Lawlessness – part 1

“Peddling Poisons, & Selling Seeds Of Suicide” by Vanada Shiva

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

==== =
Over the two decades since Monsanto entered India, it has violated laws, deceived Indian farmers by making unscientific and fraudulent claims, extracted super profits through illegal royalty collection by violating India’s Patent and Intellectual Property laws, pushed farmers into debt, and, as a consequence of the debt trap, to suicide.

Monsanto cheated Indian farmers by claiming that its Bt cotton will control the bollworm. The claim of Bt cotton being a pest control technology has been proven false with the emergence of resistant pests and farmers are being forced to use pesticides. Farmers are now dying due to pesticide poisoning.

Another fraud was the claim that GMO Bt crops are safe for biodiversity and the environment, inspite [sic] of the scientific knowledge that GMO Bt is not the same as natural Bt. Pollinators have been killed because of high dose supertoxins in Bt crops, which have also led to poisoning of the soil and the killing of soil organisms, threatening the very foundation of agriculture and food security.

In 2017, Monsanto was caught illegally spreading Roundup Ready Bt Cotton in Vidarbha without commercial approval, adding the disaster of Roundup to the Bt cotton disaster. Roundup is a probable carcinogen according to WHO. In the US thousands of cancer victims are suing Monsanto. In Europe there is a strong movement to get Roundup banned. The Monsanto papers have revealed how Monsanto has manipulated science and laws to sell its toxic products harming humans and nature. It is now adding Roundup to the arsenal of its toxic products that has brought devastation to Indian farmers.

Monsanto’s highest crime is robbing Indian farmers of their lives…

Monsanto and Bayer have now merged. They contribute to cancer with their chemicals. They also sell patented medicine for cancer treatment…

Since the legalisation of Bt Cotton in 2002, Monsanto has looted Rs 7000 crore from the poor Indian cotton farmers and is directly responsible for pushing Indian farmers into debt and suicide. Since ’95, over 3,10,000 have committed suicide most of whom are from the cotton belt of India.
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From The Tyee:
The NEB, Trudeau and Notley all claim they are serving the interests of Kinder Morgan and China to better serve us.” Photo by SumOfUs, Creative Commons licensed.

“The Pipeline Tyrants” by Andrew Nikiforuk

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Tyranny has started a new club in Canada and the first member is the National Energy Board.

On Thursday the scandal-plagued federal agency ruled that Kinder Morgan, a U.S. pipeline company that’s the spawn of Enron (remember that tale of corporate corruption) doesn’t have to comply with City of Burnaby bylaws.

The board effectively ruled that there are two classes in Burnaby: those who have to follow the rules and a U.S. pipeline company that doesn’t.

With Trumpian flare the NEB added that it will explain this injustice when it feels like it…

The Chinese told Trudeau that they won’t consider a new free trade deal without the removal of investment restrictions and the construction of a bitumen pipeline to the coast.

Canada has become the rarest of democracies: one willing to surrender its sovereignty for a pipeline ferrying a junk crude.

The third and final tyrant in this drama is none other than Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

Canada’s newest petro politician sounds like all those who have come before her.

For those who don’t know, Rachel Notley is an NDP (New Democratic Party) premier. The NDP began as a genuine social democratic party aspiring to be wholly socialist. Canada does not now have a single, major people’s Party. The three main political parties in Canada are solidly neoliberal/neoconservative.

From The Toronto Star (I don’t know what the question mark is about.):
Top Durham police officials Nick Lisi, left, and Rob Wallington have been accused of harassment for allegedly mocking officers? personal lives and making vulgar comments.

“Durham cops allegedly grilled female officer’s suicidal ex instead of taking him to hospital after she complained of workplace harassment” by Jesse McLean

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

=== == =
The Durham police officers said they would take the mentally unstable man to the hospital. He was suicidal and needed to see a doctor.

Instead, the officers interrogated him in an attempt to find some dirt on a female sergeant who had lodged complaints about a senior officer’s abusive and misogynistic behaviour, according to allegations filed in an internal police complaint.

The group of officers then told the suicidal man — the female officer’s ex-husband — that he “better be ‘solid’ and not tell anyone about what had happened,” the complaint alleges.

The “horrific and corrupt set of circumstances,” as Sgt. Nicole Whiteway describes the incident in her July 2017 complaint, are part of what she calls a campaign of harassment against her by a Durham police inspector and other officers.
= == ===

Thomas Blanton and Svetlana Savranskaya

“Newly Declassified Documents: Gorbachev Told NATO Wouldn’t Move Past East German Border” by Dave Majumdar

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Russian leaders often complain that the NATO extended an invitation to Hungary, Poland and what was then Czechoslovakia to joint the alliance in 1997 at the Madrid Summit in contravention of assurances offered to the Soviet Union before its 1991 collapse. The alliance has dismissed the notion that such assurances were offered…

“The documents show that multiple national leaders were considering and rejecting Central and Eastern European membership in NATO as of early 1990 and through 1991,” George Washington University National Security Archives researchers Svetlana Savranskaya and Tom Blanton wrote. “That discussions of NATO in the context of German unification negotiations in 1990 were not at all narrowly limited to the status of East German territory, and that subsequent Soviet and Russian complaints about being misled about NATO expansion were founded in written contemporaneous memcons and telcons at the highest levels.”

related: “NATO Expansion: What Gorbachev Heard” by Svetlana Savranskaya and Tom Blanton

From The Tyee:
Frequent flyers: Ontario Liberal MP Geng Tan meets with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during an official visit by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to China in 2016.

“Parliamentarians Ignore Blockbuster Paid Travel Revelation” by Jeremy Nuttall

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Last week, the Globe and Mail released a lengthy report showing Conservative and Liberal senators and Members of Parliament had taken 36 trips to China sponsored by Beijing or Chinese business groups since 2006.

Two of those who accepted, Tory senator Victor Oh and Ontario Liberal MP Geng Tan, apparently met with officials working for China’s United Front initiative, aimed at building support for Beijing’s policies among Chinese communities overseas and influencing the countries in which they live.

The Globe also reported some the trips were not declared by the two as required by the ethics commissioner’s office if an organization sponsors the travel…

But, in a Parliament where parties will often attack each other for the slightest infraction, there was nary a whisper heard about the story Monday morning. There was no mention of the story in question period either, despite how many times ethics were brought up…

Dermod Travis, of the independent government watchdog Integrity BC, said it’s not surprising no mention of the report was made in Parliament because it crosses party lines. But that doesn’t mean glossing over it is acceptable, he said.

Obviously some of my choices for lawlessness, ruined, professional scam artists and snapshots are good candidates for more than one of those categories. This one demonstrates killing communication (avalanche snapshots) and lawlessness and professional scam artists.

From The Toronto Star:
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with the Aga Khan on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on May 17, 2016. (Sean Kilpatrick / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

“Trudeau violated multiple conflict laws when he accepted family holiday to Aga Khan’s island: ethics commissioner” by Alex Boutilier and Bruce Campion-Smith

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Justin Trudeau was haunted by the ghost of Christmas past Wednesday when a federal watchdog ruled that he violated ethics rules with a family trip to the Aga Khan’s private island in Bahamas.

Conflict of Interest Commissioner Mary Dawson said Trudeau broke multiple conflict laws in accepting a family vacation at Bells Cay in December 2016 — a trip organized by his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau…

The ethics commissioner said there was clearly ongoing official business between the federal government and Aga Khan at the time each invitation to visit the island was accepted and the prime minister was in a position to advance the Aga Khan’s interests.

“This leads to the conclusion that the gifts could reasonably be seen to have been given to influence Mr. Trudeau in the exercise of an official power, duty or function,” the report stated.

From Consortium News:
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis meets with troops stationed at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, April 21, 2017. (DoD photo by Air Force Tech. Sgt. Brigitte N. Brantley)

“Trump’s Illegal Syrian Mission Creep” by Paul R. Pillar

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The ISIS mini-state is now all but eliminated. Nonetheless, the U.S. military presence in Syria, although down from its peak strength, shows no sign of ending. Mattis has said that the United States “won’t just walk away” from its efforts in Syria…

Mattis’s comment about not walking away from where the United States already has been involved points to one of those American habits of thought, which is to believe that the United States is best equipped, and should be most responsible, for setting right any troubled country in which the United States has had more than a passing interest. To believe this about Syria goes well beyond the mission of combating ISIS and gets into pacification and even some elements of nation-building…

Thus Syria is becoming one more place, like Afghanistan, in which the United States endlessly wages a war. Meanwhile the Russians will keep reminding everyone that they were there at the invitation of the incumbent government and the United States is not. The Turks will keep getting angry about U.S. tactical cooperation with Kurds. Sunni extremists will keep exploiting for propaganda and recruitment any damage done by the United States or its local clients. And the Pentagon may or may not tell us how many U.S. troops are actually there.

“Unconstitutional War and Saudis’ Mass Starvation of Yemen Faces Growing Opposition in Washington” by Mark Weisbrot

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The New York Times editorial board recently took an unusual position of denouncing what it called “war crimes” by a US ally, in a war in which the United States government is actively participating militarily.

“Saudis Try to Starve Yemen Into Submission,” was the headline, and it was no exaggeration. As the Times noted, there are nearly seven million people in Yemen, including millions of children, who are facing famine.

“At least 10,000 people have been killed, many by Saudi-coalition bombings carried out with military assistance by the United States,” the editorial stated.

The famine and shortages of medicine result from the Saudis deliberately blockading Yemeni ports, including Hodeida, through which 80 percent of Yemen’s food imports arrive. Combined with the Saudis’ destruction of Yemen’s water and sanitation infrastructure, the Saudi war and blockade has also delivered to Yemen the world’s worst cholera epidemic…

Last week, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution, by a margin of 366–30, which did two unprecedented things: first, it acknowledged the US role in the war, including the mid-air refueling of the Saudi-led coalition planes (which is essential to their bombing campaign) and help in selecting targets; and second, that this military involvement has not been authorized by Congress…

Sooner or later, this war must come to an end. The only question is how many people, mostly civilians and including children, will die before it does.

As Mark notes in the above article, resistance from Republicans (perverted people), resulted in a weakened resolution. As for the delay… they will answer to God.

“Abduct, imprison, repeat: Israel systematically imprisons Palestinians on false or no charges” by Eva Bartlett

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

=== =
People around the world are rightfully outraged by Donald Trump’s recent effective handing over of Jerusalem to Israel.

Behind the scenes, out of sight, an outrageous and illegal practice continues, the alleged“only democracy in the Middle East” on a near-daily basis abducts Palestinian men, women, and children under false pretexts (or no charges at all), using sham legal proceedings to enforce prolonged, illegal, detentions.

According to October 2017 statistics by the Palestinian prisoner support group Addameer, Israel holds 6,198 Palestinians in prison (including 280 children and 58 women)…

The first month of Abu Rahme’s imprisonment was spent under administrative detention, which even the UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine, Michael Lynk has addressed, saying:

“I am particularly concerned with Israel’s use of administrative detention, which involves imprisonment without charge, trial, conviction or meaningful due process, as well as the possibility of unrestricted renewal of their detention,” as noted in a May 2017, UN article.

The article also cited Lynk as “highlighting that administrative detainees are imprisoned on secret evidence that neither they nor their lawyers can review or challenge.” Israel holds around 500 Palestinian prisoners in administrative detention, and many of the at least 6,000 Palestinian prisoners are held in prisons within Israel, in contravention of International Humanitarian Law, Lynk noted.
= ===

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

The five-member Federal Communications Commission has voted three to two to repeal net neutrality regulations.

The three men who cast their votes in favor of repeal were Republicans Ajit Pai, Brendan Carr, and Michael O’Rielly. You did not elect any of these men. Prior to today you might not have even known the names of two of them. And yet they have made a decision that could potentially have a massive impact on your life and the lives of all Americans…

If you are a populist, or even someone who just generally believes in democracy, you will see that this is gravely disordered. As someone who believes strongly that humanity would fare far better if the will of the people were allowed to rule rather than the will of an elite class of manipulative sociopaths, I see it as inherently immoral for unelected power to impose an important policy decision on the public against their will.

This to me completely invalidates the FCC’s decision today.

The majority can be wrong. Democracy does not trump theocracy. I support democracy, as does God, but not absolutely or unconditionally. But it’s not hard to make a case for net neutrality, at least to those who are normal. Should anyone have anything to say about who you call on the phone? If some don’t like your friends, Should they possess the freedom to stop you from calling them up to talk? The same considerations are in play with the subject of net neutrality.


“The Maidan Massacre: US Army Orders: Sow Chaos” by Christopher Black

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

In a dramatic development in the trial in Kiev of several Berkut police officers accused of shooting civilians in the Maidan demonstrations in February 2014, the defence has produced two Georgians who confirm that the murders were committed by foreign snipers, at least 50 of them, operating in teams. The two Georgians, Alexander Revazishvili and Koba Nergadze have agreed to testify by video from Tbilisi, if permitted, as they feared for their lives if brought to Kiev.

The defence lawyer stated,

“The eyewitnesses said they had seen with their own eyes a group of people who had received weapons and cartridges and who would deliver fire afterwards from the building of the Conservatoire. Nergadze also saw snipers at the roof of Hotel Ukraine. They know the individuals personally. Besides, they know the organizers and clients and are ready to give their names, as well as the names of the perpetrators.”

“In all, about fifty mercenaries arrived in Kiev then and they were involved in the events on the Maidan afterwards and fired at the protesters on February 20,” Goroshinsky went on. “The mercenaries split into groups of ten men each and were dispatched to different spots where from they delivered fire.”

“Each of them [the mercenaries] received $5,000 for the job done,” he said. “In other words, these people had been brought [to Kiev] with a well-specified task to create a conflict.”

This dramatic and explosive evidence was first brought to light by the Italian journalist Gian Micalessin on November 16 in an article in the Italian journal Il Giornale and is again brought to the world’s attention by a lawyer with some courage picking up on that report and speaking with the witnesses himself. These witnesses stated to Gian Micalessin, even more explosively, that the American Army was directly involved in the murders.

“Toxic gas nearly killed this oil worker. His employer never told the province” by Robert Cribb

An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows:

Jeff Crawford remembers little of what happened the day he lost his health, his career, his home, his independence and, eventually, his marriage.

One moment, he was a 46-year-old hockey-playing oilfield worker connecting a hose to a valve at a rural Saskatchewan production facility in February 2014. The next, his face was sprayed with a mixture of oil, water and gas. He inhaled and swallowed it.

His medical records show that soup was laced with hydrogen sulphide (H2S), a toxic gas that carries risks to the human body ranging from burning vocal chords and olfactory senses to causing instant death…

In early 2014 — two months after Crawford’s incident — government and industry officials met to discuss whether to make public ECON data showing H2S hot spots in the province.

“ECON [Ministry of the Economy] believes current risk is significant,” read the minutes from the April 7, 2014 meeting. “Risk is highest for the workers, at the source… Are we creating a risk by not releasing this data immediately?”

It was never made public…

Saskatchewan’s regulations require that when workers are in situations that are “immediately dangerous” to life or health, employers and contractors “shall ensure that the worker is provided with and uses an approved atmosphere-supplying respirator” and that “a second worker, suitably equipped and trained, is present and in communication with the worker at all times.”

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