I’m just at an impasse,” he said. “I can’t really grieve my wife.”…

Teresa Gratton’s lawyer, meanwhile, is unequivocal in his condemnation of the system that incarcerated her.

“I think her death was entirely avoidable,” said Joo Eun Kim, an immigration lawyer with Legal Aid Ontario who was assigned to Gratton’s case after she had already been detained by the Canada Border Services Agency for nearly two weeks…

Kim said Gratton would have “every reason” to appear for her hearing. “That’s her chance to stay in Canada.”

The Star requested interviews with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, whose ministry oversees the Canada Border Services Agency, with border services president John Ossowski and with Immigration and Refugee Board chair Mario Dion. All declined our requests.

The agencies sent written statements, but did not address most of the specific questions about Gratton’s incarceration and death, citing privacy laws.

Gratton is at least the 16th person to die in immigration detention since 2000, and the fourth in the past two years. Her death raises many questions about how Canada treats the people it wants to deport, particularly people like Gratton, who are poor and suffer from chronic health problems.

Seeing how our police state’s (ruined) politicians and their instruments of repression behave toward Canadians on Canadian soil makes their indifference to Hassan Diab’s situation less inexplicable. Maybe Hassan should sport a swastika on his shirt or something. Visit “Justice for Hassan Diab.”

“Poroshenko and Trudeau” by Jim Miles

“Beauty, in this case, is definitely only skin deep”

“‘Snowflake students’ get University to apologize for calling snow white” by RT News

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

==== =
University College London was forced to apologize after a “dreaming of a white campus” tweet was deemed racist by “snowflake students.” The tweet had been intended to let students know the campus was still open as some parts of Britain remained covered by 13 inches of snow.

The tweet said: “Dreaming of a white campus? Our campuses will be open and operating fully today, Monday 11 December, so please make your way in as planned. (We can’t guarantee snow but we’ll try!) #snowday #londonsnow.”

One twitter user replied: “You know who else dreamt of a white campus? Hitler, that’s who. Disgusting.” Kumail Jaffer, a PPE student at Warwick University urged UCL to “retract and apologize.” He added that if anyone does not understand why the comment is offensive, they should “look into the history of the oppression of the PoC [People of Color],” according to the Telegraph.

UCL quickly apologized for the tweet, saying it “chose our words very poorly … We’re sorry and we’ll choose out words more carefully in the future.”
= ====

Who knows what the intentions of whoever it was who settled on those words were? If they were bad intentions and meant to incite, then someone’s happy, but What can we do about it? Unless the complainer, Kumail Jaffer, knows that it’s a racist statement, then isn’t his response a problem? Why would you turn “Dreaming of a white campus?” into a racist statement if it isn’t one? Unless you know something and have evidence to back up your claim that the statement was racist, you should shut your mouth. Unless it’s clear from direct and/or circumstantial evidence that the statement was racist, you should not claim that it is. Who needs more trouble in this hellish world? Kumail is ruined. And so are those campus officials who told him that they chose their “words very poorly.” They should be telling Kumail that he’s way off base, unless he isn’t.

“Surgeon admits burning his initials on patients’ organs” by RT News

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Simon Bramhall, a liver, spleen and pancreas surgeon, carried out the branding in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in 2013. He used an argon beam, a device used by surgeons to prevent bleeding and sometimes to mark where to operate on an organ.

Bramhall pled guilty at the Birmingham Crown Court on Wednesday, but pled not guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm. He will be sentenced on January 12.

FILE PHOTO – Palestinian youths play basketball next to the concrete blocks of the Israeli separation barrier that divides the West Bank village of Abu Dis on the edge of Jerusalem © Pedro UGARTE / AFP

“‘Imaginary state’: NBA removes ‘occupied’ Palestine from website following Israeli outcry” by RT News

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Apparently caving in to pressure from Israel, the NBA updated its website after listing Palestine as “occupied territory.” The Israeli sports minister earlier slammed the league for contradicting Washington’s official position.

Calling it “an imaginary state,” Israel’s Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev called on the National Basketball Association (NBA) to remove “occupied” Palestine from its website. The NBA complied and apologized for the “errant listing.”

It’s not just the political leadership in Israel and the US that’s ruined. Here’s the NBA going along with the politicide of the Palestinians. Claiming that referring to occupied Palestine is wrong because that’s not in alignment with official US policy means nothing. The US ruling class, including the government, is lawless.

“One of the wisest voices in Israel, Uri Avnery, writes that after an Israeli military victory [Operation Cast Lead, 2008-09], “What will be seared into the consciousness of the world will be the image of Israel as a blood-stained monster, ready at any moment to commit war crimes and not prepared to abide by any moral restraints. This will have severe consequences for our long-term future, our standing in the world, our chance of achieving peace and quiet. In the end, this war is a crime against ourselves too, a crime against the State of Israel.”

“There is good reason to believe that he is right. Israel is deliberately turning itself into one of the most hated countries in the world, and is also losing the allegiance of the population of the West, including younger American Jews, who are unlikely to tolerate its persistent shocking crimes for long. Decades ago, I wrote that those who call themselves “supporters of Israel” are in reality supporters of its moral degeneration and probable ultimate destruction. Regrettably, that judgment looks more and more plausible.

“Meanwhile we are quietly observing a rare event in history, what the late Israeli sociologist Baruch Kimmerling called “politicide,” the murder of a nation – at our hands.” – page 124 of “Gaza In Crisis – Reflections On Israel’s War Against The Palestinians,” by Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé

Ruined people look like you and I.
Batsheva Shamama, Nehenia Ashkenzy, Yarin Ariv, David

“‘Trump’s a crazy man, but I like it’ – the view from Jerusalem” by Rhiannon F. on December 18, 2017

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

“I think he is a crazy man,” Shamama remarks on Trump. “He doesn’t think about what he says and what he’s doing. His decision is good for me [as a Jew], but I’m not sure it’s a good system,” Shamama continues, between organising with her sister on the phone where they’re meeting for lunch.

Further down the street, 50-year-old Ronit Levi agrees on the crazy aspect. “He has a lot of passion. Trump’s a crazy man, but I like it. I think he does things others are afraid to do,” Levi said.

Avi Samat, 39, a kitchen worker and Orthodox Jew, is a clear supporter of Trump. “He’s good for the Jewish, very good, because he supports Israel, not like Obama. He thinks like [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu,” Samat explained. “Obama never gave money to Israel. He said we weren’t allowed to build in [occupied East] Jerusalem because it’s not legal, but Trump allows us.”

Amid the bustle of Mahane Yehuda Market in West Jerusalem, 25-year-old Yarin Ariv talks between serving customers in a bar. “I don’t know him personally but yes [I like him], I think the world needs a strong leader,” Ariv said.

Some of those who like what Trump has done are ambivalent. Indeed, They are ambivalent and ruined. Crazy leaders are not a good thing. And just because a crazy, criminal leader does things you personally like, that doesn’t make crazy, or you, good.

“California Man Stabs Mother 42 Times, Blames Russia” by Kristian Rouz

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

A man who murdered his own mother with a knife claims he was under the influence of ‘Russian mind control’ at the time he committed the atrocity, a case highlighting the negative consequences of the mainstream media ‘blame it on Russia’ witch-hunt to mental health and public safety.

As Kristian Rouz notes “The perfect commentary on our moment in time. The message from the political elites that Russia can be scapegoated for anything has trickled down to common whackjobs.”

The princess of Western military interventionism”

“Jens Stoltenberg and Angelina Jolie Call for NATO Intervention to Promote “Gender Equality” by Julie Hyland

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg and actress Angelina Jolie have joined forces to project the US-led war alliance as a progressive role model for gender politics and a “leading protector” of women’s rights.

Their op-ed in the Guardian last weekend, “Why NATO must defend women’s rights,” is presented as a joint mission to secure the “fundamental promise in the UN Charter of equal rights and dignity for women.”

One rubs one’s eyes in disbelief. Written in defense of an organization that is the primary source of warmongering, by its leader and chief propagandist and an Ayn Rand devotee and self-styled “humanitarian”, the op-ed could be mistaken for satire.

For another (normal, non establishment) view of NATO, check out:

“NATO and Western Militarism in a Multipolar World”

See my previous post titled “Those Who Rule Cause Ruin.”

“NATO Is A BIG Problem”

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